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The Old Man Had No Choice

Dr. Dierker's short or flash fictions stories are just a bit truth like any good lies.


How could a person intentionally hurt children It is like they are space aliens. I just cannot my head around it.

How could a person intentionally hurt children It is like they are space aliens. I just cannot my head around it.

The Beauty And Love

There is a song that my retro kind of son likes to remind me of. He has no cause but likes to try and sing it for teasing. Ain’t it great when a child teases his dad? I like it. Maybe I did indeed teach him about my life.

The man was old to have a second grader. Maybe too old but he still took the boy fishing and hiking. Soccer was a game of choice. In the woods they both got all excited about the Javelenas/wild boar that came up to sniff them in the night as they laid outside in the meadow in sleeping bags. Skunks were not so cool but interesting. That stupid fox had no clue. The coyote was a “lone Wolf” so too skittery to cause a fuss. Nasty big bugs and birds were just something to look up in books. In this place there was no Google or even cell service as it should me.

To start out the cold nights the boy and the old man would put their bags close together for warmth but being “real” men they slept alone. The moon was small. At four o’clock in the morning the boy woke up his dad to see Orion in all its glory. At six the man would pick the boy up to walk a half mile down and they would sit for God’s glorious sunrise. Thank goodness the boy would wake and want to walk most the way.

I suppose most dads do the same in some way.

Danger to Children Make Most Folks kind of Lose It

And then the day came and the door at the after school auditorium was locked. Dad just came and got his boy for years. Something stank and it is what some call copper. But that is wrong that copper smell is someone’s blood. A fire extinguisher was the door opener of choice. The dad was already sweating from the adrenaline. Break the door handle, kick the danged door open and hit the ground rolling. No friends, not charging. Untrained shooters fire chest to chest not from chest to floor. It was ugly. The dad yelled an order for all children behind the curtain of the stage and to get back and lay the hell down out of sight. He made it dark and then checked the two instructors for a pulse and it seemed there was none. His unrestrained hate and adrenaline was scary as he had not felt that much raging testosterone for years. He was pissed as he saw two lights from cell phones from the kids filming. The gunman had just come out of the kitchen probably looking for hiders.

Probably a Good Song to Listen To

Can You Even Accept Understanding Of Terrorists?

Peace and cherished even when they wake you up at 1am to play.

Peace and cherished even when they wake you up at 1am to play.

Life Sometimes Works Out With Luck

But it worked the gunman with a AK 47 looked to the curtain. And the dad came so hard and so fast he actually broke the man’s spine. Of course the dad was smashed also reeling on the ground with at least four broken ribs. And then by goodness his son cried out to report two kids hurt. TV is fun that way as the good guy does that and then has no hurts – Right!?

The windows burst into shards and bullets hit the wall. The dad was really screwed. Roll, roll and roll to the door. Bleeding and lack of the ability to breath was pushed aside. The dad threw chairs out the window and taunted the gunman at least then the dad could at least try and help the kids. The dad got himself up against the wall near the door. Bleeding like a stuck pig he was fainting. Oh Crap he had failed to lock the teachers in the office room. A mad dash and the door was locked from inside. And he literally dove to the entrance door. And now the son screamed out NO Dad! But as bleeding as he was the dad had no choice. He laid at the base of the door to keep it closed. The door got mighty shot up. But not at the bottom as criminals and terrorists don’t figure on a laying man.

So dad gathered his strength and got up on the wall next to the door spilling blood like an open spicket. And again he taunted. The idiot other terrorist pushed the door open. The dad threw his right arm elbow into the man’s throat his forarm reached to the back of the head and he flipped him over and knocked him out on the landing.

The photo films went viral before the police cleared the school. Still in “shelter in place” the kids shared phones to call moms. White tented staging areas had already been set up. The first responders clearly risked their lives to get to the kids and instructors. Four Sheriff deputies rushed by and guarded the two medics/EMT’s risking their lives gloriously also had found the two presumed dead who just had such a low/thready pulse that the dad with no training couldn’t find but were alive and fixed up enough to survive a bit they were rushed to hospitals.

There Are Two Reasons For Using This Video: Maybe The Dad Just Normally Held It In and the Firefighters Tribute.

Can You Even Imagine Scaring Little Ones, Much Less hurting them?

Sometimes Iit requires Our Police and Service Members to be bad to the bone.

Sometimes Iit requires Our Police and Service Members to be bad to the bone.

God Loves Drunks, Idiots and Heroes

The deputies wasted no time in finding, the children and instructors, wasted no more time instead of hiding with them they stood up so any shooter would hit them first.

Being alive and fixed up enough to survive a bit, the victims were rushed to hospitals. One in a helicopter to get her to a hospital a bit far where they had specialty training to treat such a patient/victim. Something to do with her gun wound to the head. The children the son cried out about were only hurt by diving to cover.

Separate cordoned areas were set up for family and reporters. The dad walked out his own to paramedics who caught him as he “went out”.

The Special Weapons And Tactical team swarmed the area. The children were lock down mode still in 22 classrooms. A dog of all things found the last of the bastards in a broom closet with a bomb strapped on. They found this through and technical camera. The first order of business to quickly pile sand bags up four feet high. The risk they took was enormous.

The terrorist set off the bomb as part suicide and part just wanting to kill. The sand bags did the trick and the explosion just went up in the air. Stupid terrorist.

Hell Is Broken to Pieces By Love

The boy was taken home with mom. Out in the parent cordoned area. Word was sent that the Dad would be home soon.

The dad came home. His General Practioner’s (GP) nurse had seen it on the news. And the doc raced to the home so the Dad could go straight home after a pint or so of blood and bandages.

He hadn’t lived another day without hell from almost killing two men. One day his young son and older son sat next to him on a rock in the desert. They told him to get over it. Holdings hands with them both he did.

Hell is forged with fire. We can cool the flame here on earth. But love is needed.

(In honor of great men and women civilians, and our great public servants who have risked all and some who have given their all. And there is one more thing – cowards and bullies do not expect resistance from their victims)

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