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The Shimmering Man

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A horror enthusiast who enjoys watching horror movies and reading scary stories in her free time


The Shimmering Man

I was only young when I first saw him.

It was an average hot summer's day when I was out playing with the neighbourhood kids. We were just messing around and having fun with a bouncy ball as kids do. We were playing on a large hill with a lake below, so it was only natural that the ball would eventually fall in. However, I would have never expected that I would be in for a nightmare for years to come.

The ball shot over my head as I clumsily missed. I was never one to be good at sports.

"I'll get it!" I shouted to the others as the ball began it's descent down the hill. I was completely oblivious to what would happen in the following moments to come.

I made my way down the hill as the other kids told me to hurry up. I grimaced when I saw that the ball had fallen into the grimy, dirty lake. 'Hopefully I can still reach it', I remember thinking to myself.

I reach the bottom of the hill, exhausted, and glanced around for a stick to help aid my quest. Upon finding none, I inspect the situation. 'I could probably reach that', I decide. I extend my tired arm towards the ball but suddenly stop.

In the shimmering, glimmering but still dirty green water, I was almost certain I could make out a silhouette of a man. I squealed, initially thinking it could potentially be a dead body, but upon closer inspection, I noticed that it rippled along with the water. It seemed more like a reflection. But it certainly wasn't mine!

"Hey, guys!" I called out to my friends but there was no response. I could hear their distant chatter and laughter on top of the hill and it seemed to me as though they had already moved on from the ball.

Still, I was going to retrieve it. I turned back to the lake, staring at the strange, smiling, shimmering man. I was still confused about the whole situation but I decided that I should just quickly grab the ball and run back to the others.

Taking a deep breath, I extend my arm once more and as my sweaty fingers made contact with the ball, I was suddenly hit with a wet, strong sensation around my wrist. I couldn't believe my eyes. There, tightly grasping my wrist, was a shimmering, glimmering hand.

I had no time to react as I was pulled forward, forced underwater where I saw the man more clearly. He wore a cruel, malicious smile as he dragged me deeper and deeper down. I screamed, my lungs filling with water, as I desperately struggled against him. 'This is it', I thought to myself, ' This is where I die!'.

I began to lose consciousness, my limbs becoming weak, and as my eyelids came to a close, I heard a horrific laughter.

When I regained consciousness, I found myself in a hospital room with concerned faces around me. I began to cry, relieved that I had survived but also terrified at what had just happened. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of thinking that it was over.

Over the next couple of years, many children met a terrible fate in that lake. As for me, the man was everywhere. Even when I moved out of the neighbourhood. I saw his shimmering, glimmering, horrible smile in glasses of water, in fish tanks, in the sea. I was too scared to have a bath or shower for the longest time that I'd have panic attacks. But eventually I overcame that fear once I realized that he couldn't get me through these mediums, he was just watching me, waiting for me. He would call to me, telling me to go back to that lake. I, of course, did not oblige, trying to stay strong and live my life.

I warned everyone I met to stay away from that lake. Some thought I was crazy. Others, knowing of the many drowning cases that resulted from it, took my word. Eventually, it was blocked off to the public, not allowing anyone to go near it. But I STILL see him. I STILL hear him. He wants me to go back.

I shouldn't. Why would I? I've stayed strong all these years, ignoring his call......

Then why am I writing this as I sit in my car, back in my old neighbourhood, staring at that same old, dirty lake?

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