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The Mysterious Forest of Lost Souls


The Mysterious Forest

Some say that those that enter the lost forest will never be seen again. But none really know why – or whether if it’s true or a mere legend. Many say that it’s merely because they don’t even know where it is – or how far from the beaten path they have to roam to find it. After all, its name, like many others, had been born for a reason. Finding it was as hard as escaping from it – but not many lived to tell the truth about that.

It was her purpose to disappear

However, on a rainy day, a young woman ran – from what and who, even she didn’t know. However, her shaking frame had been led to the end of the forest, right where signs said – beware.

Oh, she had heard the tales and the jokes girls her age had made. She certainly had, for she had always been there to listen and recount them to her sisters merely just to scare them. She knew well that it couldn’t be true either, however. It merely didn’t add up, not into anything more but tales of mothers so their children wouldn’t run too far. However for once, it was her purpose to disappear from her chaser – if only for a while.


Fear was still beating with her heart

Or more, really, for fear was still beating with her heart as she ran.

Without a thought, she ran, watching only quickly as trees towered over her, darkness settling around in a thick blanket.

She wouldn’t be found by those that were looking for her, she was sure about that.

But as, with each step, she lost her way, she came to wonder if she would ever find her way back. How long she wondered there was a mystery even to her. The forest gave her everything she needed plenty of berries grew on bushes and there was water enough for all the animals and her. None of the little creatures ever dared to attack her, either.

For once, she was in peace. Maybe leaving was a bad idea.

Light faded from her skin

And with each thought she had, coaxing her to stay, to never look for the way out again, the beautiful woman begin to disappear. Light faded from her skin, turning it ashen, and her eyes turned pale as well. She was soon nothing but a thought – the same that had led her to her own demise. But she never noticed, for she felt safe. She wandered around the forest each day, and felt content with her life there.

Only when she saw a lost man – strong and handsome, one she had loved at some point, she was sure – and his eyes never settled on her, did she realize that it wasn’t only the forest that was lost.

Her soul was, too – and it would be until the end of time.

© 2018 Leo J Wicks

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