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The Pickney Eater

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Come my sweet little ones, come to me

My stomach growls from hunger, all I had was tea

Come my sweets, just follow that red brick road

When you reach, there will be ice cream and cupcakes a load

Come my little ones, don't keep me waiting

I drool from the thought of tender meat baking

Eating a child

Eating a child

Such sweet little children, would you like to join grandpa for ice-cream and cakes?
After that we can watch cartoons and have huge glasses of milk shakes
Come kids, it will be fun all day
Bring a friend if you may
Don't tell mamy or papy for they will not let you leave
Because you will be off on a magical journey, they just would not believe
Have you ever flew on a magical carpet before?
Have you ever said Abra-ca-dabra and vanished from the floor?
Come to me kids, all these fun things await
Just follow the red brick road that leads to a large wooden gate
I will be inside, roasting marshmallows and blowing up balloons
To decorate and fascinate in our magical rooms
Come Jim, come Mary, come Benjamin, come Juan
I have some cool magic to show you using this wand
Tell me, what is your favorite food?I will prepare it for you.
Is it chocolate? is it apple pie, or do you eat glue?
I will be waiting, so be quiet when you leave
And if you are good, I will show you a magical trick I have up my sleeve.

Ha haa! You children have finally arrived
Now for each of you here is a welcoming prize
Yes, yes, the games are real
And the boys can play around the back with that spinning wheel
Today we will have so much fun kids
You come to me as children, later you leave as a wiz
Come now, we have much to show you
I also have a large pot brewing to make stew
The house is huge, there are pinatas inside
Exploding with candy, ready to fly far and wide
But first, I want us to play a game of hide and go seek
Where all you kids will hide in different places and I will go seek
Ready now! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
You better start to hide
6, 7, 8, 9, 10
I am ready, it will be children stew again

Ha haa, I caught one, now in this huge pot you go!
Now I caught two
Well into this pot for you
Now I caught three
Such a huge stew for me
Now I caught four
This pot can hold a little more
Now I caught five and six
Ha ha ha ha haa...I cant believe they fell for my tricks
Now I will slice a few onions, add garlic and ginger
Mmmmm, get back down in that pot and stop sticking out your finger!
String beans, tomatoes and salt
Now my pickney stew is finished, I will eat it all off
You know, children are really yummy, here have a taste of my stew
Wait, is that a child standing behind you.
Come here young one...coochie coochie coo!

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