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The Ocean that Wanted to be a Star


"You have been quiet today. Anything on your mind?"

"No just thinking."

"About what?"

"Nothing, just tired. Goodnight friend."


Stars. Stars. Stars. You are all so beautiful, I wish I could be that beautiful like all of you. But yet, I am not. I am just me. I am just water. I can do nothing special at all, unlike all of you.

"Oh and what is so wrong with that? I always have tended to wondered why you think you would be better up here as a star. You are perfect as you are Ocean."

"Hello Moon. Thank you for your nice words as always. Your words always tend to bring me up. Thank you for being here for me. You are a perfect and wonderful person Moon. Goodnight."

"No, no goodnight. Why are you always so down?"

"Well Moon, I guess its that there is nothing really left for me. I was once everything and now I'm just nothing."

"Ocean. You will always be something. And you are still everything. I have heard you night after night talk about stars and how wonderful they are."

"Its because they are! They light up the sky! And they are all so pretty!"

"Yes, but can they be a home for creatures?"

"Well, yeah I can do that. But its a shame when no one will even acknowledge you. People always look at you. They appreciate you and the stars. Me? They do not care for me. All of those animals you talked about? Their dying. Their dying because of them. But as a star I would have no guilt knowing that animals were dying inside of me."

"You are right Ocean. I get why you would like to be a star now. Sleep well my friend I will see you soon."

"Goodnight Moon."

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