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The Race


The step I take prompts me to check my shoes,

my laces are undone, a risk I cannot take.

Bending down, I tie them into a tight knot.

It's just me now, no one else matters.

I am defined by nothing but the track I am presently on.

My thoughts focused on the number I aspire to be in a few minutes...the number one.

My blood boils at the slight thought of what I'm about to do.

I get called up to the blocks, my heart beats aggressively without provocation,

I try to calm it down but got no response from my panicked heart.

My mind was the sheer opposite, focused, calm,

it made me wonder how two organs in the same body could have such different reactions to the same situation.

I looked to my left and right, my opponents on either side of me

No, not opponents, more like obstacles.

I send them a smile, hoping to throw them off their game.

We are asked to begin now, I crouch down,

waiting for the sound of the gun, just waiting, everything else a blur.

Blood rushing to my ears, the finish line 100 meters ahead.

Suddenly I hear it.

Like a spring just released I go from zero to whatever my top speed is

I feel the burn almost immediately, my muscles burning in protest

I ignore every warning signal as I sprint, I see the line, I'm almost there.

Just then I see an obstacle of mine a step ahead, I refuse to be less than the number I had made mine.

At that moment, I forget the pain and just push forward the only thing driving me goal.

I pass the finish line, collapsing in a slump.

I hear people cheering and see my name next to the number one, It makes it worth it.

I stay unmoving till my body calms down from the shock I just put it through before I leap up to celebrate my victory.

I did it, I won, I achieved my goal.



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