The Seal of Solomon Collection

Updated on July 5, 2017

Discovering the Challenge

“When you arrive into the deepest part of the chamber,
Make sure you raise your torch,
Only then will you see the hieroglyphs on the wall,
And now it calls to you:

When Needs Are Met

You are my breath, the oxygenation of my blood,
To find my impurities washed away,
And my dearest fountain the water of life,
In our intimacies two souls wrapped up in blanket,
In those cuddle enhanced nights when we are set to dream.

You are the sentinel, the wings wrapped around my shoulders,
On the battlefield when resistance is identified,
The day to day void from my distant place; true tribulation,
Fortune shall favor when time arrives to go back into the folds,
Of my family’s warmth, where the hearth of the fire is quite warm,
To celebrate the return with a feast and sit in luxury,
Let us draw the castle gates to keep the peasantry out.

Although I may be not the noblest of men, the bond between,
Grows stronger daily; let us strengthen what ties us,
Through any time; melancholy days or sultry nights,
We both know it is in the grand design to be together.

You are the builder who boosts my elevation,
Fills me with the fire; the desire to live my dreams,
And maybe one day I can sit atop, with a magnificent view,
And see that I am respected; to return outward the same,
First I must have the courage to face myself,
Unlock what is locked and open what should be open.

You are the compass; when destination is realized,
The ink upon the driven quill; utter a soliloquy from its birth,
In any time, in any scene; in town square with ringing bells
Regardless of what arrows may come,
My judgement will be abated for I know,
The truth of the matter is; no denying it:

I love You

© Michael Valdez 3rd July 2017

The Boss

At the apex sits the head,
Giving orders to those down below,
Be fruitful and multiply,
Remember to pay me tribute.

Wonder what political machinations,
Went on over time when kings sat at the table,
Lying to each others faces,
Looking up to the boss,
Wishing he would just fuck off,

While captains sailed over choppy waters,
Not wanting to rock the boat too much,
Collecting fortunes from abroad,
To bring to the coffers,
Treasures confiscated in the name of,

And at the bottom the soldiers,
Wanting to make a name,
To draw the sword against,
Those who wont kneel.
All for the boss, the king of the family.

© Michael Valdez 3 July 2017

Living in the Magic Circle

I would love to sponge enough knowledge,
So that I can take a red hot poker to my brain,
And forever sear you out of my head,
For you troubled me enough,
Good God I am going insane,
This isn't over for as much as I am,
Attacked on all sides by things that go bump,
In the night, forever twisted into my mind,
And I stand up proudly from the lowest depths,
And with an utterance of my enchantment,
Imprison you in my magic circle.


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