The Regal, Edmonton

Updated on November 29, 2016

It’s Saturday Morning; I’m ready to go

My chores are all done so it’s on with the show

Call for The Goon and from there we all soar

Down to the stop for the bus to the door

All the old regulars waiting in line

It’s Saturday Morning; the Regal at 9

Screams from us kids in a whoop and a yell

And the thing I remember the most is the smell

Tufted moquette nearly worn down to thread

Where the good guys prevailed and the bad guys were dead

It’s Saturday night and I’m reeking of soap

The homework can wait till tomorrow I hope

For I’m meeting Moira my nerves are all raw

Then down to the stop for the bus to the door

Don’t know the movie, I hope it’s alright

Moira and me in the Regal tonight

And the thing I remember the most is that cheek

I wanted to touch but was too shy to speak

Couldn’t tell you the film but I’ll never forget

The beam on my hand from the old usherette

It’s Saturday night and the Regal’s no more

A brief forty years, now convenience store

And over a drink we can now reminisce

On clumsy young fumbles and tries for a kiss

Moira smiles fondly and says we’re alright

They’re riding the plains on our TV tonight

And it all seemed so real in those Saturday years

It all seemed so golden and simple and clear

Sometimes I yearn for that easier time

The bus to the door and the Regal at nine


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