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The Scammer Fails

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Born Scammer

Jack had been a scammer since diaper days. As he got older his parents were no longer playable. In fact, it reached the point that they believed nothing he said.

It got so bad that he left home, moved in with an aunt.
That didn't last long.

Jack was on his own when he hit eighteen. He went from job to job, starting as sweet guy with the big smile, so kind and compassionate. Then he'd beg things, give his pity stories, and start feeding on his benefactors until they reached the tipping point.

After his third failure, when the Boss took his salary to repay himself for all he'd loaned to Jack, he learned his biggest lesson. That is, to leave before his victims saw through him. Leave on a high note so that just in case they could be recycled.

Searching for his Benefactor

Jack played the cute young guy, a real sweet heart. He found his most 'fertile' audience women over fifty. He did get a few of these older women to look after him, but these were temporary situations. Jack was never more than a puppy to them. They'd play with him, but quickly get bored, and move on.

He tried to develop an interesting conversation and personality to delay their departure, but he was so young and looked so young that he couldn't gain a toe hold.

Jack had a 'girlfriend', a woman a few years older with a steady job who he kept links with. She thought he had one of those jobs where he had to travel. She didn't realize he was trying to find that older woman who would buy him and keep him, not use and discard.

New Chance

Jack 'lucked' into a situation where he and a friend of his were to watch a house while the owner, one of those older women, was abroad.

It was a magnificent house, but way in the country. His friend got bored being so far away from base so went back to town, leaving him.

It wasn't a problem as in another house on the property lived the perfect target.
She wasn't bad looking, was active and clever and old enough to be his grandmother.

He played sweet and interested but she never went beyond the walk to the shop or chat by the garage.

He decided to run his scam. Like the hurt puppy he came to her and claimed to have no money. She didn't say anything. He waited for her to offer, she didn't. He paused before making a beg and she turned the conversation to football.

A day later he claimed to have run out of food and was hungry. She didn't say anything. He waited for her to offer, she didn't. He paused and she moved off.
This wasn't right.

Last Chance

Jack couldn't understand it.

Here was the perfect target. A singular old woman facing a pathetic young man who was hungry. Why didn't she offer? Why didn't she give him money?

Was she so cruel to let him starve?

He went through his bag of tricks but they were all used up. He decided to try a new one.

Dressed as if he was leaving, with a bag on his shoulder, he went to her door. He knocked. When she came he told her we was walking back to town. Town was over forty miles away.

She didn't say anything.

He said, "If I knew anyone I'd borrow the bus fare but..."

And she looking at his feet said; "Those shoes are Clarkes, aren't they! They are gorgeous..."

Yes, they were Clarkes. Real Clarkes. He loved those shoes, in fact, "I have another pair in a pale tan..."

She raved about the Clarkes he was wearing, and for a few minutes he felt pleasure.

And then he realized exactly what she was doing.

He smiled and went off.

He had to leave, cause she was watching him.

As he went up the road to the bus stop he began to realize that she saw through him as glass. He couldn't scam her.

He might have worn a sign: "I'm here to rip you off", for that is what the woman saw the second she looked at him.

Oh well, the rural life was nice for the short term, but he'd have better hunting in town.