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The Love of My Dreams

Beads of sweat in her forehead tickling first down her eyes, then nose, cheeks. As she let it go, However I didn't want to!


Not a cold, rainy morning as in movies! It was too hot that day. I could feel that heat even in my half shirt.
On hearing Ting! Ting ! Ting ! Everybody rushed from grounds to their classes. But I felt thirsty and went to the canteen.

A girl was there already ! She was in rush. I couldn’t take my eyes off her! Beads of sweat in her forehead tickling first down her eyes, then her nose, cheeks. As she let it go, However I didn’t want to let it go! I really wanted to feel that drop of sweat. A hush descended over the canteen , all I could hear was water running down her necks as she drank it in a hurry, and I watched her till she spilled water all over herself! She glared at her best friend like she would rip off her head

I couldn’t move! I found contentment in watching her
I could watch her like that for thousands and thousands of years! She asked me to move and give her a way!
I again lost in her eyes as she looked at me and asked me. I didn’t move at all, she pushed me gently and I watched her go
I too walked behind her. Every footsteps led her closer to her classroom and me far from mine. I didn’t even realize when I entered her classroom and kept on walking till I collided with Sir
Hello Hero! Are you daydreaming? You want to repeat the same class again?
Whole class burst into laughter

Not again! Wake up! You little daydreamer!
Sorry Sir! Oops Sorry Ma’am!

Ma’am kept on scolding, I kept on day dreaming!

© 2020 Samip Katwal


Samip Katwal (author) on June 09, 2020:

Hahaha van Harshe

Samip Katwal (author) on June 09, 2020:

Krishna ayena comment emo thyohola

Harsh singh on June 09, 2020:


Krishna Pandey on June 08, 2020:

Samip Katwal (author) on June 08, 2020:

Thank you beera!means a lot♥️

Beera on June 08, 2020:


Samip Katwal (author) on June 07, 2020:


Nishant sharma on June 06, 2020:


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