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The Running Maid

The maid went out running today

When she runs

Is she running from her thoughts

Is she running from herself

Hoping not to get caught

Is she running from the man

Or all the things she doesn't understand

Running down the things that stop her fast

Bottling her love, with love in a bottle

A bottle of fuel to withstand

Continuously running from the past

The things that make her happy

Never free at last

The lights go down, down all around

Sheltering the night

With a little light inside

Sheltered she hides

Never taught to risk

And never thought to dare

Pressure of the failure to come

Spoken to her everywhere

Run, run, run, life will wait

If you don't take its risk

Failure won't happen, but don't you dare

Run instead of hide

And not to be sheltered inside

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