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The Metamorphosis of a Naughty and Rowdy Little Boy

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Introduction to Bryan

Six-year-old Bryan was enjoying the long ride to a Boarding School along with both his parents. His parents had decided that their eldest son would get the best upbringing and lessons if they let him study in a Boarding School. They had convinced Bryan about it who was adventuresome and loved the idea to be away from home so that it would be easier for him to play tricks and pranks on people.

Naughty Little Bryan

Naughty Little Bryan

Parents Bid Goodbye to Their Son

After going over the formalities at the Boarding School and admitting their son, the parents bade goodbye to their son, and Bryan was happy for the independence.

What Does Bryan Do Soon After?

Bryan had one day in between before classes started. It was an all-boys' Boarding School, and Bryan made sure he enjoyed every moment. As he was returning to his room, he saw guys of his age unpacking their suitcases and putting them to lockers.

Bryan introduced himself and the others gave their introductions. With Bryan included, there were five guys in the same room. Bryan had already unpacked and was waiting for his new buddies to go for lunch.

How Does Bryan Lead the Way for Others?

It was not long before Bryan made a close friendship with his mates. He became a hero to them, an expert at guiding everyone in the wrong ways and be the first one to break rules of the school and was also eventually punished for them. But it was that way of life he preferred, and he was always the first to break a rule, and the other guys followed.

How is Bryan a Joy to Everyone?

Bryan’s parents came in to take him back home during vacations. So, it was time for Bryan to play pranks on his siblings and the neighborhood boys and girls.

After all, Bryan was a lively guy, and he was a joy to everyone. Everybody simply loved him for his mischievous heroism. He would go back to his school and be adored by his mates there as well.

Bryan Finishes the Board Exams

He glided his way up the ladder of his academic life. Although studies were something he didn’t pay much attention, he didn’t do too bad in them either.

He managed to pass his secondary and higher secondary board exams and was soon out of school for good, now looking for somewhere to continue his higher studies.

Bryan Admits to University

Bryan, after looking around the city for prospects of higher education, finally chose one institution and admitted himself in the IT department.

He never knew he would develop programming skills appreciatively and had already a knack for them, which was to help him later in life to a marvelous extent.

What Does Bryan Love About University Studies?

He didn’t love to delve into theoretical lectures but always found himself engrossed in programming whatever language it was, be it C, C++, Javascript, HTML, Assembly language, Prolog, Lisp and any other language for that matter. He simply excelled in them, beating others. There was no one like him among his fellow mates and therefore, he took in more pride in doing them.

Bryan Graduates from University

For staggering on four years, Bryan graduated graciously and his family rejoiced with him. He was the eldest and the beacon of hope for his siblings and parents.

Grownup Bryan, a University Graduate

Grownup Bryan, a University Graduate

Bryan Finds a Job

After hunting relentlessly around the city and dropping resumes here and there, he was recruited finally in a reputable job.

As he worked on his job, he naturally excelled with his knack for programming skills. The company was happy and soon enough was sending him abroad on training for three months.

Bryan Joins Office Abroad

As the time of departure approached, he found himself more and more remorse. He was unhappy to leave his family and friends and his country on the overall.

But like you, the reader already guessed, when he joined office abroad, he excelled in his training and learned great new stuff. And somehow the idea of continuing further education lurked up in his mind.

Bryan Gets a Masters Degree in IT

He started to apply to universities and naturally with the "above average" university results back home, he was selected and got admitted to a university. For two years he toiled and got a masters in IT.

Bryan Gets a Higher Paying Job

With his knowledge skills in IT sector further enhanced, he got a job that was high paying and satisfied his demands.

Now the country where he lived gave preference to deducting less tax from his income if he had a family and much more if he was a bachelor. Bryan knew it was time to get married.

Bryan Finds a Bride

He asked his family for help in his marriage. Five years head-on, he dealt with heavy taxes until his family found a beautiful bride for him.

Bryan returned to his home country on a vacation, and his family introduced him to the bride.

Bryan’s First Encounter with His Would-Be Wife

He fell in love with her at first sight. He asked her what she was currently doing. She replied that she was an Honors student at a college. So, she was much junior to him age-wise. He asked her what she liked to do as a passionate hobby. And she replied she loved to sing.

Bryan Hears His Would-Be Wife Sing

Bryan instantly had his heart fired up for this girl and requested her to sing a song. And she sang. And ah! What a beautiful, melodious voice!

Bryan's parents watched his reactions from a distance and were extremely happy that their son was the right match for this girl.

Bryan’s Marriage

Soon all the preparations were being taken: booking a community center, shopping for the marriage outfits and gifts, sending out invitation cards, etc.

It was a great, happy marriage. Bryan was over the moon. As he slept with his newlywed wife on the wedding night, he couldn’t help staring and watching her sleep. But in five days, his vacation was coming to an end. He regretted once again to leave his country, this time especially for leaving his wife behind.

Bryan Has Children

Finally, with Bryan’s every detailed instruction to his wife on phone, she carried out all the formalities for going abroad and unite with him, taking help from her family and her in-laws.

Bryan had his first newborn after two years and the next one after another two years. Yes, they were a happy family but he had to give a lot of time to his wife and family to cater to their needs.


Was there any area he was not fulfilled? Bryan tried to analyze. And as he groped for an answer, he said to himself, “I can’t be happier because there are so many out there who are less fortunate than me. I feel I am the luckiest man alive on this mighty planet indeed!”

© 2019 Rosina S Khan

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