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The Seer


I'm Aries. A typical teenage guy who doesn't want to go outside, or they just simply don't want me to. I literally spend my whole day engaging in to activities inside this sickening four-cornered room that imprisons me. Despite that, I still have a friend and his name is Jack.

He visits me every other day. We play games, cards, and my favorite - sharing stories, but most of the time, my stories. I'm so comfortable with him that I told him everything about me except for one thing.

I heard a knock at my door, and I knew it was Jack. He didn't visited me yesterday so it's his visiting day today. I responded excitedly as I am about to tell him my secret. My little dark secret.

'It was raining.' I started as Jack sitting quietly beside my bed. I told him many times about my ability, of seeing the future beforehand. 'I foreseen my girlfriend will die that night.' I looked at him and he was listening and waiting for me to continue.

'So I called her that very night. I told her not to go outside. That it was safer for her to stay in their house. And you know what she just said, she say's that "I'm crazy.'' I laughed at the memory. 'She did not listen.'

It is when Jack hold my hand, and I feel the tinge of blissful sensation as the needle digging unto my flesh. I don't understand. I can't move my hand, desperately trying to freed my arms from Jack. What is happening?

As I was dripping off Jack finally spoke. His voice is sweet and calm, swinging me to fall into my own dreams.

'You obsessed-psycho-jerk killed her. She's not even your girlfriend.'

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