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The Path by Manatita

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

The Path


A Flash-Fiction Story

I, a lonely wayfarer, walk along a dim-lit road, with the five cardinal vices sticking to me like leaches! Lust engages me like an undiminishing lamp of darkness, while avarice and ego, continue to throw stones at the horizon. I push forward!

It seemed only yesterday that Salome and I played together. She brought many friends and I was caught in an unending game of attachments and desires. I took my chances, played with the dice of wanton temptations, only to bleed five hundred autumns into the winds of time.

Go back five hundred springs and I guess I was treated badly in the mineral and plant kingdoms. So, by the time I had bludgeoned my way through the animal world and made it to the human arena, my awakened mind, carried with me the animal traits, once so necessary for survival.

No easy challenge, this Path. It seems to be paved with good intentions and the colours of resplendence glimmer in the distance. Yet my feet taste only the rugged slabs, which feel more like thorns than roses as I travel, along this dark night of the soul.

Now greed dances upon my inner poverty, while ego slices my heart like a machete does, cutting the ‘spoils’ that butcher’s sell. I live in a world of me and mines: separating, analyzing and dividing, carving out lands into segments to play my power games; eating caviar on benches in beautiful grass lawns with the bourgeoisie.


Yet I am unhappy as I walk, the breeze shedding tears beneath my feet. I’m attached to numerous bedfellows, all drinking from a seemingly endless Chalice of vintage wine, as we play golf on the neck-collars of the oppressed. The crisp ‘paper-note’ calls me incessantly, and I seem to be constantly checking my coffers!

I’m caught in a spider’s web of untold riches, women and fame. Opulence becomes my bosom friend, yet there is no inner peace for the taking. I soon find myself as enslaved, as the very ones I harmed so callously.

Push forward another five hundred summers and anger stabs me like a naked sword. I make friends with his sister ‘resentment’, his brother ‘racism’ and the sons and daughters called hypocrisy, doubt and jealousy, filling my mind with fake news and yellow tales on newspaper clippings.

Fear and loneliness sing sad songs, as insecurity knocks on my window, seeing a vessel so tarred by hate, that she feels she’ll have little trouble entering. Locked in struggle, I fail to see the green leaves and foliage; the lushness of the Light ahead.

Fast forward another five hundred winters and I cry out in the wilderness. Happiness has evaded me like the tail of a dog. I am in chains, and like in ‘the allegory of the cave’, I’m in desperate need for an enlightened Being to remove my fetters. At long last, Plato walks in through my dark cavern of despair. He is carrying a lighted lantern and beseeches me to follow, which I do.

The dark veil of shadows dissipates, as I move towards the Light, into the freedom of the vast Unknown. I’m free at last… free at last! Yet my Beloved wants me to bleed one more time. I turn around, walk back into the abyss, to offer the message of Light … the way of the cross to my fellow humans, so they too, can find their way home.

The last thing I say, is “Father forgive them!”, as they crucify me for my troubles.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 20th March, 2021

The long hard road of the soul


Wisdom from the Master

"Life's perfection-road is very long,

But the journey is richly rewarding."- Sri Chinmoy

"The determination in your heroic efforts,

Will permeate your heart and mind,

Long after your success or failure, has been forgotten. " - Sri Chinmoy

The Path

The Path

© 2021 manatita44

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