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The Nelson Sisters

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Pic: The Nelson Sisters Playing on the Snowfields

Pic: The Nelson Sisters Playing on the Snowfields

The Nelson family returned home after a prolonged stay abroad. Dr. Nelson and his wife admitted their two daughters to a nearby reputable school.

Both their daughters were teenagers but differed in age by one year.

The elder daughter was slim with shoulder-length brown hair and a plump face. The younger one was slimmer and fairer with brown hair and a face so pretty that every guy in the neighborhood fell in love with.

The elder one's name was Gloria, and the younger one, Melissa.

They started going to school together and enjoyed each other’s company. During small holiday breaks, they would play in the snowfields. Or if the sun made its way out, they would sit under it among the long grassy area in the backyard with hats on their hands. Or if the air had chilled, they would settle themselves on a stony area in front of the nearby lake and stare at the vast expanse of blue water, green hilly area, the partially snow-filled mountains at a distance and even enjoy looking at the limitless sky.

Pic: Enjoying Under the Sun Among the Long Grassy Area

Pic: Enjoying Under the Sun Among the Long Grassy Area

Pic: Enjoying the Scenes Sitting in front of the Nearby Lake

Pic: Enjoying the Scenes Sitting in front of the Nearby Lake

Being naïve and simple, Gloria envied that her sister was admired by the neighborhood guys.

Everywhere she went she realized that Melissa got more appreciation not only from the guys but also from the elderly.

“Melissa must be very lucky”, thought Gloria.

She retreated more inside of her home and let Melissa enjoy all the worldly pleasures.

Melissa had a lot of friends to spend time with, but she didn't neglect her studies at school. Whatmore, she stayed at the top of the class, and all the teachers at school admired her.

Gloria didn't perform badly at school, but she didn't do as well as her sister. Here again, was Gloria's defeat. But she found out that the more she envied her sister, the more pressurized she felt.

After High School, Gloria and Melissa went to different universities depending on their passion interests.

Melissa had a boyfriend now from High School; instead of sharing everything with Gloria, like she always did, she now ventilated out everything to Mark, her boyfriend.

Guys at the university too disturbed Melissa tremendously. She took help from Mark, and together they applied abroad.

Gloria went to a local university on the city outskirts and made friends. They came over to her place one day, and her mother treated them to a variety of dishes. She also went to theater centers during holiday breaks or weekends, and she spent Christmas and New Year with great joy among friends and family.

Soon Gloria came to know Melissa would be going abroad for undergraduate studies with Mark. It broke her heart.

But anyways, after the departure of her sister, Gloria became engrossed with her studies, and she did well, beating all her classmates, performing excellently at the top of the class.

She had little contact with her sister, and her world rarely merged with hers now. She was blissfully happy. Guys paid attention to her as well. But Gloria made up her mind. She would pursue her career first.

By 2000, after she graduated from the university, she found herself in a good working job at another reputable university. Yes, she continued to work here for years initially as a lecturer. She went abroad to Canada for further education, taking leave from her job. After earning a Ph.D., she returned to her old job and eventually got promotions. Needless to say, she excelled in her teaching career.

Melissa had also gotten a reputable high-paying job abroad, married her boyfriend, Mark and had two children. Years later, she had bitter arguments with her husband. While her husband stayed under the same roof, they rarely communicated. Melissa found solace in her children, who were growing, and stayed contented.

Gloria, on the other hand, was in her mid-thirties but didn't marry. She loved her career, her students, and colleagues. They loved her back and respected her.

Such was the sweet destined story of the Nelson sisters. Neither of them got 100% from life, but they made most of their opportunities and thrived.

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