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The Saviour in the Sand

A letter to myself

You seek them out amongst the many

Fingers trawling gently at the sand

You pluck them out mercifully

And hold their fragile heart in hand

Lips speak swiftly straight to their soul

Whispers of strength, love and power

They lose themselves to your charm

Bees lured to sweet petalled flower

Fantasies of being whole again

These promises you prove true

For you piece them back together

Your love holding firm as glue

And suddenly they love you back

Because you saved them that day

And forever in their heart you'll be

A debt they can never repay

Is that why you search for them

Amongst the million grains of sand

Gently feeling for the damaged ones

So you can choose the broken man

The one who will need you more

Than you could ever really need him

The saddened soul that you can save

So he has no choice but to let you in

You tell yourself that they find you

And take all that they have ever wanted

That it is they who are the hunters

And you the innocent, the hunted

Because the truth you can not bear

To hear or think or speak out loud

The truth nestled behind your breath

Like rain sitting heavily in grey clouds

That you are not worthy of real love

The kind you accidentally fall in to

An organic love igniting from the heart

As trust and hope are foreigners to you

Maybe something happened to you

Or perhaps this is just how you're built

There isn't any room for real love in you

Amongst the self hate, hurt and guilt.

© 2017 Luna Blue

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