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The Romance in the Air

Sometimes words just come to me by seeing pictures and i put them on a page.


His eyelids opened leisurely. Appearing in front of him was a mesmerizing beauty, standing in front of him, hovering his heartbeat and shinning in his eyes. Once again, a new day had begun and brought to him the pleasure he awaited for, every day. He sighed seeing her once again; his ogles stuck in their places and couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

The morning phase, the chilly air, the fresh aroma in the air, opened the windows for her and she inhaled a lung full of that cold and shivered. He watched her, feeling the morning freshness and absorbing the morning sensation over her skin; smooth, silky, brown skin. And there it was, the stretch at the corners of his lips, seeing her like that had brought a handsome, sparkling and renewed smile.

Soon enough, there appeared some smooth yellowish white lines from behind her, causing her shadow to wake up from the depth of dreams and come out for the show. He starred at the shadow as it emerged short from her base, his mouth dropped open and eyes opened wide. There was a cheerfulness in his eyes; soon there would be that moment, he always longed for, whenever the day began.

The sun deliberately rose behind her, extending her shadow. He watched the shadow gradually emerging towards his spot, where he kept standing. Opening his arms wide, closing his eyes, having his heart thumping on his ribs, he felt her shadow slowly coming over him. The cold, dark yet the most beautiful moment he had looked-for since the day started. He stood there, closing his eyes, shivering but yet it was the only way to touch her soul. No matter if it froze him and made him thirsty for the light but it was the only way to feel her beauty, inhale her aroma and connect to her depth. He had her touch over every inch of his body, a shadow, but enough for a mad lover to find his aid.

He had his eyes closed as long as he felt the sweetness of her shadow but the shadow didn’t last longer and like every time, he had to open his eyes and watch her go.

The sun gradually coming over her head, shortening her shadow, moving it away from him. Progressively, he got exposure to the sun, and absorbed its rays. The shadow was very stony, it had almost taken away his breath but he admired the cold more than the heat from the sun. The sun might kept him alive but he could die in her shadow.

It was almost time for the sun to go home. But seeing his friend watching her with grief on his face, the sun beamed because at the end of the day he was the only one bringing smile on his friend’s face. The sun decided to give his friend yet another hypnotic sight of her splendor at the end of the day. And while setting in its place, he shone directly onto her face. Struck his rays onto her eyes which shone upon the contact and shook her mad devotee once again. He who watched her with sorrowfulness in his heart, lightened up once again by the stunning gorgeous. Her eyes as glass, shone in the sun. Her polished brown skin, shimmered in many shades. His heartbeat raised once again and mouth dropped open. He shook his head, couldn’t control his rising pulse and the tears that the scene had brought into his eyes.

The sun smiled seeing the happiness he had just brought on the face of his friend. And then steadily it set in its place bringing up the dark night, the twinkling stars and the bright moon.

For the whole time, he had done nothing else except watching her in every changing moment of the day. She was at a distance, a little farther from him but his love for her never made him feel lonely. She was the reason he had that smile on his face.

He remembered the time when he was all alone in that place. And had almost lost hope of living when one day some people came and took away all he had; the strength, the height, the glossy green hair. He had been shortened, wounded and hurt. All he was left with a few flowers in his hands. He cried and cried for what he had lost. And each time when the people passed near him, he tried to hide from them by closing his eyes. For months, he had watched those two pairs of arms and legs working on something on a cliff just a few steps ahead of him. Sorrowfully he watched them utilizing what had been his property and had been taken away from him.

But it was then he saw her emerging on the cliff, curved into a beautiful body, so spellbinding and magnificent, that all his sorrows had turned into love and happiness. And it was since then, that he had been admiring her beauty and watching her showing off every phase of her gorgeousness as the day passed. It was love that gave him hope to live again, and realize that what taken away from him was to be carved into a beauty.

As time passed, he had started to gain his strength and there were few green hair emerging on his head. He knew one day he would be tall again and would be able to extend his shadow over her. His love for her renewed everything that he thought had died inside him.

Lost in thought and depth of her lightened eyes, he smiled and sighed. The night was prevailing deep. The cool breeze had started to blow again. She shivered and yawned. He knew she was sleepy and he waited to watch her close her eyes. And so she did, the lights were out. She was asleep. He giggled to himself.

Sooner, his eyes were heavy. He was sleepy too, and slowly his eyes closed seeing the last sight of her shinning in the moonlight. Inhaling her aroma spread by the air, he slept with a smile on his face and went into the dreams of “The Romance in the Air”



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