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The Invulnerable Dictator

From the very beginning of the evolution, he was already running around the whole universe along with his companion; Life, the bringer, and Death, the taker. I don’t know why he became significant in the existence of everything when all he does was to control us like a puppet. He commands us to act whether we like it or not. He rules the world. Many people were always in a hurry and some of them was frightened to do a single move because of him. Everything must be finished the way he wants it to be. He dictates the prophecy of the individuals and destroy everything with just a single step of his feet. He brings trouble to those who are living in silent.

In every step he takes, many things can change from their position to another. He is not a messenger but he knows when the end of every individual will arrive. He is very fathomless. He is the violence without justice; a cage without freedom. His duty was to bring consequences to the people as we are destined to meet our own fate. Like a candle, he limits our existence. Like a tree, when the leaves are gone, it is the signal that we are about to exit the door of the world. Sometimes he’s very unfair, because he claims those who are not ready to face death and ignored those who are heeding to end their pain and agony.

He also became the witness of changes as the age of the sun continuously expanding and so is the improvement of the civilizations in the universe. He created the new forms of the generation called “Millennials” in order to put changes by the use of improved technology.

I, myself, was also considered to be the enemy of him. I was standing here behind the clouds of reality, watching how he plays with the people who is not strong enough to become his toy; watching them how to enter the field and then suddenly disappear. I don’t trust him, neither the numbers on his face. I want him to vanish but even I don’t know where and how to start. I want the creations of God to live peacefully in day and night without thinking how things are going so fast, or even how seasons change constantly.

But there’s a part of me telling that he is a very important one. His existence is very necessary in the ground where we are standing. He was created to measure the boundary of our lives; to measure how long we are going to stay like a candle that burns itself, or rather a growing tree as its leaf continuously falling. He was created for the never-ending progress of change that most people wanted to happen. Without him, maybe the new-borns are not able to live here on Earth like we do; people are still living under the mountains or inside the caves of darkness; the earth is a chaotic place for everybody; we can't have the wonderful future that gives us a refreshing life; we are not able to meet the right one who can fight with us at the end of the day.

Yes. He is the Time. One of the essentials, and yet a perilous child of the Divine Providence. He who creates chaos and confusions, but the one who gives us answer to our questions; who helps us sometimes to escape away from our problems. Sometimes, the problem is us, we are the one wasting the chances that he gave to do such great things.

Time is the foremost enemy and yet a genuine companion of every living thing in the world. He controls us not just because it was his duty but also for the purpose to keep us existing. And when the call of death arrives, it’s not his fault, it is the signal that our mission is finally done by the current form of our souls. So, we have to accept if we are about to exit from the ground where we are standing because beyond the bridge of our limits, another task is waiting for us.

Time, a priceless yet, valuable thing that one must cherish and enjoy. Without his existence, maybe the milestone of our evolution would not succeed.

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