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The Noctural Night of Love

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I always have been appreciating the one-sided and unfinished love stories, and this is one of them!

The Nocturnal Night of Love

It was the month of nocturnal night, the month when the moon shined more than Sun. The trees had tilted and waved with the cold winter winds of Bangalore, along with the owls hooting for an eerie cover up. The wholesome summed up as the nights of Bangalore.

The sun had settled down into the skyscrapers, the yellowish-orangish color of the open sky had changed to silvery back compact sky. The night passed by soon turning the hands of the clock together as one. The clocks had become united, united with love, touched each other so sensually, so maturely, with a never-ending oneness feeling. My heart ran over the buildings finding my pair, where was she? Is she there at the corner of the street waiting for me? Is she in her room sleeping, dreaming of me? Is she on the roof, looking down on streets for me? Or was she down the street in a nocturnal saree?

There she was at the end, the end of my eyesight, the end of my search, the end of love life! She stood there flawlessly, appealingly in a spooky but attractive deep shiny purple saree; she stood there in her small earrings waving at me with the winds, wearing a black wooden sandal, in her hands were the key to my heart. I saw her with my jaws dropped down, those eyes stole my heart. Hayeeee! I will never get my heart back I knew. My heart got stuck in those hands of her, she held the key, the heartbeat, she got it all. I stood there inert like a rock, glazing at her nocturnal beauty blooming under the moonlit street corner! My eyes were about get blind when she noticed me and called me up. I was wearing a three-piece suit with also a playful violet colour suit and cream colour shirt followed by a violet trouser along with a pair of wooden-tinted boots. It seemed that purple and violet had taken the night show!

I went slowly, walking a bit shyly, and there it was so in her female shyness. She pushed her hair back over her ears, and the earrings glowed at me. And then she looked in my eyes and capturing and pulling out my heart through my eyes into her eyes. It felt so at least! Oh God! At moment I wish the time has stopped, the wish the wind had paused, the wished the wristwatch stopped clicking. That moment if my life was something that couldn’t be described with words, my words would fall short for it. I went on talking to her and her words just went slow motioned and it felt like I would stand there for my lifetime and just listen to that voice and be satisfied all my life.

She said, “You want to go somewhere or want to walk around the night streets?”

I felt like saying, “Can I go in your heart please, sweetheart?”, But you know it's just too much to say directly, so I said, “Yeah, whatever suits you!”

“Okay then, we will roam around the streets, do you have a bike with you?”

“Umm you love bikes, you want to ride on bike?”

“Who doesn’t, definitely I love bikes, the ones which goes on slowly and steadily like kings and queens exploring their kingdoms, I mean cities”

“Bang on, I knew this is my girl, this is her! Exactly how I like it!”

“Umm okay then I will get one, hold on a minute….”

I called up my garage manager and asked him to get me my bike named, “The Road King” by Harley Davidson. I would get that bike for my queen to ride in her kingdom.

“Hello Ravi, could you just bring my Big boy in Street 34 immediately?”

“Yes sir, surely, I will be in a minute.”

I waited there for a while, while he came with the bike. I saw her looking here and there, her eyes were searching for something,

I asked, “Is it finding me?”

“Huh? You said something?”

“No nothing, carry on…”

“So where are we going now?”

“Hold on a bit, there’s a surprise!”

And there came my dashing glazing night silvered Road king, shining bright for its king and queen!

I got on the bike, and she stood there amazed at the bike. I spoke

“C’mon sit on, it’s your seat!”

She got up and just slowly put her arms round me from back, holding me tight, her warm body was feeling like a massage to me, a massage which was massaging my heart.

She sat and hugged me and kissed on my neck from behind a couple of times, and she spread her hands right into the air enjoying the night sky and her freedom. I saw her from my rear glasses, how pretty she was!

Her shiny eyes, which had those tantalizing ebony hairs fallen all over it. Those red bright lips just felt like the instruments to suck my heart out, that cheeks were just born for me to kiss it for an eternity.

We drove all past Bangalore; the quiet moonlit streets were just so live and enjoyable for us. We stopped under a streetlamp, where we got down. And just stood by the streetlamp sticking our eyes to the alluring moon.

“I see two moons at a time, one above and one beside”

“OH, really, huh?”

“You don’t believe me?”

“No, I do, I was just confirming”, saying this she came closer to me, much closer to my side of the streetlamp.

The streetlamp suddenly malfunctioned and got turned off, and slowly the moon smiled by it slowly covered herself with dark clouds, and we got closer, and much slower into each other’s breath, breathing each other’s breath. And closer, and we made our lips work and become pure for the eternity, it became pure with each other’s touch. The world felt like to pass in a second and that moment the lamp again lit, and the moon shined again and making us embarrassed.

“I looked in her eyes and said, “I love you, Diana”

“I love you too Adv, I do a lot”

And that’s how the nocturnal night became a romantic one….

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