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The Moon and the Shine

As the mellifluous music flowed into my ears, I watched birds bathing in the sunset skylight. Playing with the clouds, flying with the wind, I bet moon was envying it all. Standing still, watching their every move, he wanted to be on the other side. The side which was not meant for him, yet he wished for it, so deeply, so badly. And with the each passing day all he could imagine was a life on the other side.

I overheard once cloud saying to him, “I warn you to not step on the other side, your existence will be gone just like the wind.”

“If that’s my destiny I will accept it gladly”, retorted the moon.

Days crawled and nights passed, until one day when shine came and couldn’t find the moon. All alone in one of the lonely nights, she cried silently, remembering the nights when they held each other so tight amidst the glittering sky. This was the time when she was interrupted by the clouds and brought back to reality.

Cloud broke the news, which broke the shine, within and forever.

© 2018 Kratika Dubey

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