The Move

Little Boy: “Are we safe here?”

Mischief: “I don’t know.”

Little Boy: “Maybe we should move.”

Mischief: “Shush or she’ll hear us.”

Little Boy: “Where are the others?”

Mischief: “I’m not sure. I think they’re hiding in the bathroom.”

Little Boy: “That’s not good. That’s the first place she’ll look.”

Mischief: “Why do you think I didn’t lead us there. I know it’s the first place she’ll look. Worse than that, it’s really small and if she closes the door we’d be trapped.”

Little Boy: “Oh, I didn’t think about that.”

Mischief: “Quiet! I think I hear her coming.”

Little Boy: “Can you see her?”

Mischief: “Not yet.”

Little Boy: “Maybe she went the other way.”

Mischief: “No, she has to come this way to get the carriers.”

Little Boy: “Oh, I forgot. Carriers. I don’t like carriers. “

Mischief: “Well in this case I don’t either.”

Little Boy: “Where’d all the furniture go?”

Mischief: “She moved it out of the apartment so she could catch us easier.”

Little Boy: “Would she do that?”

Mischief: “Oh yes, she’s very interested in catching us.”

Little Boy: “Why?”

Mischief: “She’s probably going to do away with us.”

Little Boy: “What do you mean ‘do away with’?”

Mischief: “Give us away, or take us to the shelter, or maybe even the vet.”

Little Boy: “Why would she do that to us? What have we done wrong?”

Mischief: “Nothing. Humans just do these things.”

Little Boy: “I thought she loved us.”

Mischief: “She did for a while but I started to suspect something was wrong when things started to disappear from the apartment.”

Little Boy: “That was a long time ago.”

Mischief: “Not in human time. Have you noticed how nice she’s been to us lately? That’s a sure sign that something big is going to happen.”

Little Boy: “She’s always nice to us.”

Mischief: “Yeah, but she doesn’t always give us part of her chicken. She’s given us chicken with our nighttime snack twice in the last week.”

Little Boy: “That’s right. I thought it was because there was too much for her to eat by herself.”

Mischief: “That’s what she wanted us to think but she was really just trying to keep us from getting suspicious.”

Little Boy: “What’s that noise?”

Mischief: “You stay here and I’ll go see.”

Mischief: “Okay everyone, you can come out now. She’s gone.”

Little Boy: “Where were you guys?”

Little Girl: “We were in the bathroom.”

Little Boy: “That’s not a good place to be because she could close the door and you’d be trapped.”

Little Girl: “Wow! We hadn’t thought of that.”

Little Bit: “Where can we hide next time?”

Mischief: “I don’t know. There aren’t many places left.”

Little Bit: “I can fit in the space behind the trash can.”

Little Girl: “We know you can Little Bit but the rest of us need to find places where we won’t be found too.”

Little Boy: “I think under the kitchen sink is a good place.”

Little Girl: “It is and two of us can hide there.”

Mischief: “The problem with hiding in twos is that if one is caught then two are caught.”

Little Girl: “How are we going to avoid getting caught?”

Little Bit: “I’m scared. Why is mommy trying to catch us? And why are we afraid that mommy will catch us?”

Mischief: “It’s that thing we talked about a few weeks ago. You know, the ‘m’ word thing.”

Little Bit: “You mean the move?”

Mischief: “Don’t say that out loud!”

Little Bit: “Why is it so bad?”

Mischief: “Because everything changes.”

Little Bit: “Everything?”

Mischief: “Everything.”

Little Bit: “You mean we won’t have a home or our toys or our mommy?”

Mischief: “She might give us away.”

Little Boy: “Or put us in a shelter.”

Little Girl: “Or just leave us here with no one to take care of us.”

Little Bit: “Why would mommy do that? I love mommy.” (sniffle, sniffle)

Little Girl: “Don’t cry Little Bit.”

Little Bit: “But mommy doesn’t love us anymore.”

Mischief: “No one said that.”

Little Bit: “Yes you did. You said she might give us away or put us in a shelter or just leave us here with no one to take care of us. If she loved us she wouldn’t do any of those things.”

Mischief: “Well, that’s true.”

Little Bit: “So does mommy love us or not?”

Little Boy: “Yes, she loves us but she’s still making us do the ‘m’ word thing.”

Little Bit: “Is she doing it too.”

Mischief: “Yes, she does it first then makes us do it.”

Little Bit: “Then we’re really all doing the same thing and going to the same place.”

Little Girl: “Well, I guess you could say that.”

Little Bit: “And she’s not really giving us away.”

Little Boy: “No.”

Little Bit: “Or putting us in a shelter.”

Little Girl: “No.”

Little Bit: “Or leaving us here with no one to take care of us.”

Mischief: “Okay, so maybe she’s only making us go to a new home. I still don’t like it.”

Little Boy: “Neither do I. She makes me get in a carrier and ride in the car.”

Little Girl: “I’m still going to be pretty no matter where we go.”

Mischief: “Kiss up.”

Little Girl: “You’re just jealous.”

Mischief: “Am not.”

Little Girl: “Are too.”

Little Boy: “Hey you two. Stop it. Little Bit is already upset and you fighting will only make it worse.”

Little Girl: “We’re sorry Little Bit. We didn’t mean to upset you but you know how difficult Mischief can be when she gets caught telling fibs.”

Little Bit: “Did Mischief tell a fib?”

Mischief: “No! I did not tell a fib!”

Little Girl: “Yes you did. You said mommy was giving us away or taking us to a shelter.”

Mischief: “I did not. I said she might be doing that. I never said she was doing that.”

Little Girl: “Well it turned out to be the same thing for poor Little Bit. She’s just a baby and you scared her.”

Mischief: “I didn’t mean to scare her but she needs to understand the facts of life.”

Little Girl: “Which particular fact are you talking about right now?”

Mischief: “The one where everything changes when we move and we get put in carriers and thrown into the car.”

Little Boy: “Enough! Please. Can we just talk about what we’re going to do when mommy comes back.”

Little Bit: “I vote we get in our carriers and go wherever mommy goes.”

Little Girl: “I vote we hide first, then let mommy find us and put us in our carriers and go with her.”

Mischief: “I vote we just ignore her and pretend we don’t know what she’s up to and let her put us in our carriers and go with her.”

Little Boy: “Um…”

Little Girl: “Little Boy it’s your turn.”

Little Boy: “Well, I um…”

Mischief: “Spit it out Little Boy. What do you vote for?”

Little Boy: “Um, well, I um…”

Mischief: “Too late, here she comes. Places everyone.”

Little Girl: “Little Boy, where are you going?”

Little Boy: “No, I can’t! I hate the carrier! I have to hide.”

Mommy: “Hello kitties. Are you all ready to go to your new home?”

Mischief: “Oh crap! I’m not going to be first. Wait for me Little Boy.”

Little Bit: “Me neither. What happened to the trash can?”

Little Girl: “The sink, the sink, which door is the sink?”

Mommy: “Gotcha!”

© 2016 Cecelia Switzer

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norlawrence profile image

norlawrence 5 weeks ago from California

Fabulous post. I loved it. Thanks

threekeys profile image

threekeys 5 weeks ago from Australia

Made me laugh. Loved the story!

Cissy1946 profile image

Cissy1946 5 weeks ago from Eustis, Florida Author

Thank you both. I enjoyed writing it. The actual move is only going to be to the apartment next door so they'll have a nice surprise not having to ride in the car. Silly kitties...

Cherie 4 weeks ago

It's a wonder they aren't all gray with the worry! Little Bit always knows best in his innocence; love it!

Cissy1946 profile image

Cissy1946 4 weeks ago from Eustis, Florida Author

I'm going to do you a huge favor and not tell Little Bit you thought she was a he. Poor baby, she's such a tomboy everyone thinks she's a boy. They may not all be turning gray but Mischief now has flecks of white through her fur. I try to console her by telling her I'm getting gray too. She looked at me as if I were crazy and asked "Who cares about you getting gray?" Without such love and consideration my life would be empty...

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