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The Reunion - A Journey To The End

Writing is not just a profession but a passion for me. From informative blogs to short fictional tales, I love to write about everything.


9:00 a.m. A beeping sound fills his colossal room as the words ‘Final Day’ flash in bright red across the dark screen of his digital watch. Dazzling light pours through the translucent drapes and is mirrored across the room by the white walls, making the space bright and lovely. Adam rises and opens the window, welcoming the cool morning air scented with cherry blossoms. He closes his eyes as the breeze slowly caresses his face. “What a beautiful day.” He jumps out of bed, gets dressed, and dashes out the door to take advantage of the beautiful morning with a brisk walk as per his plans. It was not much later when his tangled trail of thoughts led him to the sweet memory of Adrian.

Adrian adored the arrival of spring - the brilliant blue sky, lush green grass, fresh sparkling streams, and the light pink cherry blossoms excited him more than anything else. It gave him the ecstatic sensation of being in one of his favorite fairytale lands. “I miss those walks with you Adrian” Adam thought.

He used to sit on a rusted wooden bench and watch Adrian roll and lough in the soft grass while the pink petals of the flowers slowly detached from the blossoms, danced with the breeze for a while, and then rejoined the rest of the grass inhabitants. Adrian used to lie down beneath the trees and wait to be entirely covered in petals before blowing them away and then wait to be completely covered again.

Hand-in-hand, they would then go for a walk. The doctor recommended walks for Adrian, and he seemed to enjoy them, so why not? They would run about in the park, eat ice cream, and play until the sun set. As the brilliant ball of light sank beyond the mountains, they would stand and gaze at the sky as it shifted hues from blue to orange, pink, purple, and ultimately dark blue.

The night sky did not appeal to Adrian. After all, he was only ten years old. Adam's chest tightens as he thinks, "Only ten years." He clumsily proceeds towards his office building – an empire he had built for his son to rule one day. He shudders as he climbs the grey marble steps leading to the entrance, remembering Adrian rushing up these stairs and sprinting to the canteen for his favorite burger. Wasn’t there anything that could block out these painful memories that threatened to tear him apart? Weren’t these memories supposed to be joyous souvenirs? Why?

“Why are these memories causing so much pain?” He wonders as a lone tear departs from his eye and rushes down his left cheek.

Adam's colleagues and employees welcome him with sympathetic looks as they notice his now-tear streaked face. He despised these pathetic expressions. “No!” He marches away, enraged, towards another magnificent staircase leading to the terrace. He swiftly climbs to the top of the building and stands on the edge of the roof, admiring the endless dark sky. He extends his palm to the sky and ponders "How magnificent these stars are. Aren't you one of them, Adrian?" He says while standing there hopefully awaiting his son’s response which never came. A sob escapes his throat and he fully gives in to the scalding tears that threatened to burn out his eyes if he didn’t let them out.

What had he done to deserve such a harsh life? Why had he been cheated out of all he valued? He weeps into the night for half an hour or so before wiping his face and looking up again. “This is the night of our reunion,” He smiles as the notion lifts his spirits and he goes steadily onward until nothing stands between his feet and the night air.

He rapidly goes over everything that has happened in his life as he falls. On her deathbed, his wife, whom he cherished more than his life, begged him to take care of their son and live a happy life. He saw flashes of all Adrian’s birthdays until his ninth when he learned that his son had the same terminal illness as his mother. Adrian while on his deathbed, asking his father when they could go home. He had failed to take care of his son so what was the purpose of this life now? It had been a year, and he had done his hardest to honor his promise to Maria of living happily ever after, but the anguish had become intolerable. He couldn't take it any longer.

"Adrian, Maria. I'm on my way to see you!" He thought as he eagerly awaits his end. Like a cherry-blooms petal, he glides in the wind and settles on the grass, and is grateful to have been reunited with his fallen petals.

© 2021 Najm Fareed

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