The Rotten Door

Updated on September 15, 2020
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I write classic "good vs evil" creative writing pieces with smart twists inspired by vintage action cinema, gaming, and heavy metal.

This door scares me. Just yesterday, there was nothing but the old, moldy wall that has cracked and yellowed with age but today, this door emerged; like it was always there. Daytime, it was peaceful, no signs of any foreign presence but at night, at the same consistent time at that, I heard the crawling of what seemed like millions of insects; it was a bug party in there. "Scritch, scritch" my ears kept repeating; reminding me that I'm no longer alone here while my eyes didn't dare close nor my mind relax. This went on for weeks.

The next morning, I woke up to the entire kitchen swarming with winged bugs; there were flies, mosquitos, locusts, and what looked like cockroaches; I'm going in that door, I decided before my entire apartment becomes an anthill! However, not without proper hardware; God knows what can wait for me there. Always knew that SAIGA-12 would come in handy; a shotgun with the guts of an assault rifle will chew anything up. Unfortunately, when I returned with the supplies, my apartment has been completely swarmed with bugs; every step resulted in their brother getting squished under my steel-toed combat boots as the smell of stink bug odor delivered counter-hits.

At this rate, the whole building would be crawling soon. Quickly, I slammed a magazine into my gun; incendiary ammo; burns the target on impact. "Bugs hate fire no matter how big they are!" I thought to myself proceeding towards the door; it was wide open and honestly, I've been in abbatoirs that smelled better than this; stink bug odor and rotting flesh, was someone dragged there?!



Cocking the gun and taking aim, I made entry; that dreadful "Scritch, Scritch" sound was now in a choir with the sound of something getting chewed up; like a kid eating a cucumber with his mouth open. The tactical light on my gun has found what (who) was getting chewed up; it was my neighbor!

Probably came to chew me out for the bugs but got chewed up himself! He was still alive, staring at me and breathing his last air as a swarm of stink bugs crawled into his chest cavity; ripped open by a very large stinger of whatever sat by him. This abomination was hideous; human in shape yet it was more insect; large stinger, 6 limbs, and antennae feeling around the area! Just how malleable is the human body and what satanic ritual inspired whoever created this horrible thing?!


"FULL AUTO!" My head screamed as I let fly my entire magazine; not even bothering to aim. My ears were clogged with the sounds of every insect on Earth coming for me and all I felt is a thousand little legs on me as I reloaded and kept the pressure on. Tickling became itching and then, transitioned to pain the more I shot this horrible thing, giving it no chance to hit me back.

What would it have done? I don't think my mind could even wander to such terrifying realms. The gun grew heavier as I lost more blood to the insect bites; they drained me of almost everything but, whatever this humanoid abomination was; it lay with its head all over the floor; perforated with burning 12-gauge holes.

"I won't die here!" I panicked. "I won't feed the bugs anymore!" Someone somewhere guided me out of here; running on fumes, I escaped this dark, hellish anthill but the pain has not subsided. The bugs were now inside me as my limbs began itching from the inside as the same accursed stink bug odor permanently cemented itself in my nose.

No ammo to end it all but I live on the 5th floor and the window is only a spit distance away but this apartment is still a threat; what if there is another door hidden deep within?! Lord forgive me for taking several lives to save the majority! The old-fashioned Soviet-era gas cooker will be my nuclear weapon against them whereas my lighter will do the honors. Everything I ever owned going up in smoke. Surely the pain from breaking from a glass window and flying from the top of a 5-storey building couldn't be more painful than being eaten from the inside.

© 2020 Jake Clawson


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    • Paul Garand profile imageAUTHOR

      Jake Clawson 

      37 hours ago from Kazakhstan

      Firstly, thank you very much Abby for stopping by and taking the time to read; this is greatly appreciated. Secondly, yeah insects are cool but they can get scary; as the movie Starship Troopers has shown. Thank you for your feedback, I try to bring my reader into the world I created; for better or for worse considering my worlds are not nice places. Have a great day and sending waves of inspiration and good energy your way.

    • Abby Slutsky profile image

      Abby Slutsky 

      45 hours ago from LAFAYETTE HL

      Your descriptions were terrific. Although here we are swarming with lantern not stink bugs.


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