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The Rainy Night

Jusmi is an English teacher. Obtained her Masters in English literature from Gauhati University India shares an immense love for writing.


It was late as I came from my office sitting on the verandah of my house taking a cup of black coffee I pointed my eyes towards the lane. It was dark only dimly lit by the moonlight. The sight was beautiful and enthralling. The sight compelled me to sit a little longer than usual. In a flicker of the second, I saw a man hurriedly going somewhere. I wanted to stop him and ask if there was an emergency and if I could be of some help. But he hurriedly went inside the lane and vanished in the dark.

I sat thinking for a second about him as to what might have happened and where did he disappear suddenly. Riding in my train of thoughts as I was about to enter my house it started raining heavily. I heard a voice saying, “ Miss can you please allow me to stand in your garage for half an hour as it’s raining heavily and I can’t go to my destination right now”. I looked towards the gate and saw a dark figure standing there. I couldn’t clearly see his face as it was covered. I said to him to come inside. He came near my porch and I could see he was the same man that had vanished inside the dark lane. He thanked me for letting him come inside. I saw him he looked quite tensed and frustrated. Seeing him that way I offered him a cup of coffee. He didn’t refuse. Passing the coffee mug to him I asked, “ Sir you look tense. Hope everything is fine at your end.” He looked up to me and said, “ Everything is fine Miss it’s only that my five-year-old son is not well. He has a high fever from the last two days. I had got my salary today so I thought I will buy little fruits and medicines for him. But, as I was hurrying my purse fell down somewhere I have no idea where. So, I went inside the lane to check if it’s there. But as the rain started pouring and because of the dark, I could not search it properly. Now I am tensed thinking how do I take the medicine for him as I have no money left.

I looked at his face and tried to imagine his five-year-old lying in fever waiting for his Daddy to come with the medicine. How sad he will be to see his father empty-handed. I felt pity for the man and his family. Not able to control my feelings I offered to help him with a little money. But he refused straight on my face. I tried to cajole him to take the money and a little food at least for the sake of the child. Finally, I said, “ Please don’t think I am doing you any favour you can take the money as a loan from me and return it whenever it’s possible”. Finally, he agreed. The rain has stopped by then. Handing him some money and food I bade him goodbye. He promised to return the money and soon left showing heartfelt gratitude.

I went inside my house after an hour or two there was a knock on the door. I thought who might have come at this hour of the night. Thinking so I opened the door. A policeman had come. He asked me, “Miss did you see a man anywhere near this way?” I said I haven’t and asked him if everything is fine. He said some man had robbed an elderly gentleman and pushed him in the middle of the road leading him to his death. So they were investigating. I said if I come upon anything I will surely inform. He started to leave asking me to take care. But before leaving he showed me a sketch of the man who had committed the robbery and murder. I froze seeing the sketch. He was the same man that I had helped a little while ago. How can I forget the scar on his face?

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