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The Lost World

The Lost World

It was a fine Sunday morning. My friend, a 20 years old young man with curly hair and a muscular body was busy with reading a newspaper smiling to himself apparently for nothing. The atmosphere was quite delightful. The birds were chirping and floating on the air joyfully. The wind was blowing gently giving an invitation to the people to come out from the darkness of their lanes and take part in the celebration of festival of happiness. The brooding mood of my friend amazed me to the depth of my soul and I sat thinking as to what was going on within his mind which made him behave so awkwardly making him a man of the lost world.


My friendship with him did not have a long history. It was only four years old which sprouted up when I met him for the first time in the Science college, Delhi. Fortunately or Unfortunately, I cannot say with exactitude, he fell to be my classmate. Since the classes began, nobody knew much about him. But after two or three months, his oddities began to capture the attention of a few who were considered to be sharp-eyed men.

Even the teachers were drown towards him when he ask them the questions which had much to do with the other world rather than the world of substance. Sometimes he would ask, "What if we were able to meet our ancestors and enjoy their company?". Some of the teachers got puzzled at such unearthly things but they could not check themselves from making a fuss about the boy.

One day it was a great occasion in the college. The Physics department had organized a national seminar on 'New perspectives of Aeronautics'. The great scholars, professors and intellectuals from every corner of the country and some from abroad had gathered in our college campus. All my companions were busy and working very hard to make this seminar a great success.

On the day of seminar the students occupied their seats and were ready to listen to speeches of intellectuals and make some important notes out of them. The first day of seminar was over. But Jack ,as the boy was called, was unable to bring a smile on his face. It seemed as if something from within him was drowning him into himself. He appeared to have been deprived of something that was very close to his heart. On the other day of seminar, Jack was sitting silently in his seat but not like a student. He was assuming the gravity of a great intellectual person or a scientist. During the speech of Doc.Sreen from IIT ,Delhi, Jack could not check himself and he shouted at the highest pitch of his voice," No, it can't be ,can never be at all". The big hall turned into a pin drop silence and it seemed as if the tongue in every mouth had frozen.

During all this Jack was found rolled down beside his seat, I and my companion took him to hospital where multiple tests revealed that Jack was the patient of a deadly psychological disease called Hysteria, a disease whose patient assumes a personality and lives in his own world, quiet away from the world in which we are living. After a few days Jack's story was published in the newspapers making it clear that Jack had been reading the articles of Doc.Samson, a great scientist from Cambridge University. They had so much impact on him that he started living the personality of the scientist and forgot his own altogether.

Lost mind

Lost mind

© 2020 Harshita Pal

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