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The Note a Short Story


The Note

“Let me.” Jane said as she wipes down a piece of lint from Mr. Gunter’s Blazer. He is about to attend the New Years eve’s gala hosted by the company. And as he is the CEO of the company, he is expected to give the main speech. He decided to get ready at the office to go straight from here after work.

What Mr. Gunter doesn’t know yet, is that in his pocket is a note from me, Jane. I had slipped it in while helping him get dressed.

Jane had handed in her resignation earlier this morning. She has been in love with him for the last three years now. And working as his personal assistant won't do for her anymore. It's too painful to see him and not be able to touch him the way she wanted to. The note in his pocket told him that. It also has the place for him to meet her when the clock strikes at midnight tonight.

“Thank you, Jane.” Mr. Gunter, said. He gave a smile that crinkled the skin next to his eyes. The blue irises shining with warmed only a few people close to him get to see. Then he turned around and with long sure strides, Mr. Gunter headed for the door and left me behind in his office.

It was the little things like that which gave her hope.

Later that evening, Jane took off her work clothes and started dressing in the clothes she has chosen to wear tonight. She had tried on three outfits to get to the right one. First there was a long sleeve black dress that clung to her body, paired with a pair of black high heeled sandals. Outfit number two was a high waist dressy tan pants with a white blouse with a pair pointy heels. And number three was black jeans paired with the same black high heeled sandals and the white blouse from outfit number two.

Jane chose number three. She added some jewellery and a little make up to complete the look. Her long brown hair framed her round angelic face. She was ready.

Jane went to go take a taxi at eleven thirty. In the note she had asked Mr. Gunter to meet her on the roof top where the Gala is being held tonight. It was easy and convenient for them both.

Jane thought that the plan of hers could work great. Her boss would finally admit to having romantic feelings for her, as she did for him. The fireworks will celebrate both the new year and the start of something wonderful. It was all so simple.

Ten minutes later, Jane had reach the place where the gala is being held. She paid the driver with a nervous smile. The nerves had finally kicked in.

Instead of walking to the front entrance, Jane went around the building to a side entrance that would take her to an elevator. The elevator would take her to the roof of the building. When Jane started planning the Gala two months ago she had no idea that she would be doing this. It wasn’t until Mr. Gunter started showing signs that he might like her more then he should.

She hoped she had chosen the right outfit. She felt the combination is the right one. It gave her the confidence she needed. Or so she would think.

Jane decided to take measures in her own hands when all she got from him was flirting for the last month. She was hurt and disappointed when he didn’t ask her to accompany him to the gala. But felt better when he didn’t ask any of his usual dates either. That too was another sign to her. Normally he always had a date when he went to these events. She had had the task to get in contact with them. And the day after, it was also her job to send them a thank you note along with a gift. Mr. Gunter would let her know which gift to send based on his idea of what the woman would like. Jane always wondered what gift he would give her.

When Jane reached the top of the building, it was quarter too twelve. She went straight to the edge where she had a beautiful view of the city’s lights. Beneath her the streets were bustling with people cheerfully awaiting the new year.

Jane was sure Mr, Gunter will appear at her side any moment now. He would stride to her while steadily holding her gaze. He would greet her and his shocking clear blue eyes will be filled with warmth reserved only for the few close people in his life. She would smile up at him and take a step closer to him. He would take that as a sign. And he would bring his hand to cup her cheek. His dark head will dip down and finally he would bring his lips to hers. The soft lips would touch hers and fireworks will erupt inside them both just as the clock strikes twelve. The skies would celebrate along with them as it lights up with colours and a new year begins.

Jane's heart skips a beat when the door to entrance of the roof suddenly opens. She slowly turned around. And made out the silhouette of a man hesitating in the entrance. After a pause the silhouette took one step closer to where Jane was standing.

The end.

© 2020 Shaudene Oktober

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