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The Ordeal of Inedible Food

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

It was a little village full of surrounding greeneries where my partner and I decided to settle down. It seemed good to be away from the humdrum chaos of the city.

My partner would be a clerk at the grocery store some distance away while I would teach the village children at a nearby school.

We were both excited to start our new way of life.

A week went by. I was busy taking care of and teaching the village children. I still couldn't remember all their names. But they were elegant and cooperative, eager to learn from a once city dweller like me. I taught them English, Arithmetic and Science.

Pic1: The Author, a Village School Teacher

Pic1: The Author, a Village School Teacher

Pic2: The Crowd of the Village School Children

Pic2: The Crowd of the Village School Children

My partner, Kevin was having a good time gossiping with mates at the grocery store and selling stuff to customers. Before leaving for home, they had a good chat about politics, social life and the news.

Pic3: Kevin as a clerk at the Grocery Store

Pic3: Kevin as a clerk at the Grocery Store

We shared each other's events at work at the end of the day and were doing good. We could tell that we were happy.

One evening, while Kevin and I were chatting, a girl scout came to the door of our little home and rang the bell.

Pic4: Our Cozy Little Home in the Village

Pic4: Our Cozy Little Home in the Village

Kevin answered the door, and I could see the girl scout with hands full of cookies. It looked like she was adamant about selling her cookies. But my partner was fed up. He told her he had already bought them at the table outside his grocery store and shared them with his mates at the store. The girl quickly apologized and left. So, Kevin settled the matter, or it looked like it.

Kevin came inside and asked cheerfully, “What are we having for dinner?”

I replied, “Pasta with eggs and tomatoes.”

“Wow!” Kevin remarked. “I can’t wait to have it.”

He added, “We can have the canned pineapple fruit as dessert, honey.”

“Sure, Kevin”, I remarked.

When dinner was ready, I called for Kevin, and we both sat at the table.

I was usually adept at making pasta. But the moment I tasted it, the pasta smelled strange, and it wasn't relishing to eat. Finally, we found the eggs weren't of good quality, which ruined the pasta. When we went to have canned pineapple fruit, it was moldy.

The dinner was a total disaster. So, we decided to have only cookies that Kevin had bought earlier in the day from the girl scout outside his store.

The next day I went to the village school as usual. I taught them lessons like any other day. But at the back of my mind, I was thinking about what to make for lunch. “Maybe I should call Kevin to buy me some vegetables from his store”, I reflected.

After school was over, I went home and showered. I looked inside the fridge and was surprised to see other canned pineapple fruits were also rotten when I began to taste them.

I immediately called Kevin to let him know and asked him, “What would you like for dinner?”

“I can’t believe it”, Kevin said. “’All the food in our refrigerator is getting stale and rotten. Anyway, what vegetables do you want me to get for dinner?"

“Well, whatever you like. Could be eggplant and cabbages”, I said promptly.

"All right, darling. I promise to bring them."

After putting down the cell phone on the table, I threw away all the canned pineapple fruits and wondered what dessert to have.”

“Ok”, I told myself, “I will make some custard.”

When I got custard powder from the kitchen cupboard, I found it infested with cockroach eggs.”

"Oh, my God!" I exclaimed. “What are we going to eat if everything turns out bad like this?”

When evening approached, Kevin came in with eggplant and cabbage.

I asserted, “They look fresh at least!”’

After I cooked rice and eggplant curry and made cabbage sandwiches, Kevin glued his eyes to them. I felt sorry for him. I dared not tell him about the custard powder getting infested.

At the moment, the horrible truth was that we couldn't enjoy this night's dinner either. Because the vegetables were enveloped in too much formalin before they were sold. So, now they tasted awful and were hard to digest.

“Maybe”, I suggested, “we had been too hard on the girl scout, Kevin. Do you think likewise?”

“Yes, I was wondering the same”, said Kevin. “But where to find her? I never saw her again.”

“Ask somebody at the grocery store. After all, they were selling at a table outside your store.”

"All right, that's a good start", said Kevin.

The next day we both went in our directions to work. I was back by lunch. When Kevin came for dinner, he was dog tired and weary.

“What’s up?” I asked.

Kevin said exasperatedly, “There are no traces of the girl scouts any longer in the village. They all seem to have disappeared.”

“Oh!” I exclaimed in complete disappointment.

“Kevin”, I said, “we cannot live without food like this. I think it’s time we called it quits and headed back to the city. The village is simply not for us.”

“Yes”, Kevin agreed. “Let’s pack up tonight and leave in the morning and begin our journey back to the city where we belong.”

“Yes, I will hand over the resignation letter to the principal at the school and be over with it.”

“Great. I will let my Boss know the same.”

Kevin and I hugged together warmly, happy at the thought of city life once more.

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