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The Lovely Transitions Through Jasmine’s Life: A Short Story

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Jasmine Takes a Decision

Twenty-four year old with straight black hair, Jasmine sat in her cubicle office, thinking about the options she had in her life.

She could continue with her teaching career or go abroad for higher studies, earning a prestigious degree. Her heart somehow followed her second option very much. She talked with her parents, her sister abroad and then with her colleagues. She had never been abroad, and so she was getting as many details as she could about the journey she wanted to embark on.

She browsed the web long after taking her day's classes, and she had difficulty deciding which universities abroad would be ideal for her. Every single day she gave time to browsing universities abroad and then discussed with colleagues.

Jasmine, Taking an Important Decision

Jasmine, Taking an Important Decision

Jasmine Applies for Abroad

She finally chose three universities and applied. She continued with taking classes and kept herself updated about her admission status in the universities abroad where she had applied.

Three months later, two universities out of three that she had applied responded positively. Jasmine celebrated in joy. But she knew that was only the beginning of her journey and she had a lot of challenging times ahead.

She selected one of the two universities and started corresponding with it regarding funding and other questions she had. Soon she was equipped with all she had bargained for.

Jasmine Faces Interview at the Embassy

It was time to approach the embassy. She had already applied to it. And she arranged all the required documents in a paper folder. It seemed the toughest time for her then. She was worried sick about the questions she would be asked but nevertheless, she confronted it with as much brevity as she could gather. After a security checkup, she was allowed to go inside and face the interview.

Jasmine answered all questions as lucidly as possible and then wondered if she would be allowed the visa. To her amazement and delight, in fact, she was. She was given a token and she had to pick up the visa the next day.

The next day arrived. She had the visa stamped on her passport. She was ready to fly.

Jasmine Embarks on a New Journey

Finally, it was the day of departure. She felt hard to part from her university and parents at home, yet she steeled herself to face the upcoming challenges.

As she boarded the airplane, she took a steward’s help with her carry-on luggage, putting it up in a cabinet. She had only her handbag with her and sat beside a window in her seat. She wondered who would sit next to her. To her astonishment, it was another girl who was also flying abroad to continue her higher studies.

After a marathon of transits and change of airplanes, Jasmine finally landed in the destination airport. She crossed the checkup and picked up her luggage in a trolley, only to find her sister behind her, who had managed to come in at that very moment.

Jasmine cheered up. It was a long and exhausting journey, and she yearned for a good home, food, rest, and sleep. And her loving sister catered for all of that.

Right now, after taking food and a shower, all she cared for is rest and sleep. Her sister took her to the room she had arranged to let her in for tonight and further days to come.

Gladly Jasmine laid herself on the soft pillow, cuddled herself under the comforter, and fell fast asleep.

The Airplane Carrying Jasmine Abroad

The Airplane Carrying Jasmine Abroad

Jasmine Attends Orientation Ceremony

The next day she was up early. Her sister dropped her at the orientation center. As Jasmine attended the orientation ceremony, she found she had a lot of paperwork to do. There were also speeches from senior students, and presentations from professors, familiarizing the new students with courses, rules, and regulations.

Jasmine Carries out Formalities

She had to give a TB test. For that, they took a sample of blood from her hand. She would have to collect the results the next day. Eventually, it turned out to be negative, ensuring she had no trace of TB.

She also filled out a bank savings account form, collecting it from a banker nearby who had come to help out the students in opening their accounts. She had to deliver it at the bank branch and finally open an account with some money. Her sister helped her with that.

Jasmine Gets Familiar with Campus Life and her Duties

Jasmine started familiarizing herself with the campus. She toured the housing center, the mail service, the snacks corner, and the classrooms, and she began to feel confident and joyous.

Soon classes began and she had a teaching assistantship to aid the tuition fees for her studies. Slowly she got accustomed to both the classes and her work as a teaching assistant.

Jasmine Goes for a Vacation

After the exams came and went and results were out, which were, in fact, good, she was into her holidays. Although she stayed at her sister’s place, she felt lonely and craved for her original home. She wrote to her Dad at home about this in an email.

Her Dad was touched by Jasmine’s loneliness and sent her a two-way ticket to reach her original home. After uniting with her Dad and Mom, she felt at peace. Jasmine did not go outdoors enjoying and touring but stayed at home with her parents. She shared stories of abroad and always talked about how much she would like to be back home permanently.

Jasmine Completes her Master’s Degree

She departed from her parents once again, this time much stronger, happier, full of energy and vigor.

She had initially got herself into a Ph.D. program under her favorite professor. The amount of time it would take her to complete her degree terrified her now. She discussed it with her supervisor. He asked her to change her program to a master’s program so that it would take her less time to finish the degree and then she would be free to go back home.

Jasmine had a choice to make. Finally, she opted for the master's degree. She completed her degree successfully and happily and was on her way back home soon after.

She showed off enthusiastically her degree to her parents, who were naturally happy for her.

Jasmine Once More Joins her Teaching Career

She rejoined her old university as a faculty member and started teaching again.

She shared her experiences of higher education abroad with her senior students & newbie teachers, who wanted to have a higher education degree abroad as well.

Jasmine’s New Family and Future Endeavors

I saw her burgeoning family photo, which I happened to stumble upon via Facebook and I envisioned that yes, she was happy in her life now. The most challenging times were over for her. Her husband looked kind and loyal and her child was not a baby, rather about three years old.

Jasmine, I want to say a prayer on your behalf:

“She has proved to be a good and dedicated girl so far. Please God, the Almighty grant to Jasmine her further burning desires, and may You bless her always in her achievements and upcoming endeavors."

© 2019 Rosina S Khan

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