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The Sea of Stars

Each star shined brightly, each one as glistening and beautiful like a jewel shining in the sun. From down upon the Earth's surface not one soul could see what lied in the clouds that hid some of the shining stars. A boat sailed across the night sky, its sails flapping in the winds, each star that hit the boats hull burst into sparkling dust before reforming a new star once more.

A shout was called down from the surface but in the stars was but a whisper to those who worked the ropes and fixed the sails.

"Can you hear me?" The whispering words could be heard saying, the two sailors looked down from the side of their ship, soon all sorts of whispers could be heard coming up from the Earth below.

"I miss her.", "Will he come back?", "I hope he gets better.", all whispers sounded like they were filled with sorrow, with sadness and despair. Whispers filled with regret and torment, the sailors listened to each and everyone of these whispers and turned towards each other. Both looked worried, both looked saddened, but they both were prepared to help the many whispers they had heard.


The ship continued to sail, each star bursting then reforming, but this time the sailors began to capture the many sparkling fragments of stars and put them into small glass bottles, shutting them with a small cork. They sailed for many hours, the stars shifting and spinning across the large midnight sea, they had collected many bottles of stardust.

The sailors then sailed their vessel down below the clouds, even further down past the trees and bushes till it rested on the bottom of the Earths surface. The whispers had grown louder turning more into shouts.

"Bring her back safely.", "I wish I hadn't been born.", "I want to go home." they said to the sailors. Still holding that bit of sadness. The two sailors began to travel, their boat passing many houses, many streets and many cities. Where the whispers were the loudest is where they went first, docking beside windows and taking a jar of stardust, opening it and sending the sparkling glitter into the homes, each whisper then turned as each person was filled with the heavenly powder and their whispers turned from that of sadness to that of happiness and joy. The dust from the sea of stars was potent, bringing magic and good thoughts into homes filled with an otherwise dark aura.

The sailors traveled to several countries, several states and several lands spreading their stardust across the globe. Each whisper turning into something good.

"I love you.", "I am so happy you have returned.", "You are so beautiful." They spoke, the sailors smiled a happy smiled, their work had not gone unrewarded, but the reward was not that of a material good but one of a job well done. The two sailors returned to the sea above, once more collecting jars of special stardust, their job not yet complete.


The sailors had finished another bout of scavenging for their stardust, however not soon after something from down below began to drift upwards towards them. It was a ball, glowing a calming pink with a swirling white center, almost like that of a cream filled candy.

The sailors were in awe, bedazzled by the glowing orb, even if living upon a sea of actual stars the glowing orb was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen.

It floated upwards then circled around the boat once, it then landed gently in the center of the ships deck, floating still but staying in the spot. The two sailors stood on either side of it and watched as it slowly began to separate into dozens of smaller orbs, it then began to thank them. Many of the people below, down upon the Earth knew what they had done, sending good wishes and thoughts to many of those who have little in terms of hope and love.

The sailors eyes slowly began to swell up, the heart-filled thanks that came from the many different whispers of the people were so loving and caring. A simple small deed that the two had done had even greater rewards then a simple thought of doing something good, upon their sea of shining stars and fuzzy clouds they had found a purpose far greater then just sailing across their home. They had found the reason to pass on good luck, fortune and hope.

The orbs slowly drew back together till it floated even higher into the sky, it then burst into thousand of pink stars and merged together with those already in the sea. The sky glowed brilliantly and down below on the Earth all those who were helped by the two sailors waved, shouting words of thanks and appreciation.

Down below a sea of warm hearts and above a sea of bright and shining stars.

The sailors had done something good, not for sake of gain or wealth but for love and wishes of good faith. And in this Sea of Stars, they had learned the true meaning of bringing love to the world.


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