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The Prophecy of Masks - Flash Fiction.

Nell is a writer and author. With over 300 articles, and three novels in print. She is also interested in current topics in the news.

Crowd wearing #masks. #coronaviruspandemic

Crowd wearing #masks. #coronaviruspandemic

It was the Masks that did it.

I have always been claustrophobic, so suddenly seeing all those people wearing face masks made me gasp and panic.

. Some wore normal medical masks, others wore full-face plastic masks, with small eye holes, so you could just see a flash of their iris, then gone.

Creepy, unsettling, and downright terrifying.

I took a deep breath and looked around.
Where the Hell was I?

Or was I, in fact, in Hell?
Huge flames shot up in the distance. The wail of ambulances mixed with police cars assaulted my ears.
Some people were running, but others were just aimlessly walking around in circles.

The look of despair in their eyes, caused an icy cold to rush down my back.

I spun around, trying desperately to see where I was.

But nothing seemed familiar.

Suddenly the sound of a tannoy hit my ears.

Go home! Stay indoors! You must get off of the street now, it is spreading far to quickly we cannot stop it. You must go home!'
In my panic, I started to run. But I didn't know where to go.

I knew there was something, or somebody I needed to find. To protect. But my mind wouldn't let me get past the horror seen on so many faces.

Their eyes, black behind the plastic, still shone with fear.

Then I remembered.
Janice, my daughter!
How could I forget her? I had to get home, and quickly.

But my legs felt like they were running through treacle.
I ran, and ran, puffing and breathless.
let me get home....let me......

I suddenly shot up. I was so hot. sweat ran down my face.

Awakened from the nightmare by the bedroom door being slung open, my daughter Janice stood there shouting, 'Daddy, we are going to be late! I have to get to school!'
The door closed, and with a sigh of relief, I realized that what I had just experienced was a horrible nightmare.
Only a dream. Thank God.
Getting up I headed into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and quickly washed. Getting out, I reached for the tv remote.
" The Corona Virus is spreading around the globe. It is possibly going to be a pandemic. We have to......."
I froze,.then I began to shake.

Man having a nightmare

Man having a nightmare

The Coronavirus.

We are in the middle of a possible Pandemic. The virus that started in China is now spreading worldwide. And nobody really knows how to control it. We always believed that in our modern society we would be able to cope.

But they forgot one thing.

We have Planes that travel around the world every single day. Ships, trains, cars, and buses. And all those things mean the virus can transport from country to country.

We presumed that with all our medical knowledge we could knock it on its head straight away. But making a vaccine takes time.

We will do what we can, but sometimes the smallest thing can catch us out.

Wash your hands. Buy a mask. And keep your fingers crossed.

On the subject of Masks, they have been used for centuries to protect us from plagues and illnesses. Of course, they never worked back then because we didn't have the knowledge of germs and viruses. Hopefully, this time around we will use them wisely.

Of course, the virus can be spread through ways that they haven't even thought of yet.

What about money? Every single time you buy something, you are using paper or coin money. Passed from hand to hand, it's the biggest germ carrier of all.

Hopefully, this virus will soon be stopped. Till then we have to wait and see.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Nell Rose

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