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The Love We Could Not Have

Love Has Always Been A Puzzle In Which The Task Is To Unravel The Puzzle.

Left Behind?

Juliet, being two months pregnant was now tired to the point of breaking at any slight mistake in her walking, she had known no food for the two days she left their village. The journey was their only chance to be happy again. So much had happened and the thought of it made her tear flow freely.

Just ahead of her she could see the hill, it was quite steep but this, she already knew. The hill was like her salvation, she had high hopes. She knew Victor was hiding somewhere within the forest that was close to the hill. Her high spirit kept her going and within minutes she was at the foot of the hill.

More than half an hour she sat and still there was no sign of Victor anywhere near the hill. Down her heart she came face to face with what she had feared, it now dawned on her like never before. What if Victor was not coming? what if Victor never loved her and wouldn't care if she was to die alone in the middle of no nowhere? what if it was true what her mother kept on saying about Victor?

These thoughts and many more drove her insane. She was losing it, she could not hold still anymore, she was violently shaking, her mind was somewhere else. She didn't think of her baby now. She was slowly but surely running insane.

Love is not Only Something You Feel, But It Is Also Something You Do

Love is not Only Something You Feel, But It Is Also Something You Do

When Love Blossomed

Victor Meets Juliet

The lecturer needed someone to read his/her poem on the subject he had given the previous day. Victor stood up and with the confidence, he had inherited from his late father read out his poem. Something about his poem got the attention of the class, he was talking of Juliet in his poem, he was expressing his love for her.

The woman of his dreams is how he described her, the one he could take a bullet for is how he put it. He then turned around and looked straight at Juliet in the eye. Two souls had been attracted to each other. There love story had just begun.

when love blossomed

when love blossomed

 when love blossomed

when love blossomed

 Juliet and Victor

Juliet and Victor

Juliet fell in love with Victor that very instance. No one had ever done such an outstanding thing for her, who could ask her out in front of the whole class? did Victor know who her father was?

For weeks their love went on smoothly though secretly from Juliet's family who had set up high hopes of her marrying someone wealthy as they were one day.

The Romance They Both Had A share In

If at all there have ever been happy couples in the world then Juliet and Victor could have been them. Even though they were students they always found time for each other. Their love was a perfect example for young lovers, it was like they were simply made to be. Victor even went one step ahead and proposed to Juliet, and took advantage of the fact that Juliet's parents were always on the move to keep Juliet company during one such time that the parents were out.

 The love Was So Strong

The love Was So Strong

The Forbidden Love

It was impossible to hide their love story that was read by everyone in the small town, sooner or later they knew the town's mayor who was Juliet's father would know of it. The fact that the mayor looked down on poor people gave Victor sleepless nights. He knew death was calling him, he had had many times to simply give up on their love but had not done so.

The Mayor Gets Wind Of The Love Story

The fact that his daughter had fallen for a simple guy below his class hurt him. He was furious, he could not agree to that no matter what. It was then that he declared war on Victor, he was set to kill him if that was worth it. It was then that he advised Juliet's mother to poison her daughter's mind, to feed her with lies against Victor.

The order to kill Victor was also given and the mayor considered him a dead man walking. It was only a matter of time before he could be seen no more.

Escape Plan Or Death Trap?

Victor heard of the mayor's plan and thought of a plan to save both him, Juliet and their unborn baby. He secretly met Juliet who was by now grounded at their home, this by the help of a worker who liked him. Whatever it is they talked about nobody had ever got a hint.

The next day Victor's body lay lonely in the streets in a pool of blood, nobody talked of what killed him openly but deep down their hearts, they knew only too well. Juliet at the time of Victor's death was nowhere to be found, the search team had already checked the whole town and beyond without success.

Left Behind ?

The pain and the anger were getting too much, she screamed. When she looked at her legs there was blood, she was having a miscarriage. With no one to help her, she was probably dying.

The Bitter End

Victor had initially made plans with his brother Moses to take care of Juliet in case of him not making it to the hill. Just as he had thought he had died before getting to Juliet and Moses had to now intervene. He had hurried to the hill that day to get Juliet away from the town.

On his arrival he had found Juliet's dead body lying at the foot of the hill, she had bled to death. This made him so numb that he could not stand anymore. He knelt and gave out a yell.