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The Mystery Man


Run run run, as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the mystery man. When you think I'd go right, I go left. When you believe that you have cracked my code, I will write one entirely new. You see, I am not your average Joe. I am different from him and from her in every way that you could possibly imagine.

The color of my eyes is ever-changing, and my style evolves with time. My hair is short, and then it is long. My favorite color varies by the day, and my song of choice is never on the radio. I walk in my own direction, and I promise you that we will never cross paths.

Where you see a wall, I see a window. Where your story ends, mine begins. I do not mean to stand so aloof, but this is simply who I am. I will leave them guessing until the day that I die. They will never put their finger on me, as I am never in the same place.

© 2021 Nicholas Mercogliano