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The Picture of Susie’s Life

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.


Susie is sitting in the family living room with daughter, Jenny, and son, Max. She is helping to finish off their homework before they go to sleep until the next day arrives, and it’s time to attend school again.

Susie herself works in a 9-5 reputable job. She has been there for a decade, having a wonderful reputation.

Jenny needs constant help from her mommy with homework and tests and after a day’s work and cooking meals, this task is an additional burden on her mommy, and she keeps losing her cool. Jenny tries her best to understand her lessons with her mommy. But she doesn’t get everything all the time. This is why she is rebuked by overburdened mommy, and Jenny wipes her tears away helplessly.

About Susie’s Husband

After putting her children to sleep, Susie does her final tidbit tasks and retires to sleep as well.

She does have a husband who is a businessman and travels around the world a lot. He cannot hear or listen to any problem or family responsibilities much. Yet, Susie lets her husband lead his life his way. It wasn’t this way before, but gradually it turned this way. Susie feels sorry for herself as she is the one who chose him as her life partner among hundreds who admired her.

After all, Susie is a very pretty lady, and in her earlier years, guys fell in love with her at first sight. But life has been hard on her. As she muses on these aspects, she falls into a deep slumber, having had a hard time all day.

Susie’s Boyfriend Abroad & Susie's Endeavors

Susie starts to bond with her boyfriend and classmate, Eddie, more closely, paying no attention to what her original family will think.

Eddie is leaving for abroad soon. He makes promises to Susie that he will keep in touch. And after he leaves for higher studies, in fact, he does keep his promise.

Susie gets herself enrolled in a local university in the engineering field but the guys around all bother her. They all fall head over heels in love with her. There are countless marriage proposals, and Susie thinks she will lose her mind.

Back then, her boyfriend, Eddie advises her to apply abroad and leave all those pestering people behind. He gives her all the emotional boost and confidence that she will make it no matter what.

Feeling encouraged by Eddie, Susie starts preparing documents and applying abroad. She applies to middle ranked universities abroad to cope with all her expenses well all by herself with only a little help from her family.

Finally comes her day when she will be journeying abroad, keeping her thoughts focused on Eddie. He is her only hope.

Susie Finally Abroad

For four years, she staggers on, inspired by Eddie all the time. And she triumphantly makes it, securing the second position among all graduates that semester.

She makes a lot of friends abroad and also manages a steady income from her odd jobs so far. But now she has a degree, and it is time for her to look for a reputable job. One of her male friends has applied for a job in Computer Science sector in a company. This close friend asks her to apply in the electrical and electronics sector of that company and see how it goes.

Susie listens to her friend, who has helped her countless times before. Accordingly, she gets an interview offer in the headquarters of the company in another state. The board of her interview finds her to be skilled and interesting, and she is selected for the post of “Hardware Designer” in their sector instantly. She can go back to her state and join office in their branch there.

Susie is happy. She rejoices with Eddie and has moments of victory. Eddie flies over to her place and gives her a bouquet of roses. After kissing each other, they go on a ride around the city to celebrate. Eddie is gone by evening. But Susie has a wonderful and jubilant time which she is going to remember for years together.

Susie on Foreign Soil

Susie on Foreign Soil

Susie Joins Her Job

Time to be at work. The alarm buzzed, and Susie jumped up from her bed and got ready to attend her first day at work. They didn't give her much work on her first day. But she had to walk around and get acquainted with the rules and regulations of their office. She did that accordingly.

Gradually she was given tasks on circuit boards and to test them. She built software and integrated into her boards and further tested them if everything was working as expected. She got her work and got better and better at it as days went by.

This company would merge with another company in later years or break up with some company to merge with another. But Susie survived all changes. Her managers changed and people in charge changed. But she made it through all the time. Her company downsized employees every year but she would always stick. She was that valuable an asset for her company.

She had worked for two years in a row when Eddie proposed to her. She was over the moon! She had to let her family know, and she knew it would be challenging to convince her mom but much to her surprise, she complied. Susie was overjoyed and shared the news with Eddie.

Susie’s Marriage

Yes, Susie and Eddie did a lot of shopping before they headed for their country to get married.

They ordered invitation cards and distributed them. They booked a community center where their marriage ceremony would take place. They hired a Kazi who would marry them off.

Finally, they got married when the grand day came.

After three years of marriage, Susie was expecting her first newborn. She finally gave birth, and everyone who knew them was happy at the news. Susie herself was happy to be a mother.

After another three years, her second newborn came into life. And the responsibilities she had to shoulder were looming bigger on her now.


Fast forward till today, yes she was sitting in that living room, tutoring her children, her husband being away from home on his business trips.

Yes, she was awake now. She had seen her life unfold to the current state in her dream last night. She wasn’t sure if she was going to accept this quality of life, or she would be strong enough to make some change. She couldn’t decide. She staggered out of bed to call her children to get ready for school while she carried out her morning rituals to attend her day's work.

Too many of us are not bold enough to speak up for ourselves. In this story, Susie badly needed her husband to share and shoulder some of the family’s chores and responsibilities.

A husband who had shown so much care initially had lost love for his family completely. Was he totally happy? Certainly not! Why didn’t he speak out?

There is still hope for this family. Love can return to this family. But it is actually up to Susie to work it out and take the first step. Hopefully, she will.

Susie's Daughter and Son

Susie's Daughter and Son

© 2019 Rosina S Khan

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