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The Half Blueberry Cheese Cake

Jusmi is an English teacher. Obtained her Masters in English literature from Gauhati University India shares an immense love for writing.


I got up early that day as it was my boyfriend’s birthday. After making his favourite breakfast I woke him up. He was happy and delighted to see his favourite breakfast of French toast and rice pudding. He had it with utmost content. As I had already taken the day off we decided to spend the day together in some beautiful resort. Just as I was getting dressed he went to the balcony to take a call . After coming back from the call he looked very sad and depressed. On asking after four-five minutes he said that his boss has cancelled the leave and he needs to rush back as a very important meeting had been scheduled. Sitting on the sofa with a thump he said that whatever happens he would not leave me and go to office even if it means compromising his promotion and raise. I tried explaining to him that he should go once and come. But at any cost, he was not ready to go. After continuous arguments and explanations, he finally stood up to get dressed and go. He left.

I cleaned and dusted the entire house. Then I thought why not surprise him with a party in the evening. I texted all his friends and mine inviting them to make a visit by evening. I ordered his favourite foods as well. Just as I sat down I realised I still had to order his favourite blueberry cheesecake. I tried ordering it online but they said they would need a day’s time to deliver. After disconnecting the cal I decided to go to the market and get the cake by myself.

I went to his favourite bakery shop and asked about the cake. The shopkeeper said I need to wait for five to ten minutes while he urged me to sit on the attached coffee shop and enjoy a cup of coffee.

As I sat with the cup of coffee I saw a young woman coming inside the shop. She went to the counter and spoke with a man over there. He nodded his head and I clearly saw the disappointment on that lady’s face. Then the man pointed a finger towards me and I could see her approaching me. She smiled and asked if she could sit for a minute. I agreed. Sitting on the table she said, “ Hello my name is Evelyn. Actually, I wanted a blueberry cheesecake but the man at the counter informed they had the only one which you have already bought. If you don’t mind can I buy that cake from you”? I was a little puzzled as to what I should say seeing her pleading eyes. But still, I replied that it was my boyfriend’s birthday and I need the cake for him. Hearing that she said, “Oh! Never mind I didn’t know that. Actually last week I had done my pregnancy test. The results came today and it is positive. I and my husband was waiting for this news for almost two years now. And it is his birthday too. So, I thought I will just take his favourite cake and give him the good news. He would be really so happy”. Hearing this I felt bad. She was so happy why to spoil her day. I congratulated her and said that she can take the cake. She took out her purse and offered me some money. I refused to accept it saying it was a gift to her. She expressed her gratitude and left.

I came home decorated the entire house with his favourite flowers and candles. Dressing in a pretty gown I waited for his arrival. He came in an hour. I asked him to take a bath and get dressed as the guests would be arriving soon.

He took a bath and got dressed. He came to me and said, “ How lucky and blessed I feel to have you. You have done so much to make my day special. But, I guess one thing you have forgotten. Where is my favourite blueberry cheese cake?”

Just as I was about to tell him the entire episode he replied, “ See what I have got. I knew you might have forgotten so I only have brought it today.” Taking out the cake he showed me. It was the same cake that I had chose at the bakery shop. It had my lines “ Happy birthday Oh my Darling”. Only the part “oh my darling” has been cut and eaten. I looked at his eyes. He said, “ Don’t mind honey half of the cake is eaten by my colleagues”.

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