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The Old Mansion


The very word "mansion" startles me, as it reminds me of a horrific incident I had experienced some years ago. Wales is known for its numerous Castles and its mediaeval structures. As an architect I was particularly attached to the land of Wales. I was then working on my paper on mediaeval architecture. Naturally I had to visit Wales to examine some mediaeval structures. George, my collage friend was then working in Herefordshire. I asked his help and he was kind enough to arrange for me a tour across the Black Mountains, where nearby a mediaeval mansion was situated. So it was a bonus for me an excursion on the mountains along with the study of the mediaeval architecture.
As planned I joined George at Herefordshire. Along with him we went to Longtown. George had rented a house here. Staying here we would access the various tourist venues on the mountains. It was decided that first we would spent a few days together on the mountains enjoying various mountain activities such as horse riding, trekking and river riding. Then George would return back on his work, while I would spend a few days in studying the mansion.

Lodging at Longtown


Excursion on the mountains

The residence at Longtown was comfortable. Mrs. Dolly was the maid serving us here. I found her to be kind and prompt. She had already made all arrangements for us. After finishing our dinner we soon went to bed. Next day I woke up early. It was a bright morning. The landscape seen from the house was beautiful. Blue sprawling mountains were seen around engulfed in golden clouds. Soon George joined me at the breakfast. Then we started our tour across the hills. We spent all day in the mountains riding on the horse back over the wide sloping valley of the mountain and returned at night at our base at Longtown. Thus we spent five days enjoying the excursion on the mountains.


At the mansion

Next day George left Longtown to attend his work at Herefordshire. While I was to start my study visit to the old the mediaeval structures I had to examine. I was taking my breakfast while waiting for the carriage hired for me. Mrs. Dolly was standing near the table. Today she was looking somehow nervous. I observed her face had lost its glow. I felt as if she had to tell me something. I was about to ask here what was the matter but then the carriage came and I was taken in for my destination. After crossing some miles the driver informed me that we were entering into the territory of the estate. The road we were going was surrounded by wild trees, oaks, bushes and rocks. After crossing almost half miles I saw the first glimpse of the mansion. I could clearly see its pinnacle souring high as if touching the clouds above. As we entered through the main gate, a heavy lofty iron framework, I saw the magnitude of the mansion. It had been spread on a large land with its multi storeys. Each with many rooms and halls. It was surrounded by a park where old trees were growing. The garden was not maintained. There were dried leaves, wild bushes and creepers all over the garden. The trees were growing so close to the mansion that some branches even swept along the walls of the mansion. The carriage stopped at the front door of the mansion.


There two man were standing waiting for me. As I stepped down from the carriage they came to greet me. One of them introduced himself as the manager of the estate. Another one was his assistant. The manager told me that no visitor was allowed here. George had specially made arrangements for me. He said that I could stay here all day but should return back before the fall of the dusk. He added that the place had been abandoned and no one wandered around. Bidding me good bye they hurriedly went away. And without delay I started my investigation. Thus I was happy to visit the building. It was a marvelous piece of mediaeval architecture. I returned home and found Mrs Dolly more graver than as she was at the morning.


The Dark Day

I spent two or three days in similar way. When the fatal day came. It was going to be no moon's night, I remembered. I had not slept well at night. I was feeling little bit tired that morning. But I was not ready to waste my day. I prepared and set out on my work. Mrs Dolly was looking too much gloomy that day. As I was sitting in the carriage she was staring at me blankly, I thought as if she was appealing me to stop. When I reached the mansion I sensed a change in the atmosphere. I found something unusual. There was something in the air. I was in the front hall. There I was all alone. The carriage had left and it would not come before five o'clock. I was frightened today for the first time. I suspected there was somebody around me. Somebody I fancied was watching me. I tried to concentrate on my work but I couldn't. Suddenly a quick gush of wind came and all the windows and doors started banging. Though it was mid of day at once it became dark all around. I found myself in complete darkness.


Was that real?

I was started with all that was happening. Soon I saw a figure of young lady came out in the gallery and stepping down the stairs. I was tongue-tie to see that she was not walking down but just gliding through the stairs. I couldn't believe my eyes. Was that real? Was all that but the fancy of my tired brain? Then a young man came in the same manner and he took her hand in his hand. It followed by a old man with strong built up and royal robes rushing towards the couple. There was some heated argument and swift gestures. And at once the old man struck the youth with a sword. There was loud cries and I had a whirligig sensation. I found everything around me was fading into a white circle. Next I remembered that I was falling down. When I woke up I was in my room at Longtown and George was beside me on the bed. Mrs Dolly was standing in the door as blank as I had seen her last.

Author Note

It is a fictional story. All characters, incidents and places are imaginary. It is meant for pure entertainment The author does bear any responsibility for any misunderstandings.

© 2022 Chandrasekhar Rajendra Raut

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