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The Shed

I've enjoyed writing since I was a kid: Fiction, poetry, non-fiction. I like it all.


You never know what's going to bring an old feeling back. Like that old shed. It's just an old shed I suppose. Tiny, old, about as modest as it gets. Weird how I feel about it.

We were just kids. I think I was about 6 or 7. I'm sure she was too. Somehow we became friends, but it's funny I never can keep it straight how it even came about that we became friends. She used to go to a gymnastics class right up the street from our house and she'd walk over to my place after her class and we would hang out. She was always still wearing her leotards. She had blonde hair and freckles. I was a little dark-haired brown kid. Yin and Yang I suppose, a living contrast. And we liked each other.

But, like I said, I can't quite remember how we even met. Was I just out there playing in the neighborhood and she was walking home from her class or was it that she was my sister's friend and that's how I met her. I guess it doesn't matter.

What really mattered to me was that shed. We were in there and she was showing me how to eat popcorn. Yeah, sounds weird, because pretty much a 6 year-old is already adept at eating popcorn by the time they are that age. Nonetheless, she showed me how to do it. She wrapped a piece of popcorn in chewing gum and handed it to me to eat. Of course, I ate it. Yes, it was second-hand chewing gum that she had already chewed, but I guess that's love. Well, I guess I already wanted a girlfriend at that early age. As much as a tike can conceive of such things.

At any rate, that popcorn was good.


We started having a giggling fit. The source of our giggles: My dog. He was a funny dog. We called him Sammy. The source of that name was an old family friend who liked to dance and act silly and had a bit of an under-bite. We decided the dog's teeth and excitability was so similar to that old family friend named Sammy that we would name the dog Sammy too.

Anyway, the dog was outside of the shed barking at us. He wanted us to come out or he wanted to come in. All he knew was that he wanted to play. It struck us as funny, I guess because we were kids but also because the dog was funny. Just like our old family friend.


But my sister didn't know where we were. She didn't think to pay attention to the dog, because the dog provided a huge clue for where we were. At any rate, Mom wouldn't be happy if sis didn't get me home on time. I had a habit of wandering around the neighborhood when Mom was at work and my older sister was the built-in family baby-sitter. She used to get tired of it but it was better than me getting lost or abducted or run over by a car or mugged. We peeked out the window in the shed and saw sis wandering off to look for me, which just made us giggle more. Everything's funny when you're with people you like I guess.


We got back home while it was still light out. We had time to make dinner so that we could settle in for the night. I parked in back of her car. Still can't believe how long we've been together and finally have an income where we can have a couple of nice reliable cars and live in a decent neighborhood in a beautiful house.

We got inside the house and I turned on the TV, plopped down on the couch and kicked my feet up on to the automaton.

"That was cool going back to the old neighborhood and checking out our old shed, hon." I was yelling at her from the living room, she had gone into the bedroom to take off her shoes and toss them in the closet.

"Yeah, really brings back memories."

"The popcorn!" We said it in unison, like out of a bad sit-com. But we've always been in-sync in that hokey way. We're just always on the same wavelength, it's been that way since we were kids.

"Hey, remember when we were playing around in that shed and looking out the window giggling and watching my sister wandering off to look for me?" It had just occurred to me.

"Oh, yeah. We were so silly."

"Whatever happened to her?" I inquired.

"Beats me!"