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The Perfect Weekend


“We have a recent development in the case of Kate Roydon, a 28-year-old woman who went missing in Croatia and was later found dead. The police just arrested Rob Victors, a financial lawyer, who had pieces of Kate’s jewellery found in his possession. Rob is one of Kate’s close friends, and they were also rumoured having an affair…”

The TV played softly in the background as Beth tried to soothe her baby daughter back to sleep. News reports of her ex-husband murdering her best friend were everywhere. Her phone constantly vibrated with concerned texts from friends, family, acquaintances, and random strangers hoping to create stories and articles based on her ordeal. Beth had expected her life to change when her weekend in Croatia ended, but some things take a while to get used to. For one, her daughter seemed to be rejecting her cuddles and refused to go to sleep. The loud crying reminded Beth of the noisy nightclub in Croatia, where her best friend Kate tried to get two escorts to drug her.

But Beth wasn’t trying to have fun that night. While the three attractive people downed drinks in front of her without a single thought in their head, Beth was watering the plant by her side with poisoned alcohol. Now to three intoxicated people, everybody looks drunk to them, which was great because Beth didn’t have to try hard to make them think she was drunk. A couple of “woos” and fake throwing up later, they were pretty much convinced Beth was out of it.

“Though she was the main suspect during initial investigations, Beth Victors was found innocent after CCTV footage showed her to be asleep at the time of the murder. Beth Victors and Kate Roydon went on the trip to Croatia, where cell phone records showed that the girls’ holiday plans were made many months ago.”

Beth slumped onto the sofa and scrolled through her chats with Kate, reading through every single text message that Kate sent about Croatia. The text messages went all the way back to three months ago, where Kate spent every single waking moment sending pictures and videos of Croatia to Beth to convince her to fly over. Beth reluctantly replied every time with maybes and perhaps, but her mind was already made up from the moment Kate sent her a picture of the Airbnb property they would be staying at.

“This place is monitored by…”

It took Beth precisely three months to learn all about jammers, frequency broadcasting, and to figure out how to jam the CCTVs made by the company the Airbnb was using. Once Beth figured it out, she agreed to the trip. After the uneventful clubbing night, Kate and one of the escorts brought her to the bedroom and tucked her into bed. Beth laid in bed motionlessly, waiting for the right moment to get up. She didn’t completely figure out what she was going to do next, but with a heavily intoxicated Kate outside, she was sure she could think of a plan soon enough.

And she did.

After what seemed like forever, Kate screamed and left the room in a hurry, which was Beth’s cue to switch the cameras off. It didn’t take long for Beth to jam the frequency, placed a bolster underneath the blanket and ran off after Kate.

“I can almost guarantee she’s going to take my clubbing on the first night,” Beth sighed as she tried on a green dress she was planning to wear in Croatia.

“Tsk would be surprised if she didn’t,” Rob scoffed.

What a piece of crap. Every word that came out of his mouth made Beth wonder why she ever gave him the time of the day to begin with. It was one thing to be a cheater, it was another to try and act superior to the person that you cheated with. If only Beth can get back the time she lost on this jackass back, but she supposed her plan would be fine too.

“I just hope she doesn’t feed me too many drinks. I hate hangovers, and plus I would hate to miss the entire night because I blacked out. Remember the time at the class reunion party? I never thought I could sleep for more than 10 hours.”

“Right, I forgot about that.”

And the trap was set.

Beth stood in the shadows, watching Kate stumble around in the dark waiting for the moment Rob will show. And just as she predicted, her husband did book a flight to Croatia. He snuck around the property and dragged Kate away. Beth followed the pair and watched the two people she once trusted the most in the world fighting over ridiculous plans to act like they’re looking out for her after stabbing her in the back. It was ironic, really. Words like “care”, “important”, and “love” came out from their mouths when she was the last person they thought about. Beth didn’t really think about the rest of her plan and wasn’t quite sure how she was going to end Kate, but luckily for her, her husband is extremely volatile. He shoved Kate into a pile of rocks and ran away like a little coward. A few minutes later, Beth walked up to Kate, wearing the exact thing her husband wore.



“Do you need help?”

“Yea… could you lend me a hand?”


Before Kate knew it, she was embraced by the cold thrashing water. Beth stood over the edge watching her drown before she left. She thought about all the nasty things she wanted to say to Kate, but what better way to say fuck you by ending her life? Besides, she couldn’t take the risk and stay for too long. She didn’t need to police to notice there were two identically dressed people at the scene of the crime.

To completely cover her track, Beth celebrated with a drink of spiked alcohol. She managed to pour an entire drink into her purse while she was at the club, and if ever the police suspected her to be at the pier where Kate drowned, she hoped that her drugged system and the building owner’s camera would help give her an alibi. Speaking of, Beth switched her jammer off once she was back into bed, laying in the same position the cameras last captured her.

All that’s left for Beth is to convince everyone that her best friend is missing, and she doesn’t know why. That should be easy considering her brain already feels fuzzy not even a minute after the drink.

After 2 days of tears, terror and screams come the easy part.

Idiot husband thinks his wife is an idiot. Idiot husband fucked Beth’s best friend. Idiot husband fell in love with the said best friend. Idiot husband learns about the girls’ trip to Croatia. Idiot husband tries to convince the best friend to elope with him. Idiot husband pushes her into the rocks without checking to see if she was breathing before running away. Idiot husband tries to soothe things over with his wife. Idiot husband thinks his wife is an idiot. Idiot husband didn’t check his pockets. Idiot husband goes to jail for a murder he didn’t commit.

“Rob Victors’ trial for the murder of Kate Roydon will begin on the 15th.”

Those words were music to Beth’s ears. Her plan, although not entirely well-thought, worked out more brilliantly than she could’ve ever anticipated.

“You see Aster? This is what you do to people who betrays you. People who don’t think about you or your child. A tit for tat, an eye for an eye, two lives for two lives.”

*inspired by the film: The Weekend Away*

© 2022 Alison Lian

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