The Missing Man - Short Story

Updated on April 18, 2018
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Susan is a seeker of cultures, new destinations, societies and people.

It was like every other day at Dahlem. The city was waking up like every other winter morning. Miss.P was rushing out of the door so that she could be at her office on time. As she walked down the stairs, she saw a bunch of people staring at the apartment’s notice board. “The usual children’s party, welfare meeting…” she thought. But, she had important things to do. She drove past the buildings on the 2nd cross and drove into the next lane, stopped at a coffee house and she was set for the big day ahead.

As she reached the office, she got a call from her landlord, but No, this ain’t time for that. She entered her office building and walked straight into her cabin. She opened her email to categorize all the work she had to do. A messy inbox bothered her, so this always what she did at the beginning of the day - appointments, court dates, a few calls and finally the news subscriptions.

The economic deflation, the elections and the psychopathic killer who went missing from rehabilitation center might be hanging around the streets of Dahlem hunting for the attorney who sent him to prison. Miss. P trembled.

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