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The Lost Pearl

Jurica is currently a student at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. An amateur writer and a football fan.


The Lost Pearl

To Mladen.

She opened her eyes. Big, beautiful blue eyes. One look out the window was enough for her to know spring came. The flowers blooming, grass growing. Bees and butterflies casually flying around. And all those smells! The smell of nature waking up, the smell of spring. On the right wall of her quite small bedroom, there was a wooden shelf with a beautiful, colorful vase on top. Inside the vase, tulips were drinking water and patiently waiting for their end, sticking together and lighting up the room in the process. As the window was half-open, she could hear the waves crashing on the rocks and birds softly warbling in the distance. She loved it here. This room and her house, in general, were small, but she didn't need more, didn't ask for anything. A tiny island with her and him living on it. All she ever wanted.

She walked out of the house and into the garden. Her garden was full of different kinds of flowers, bees, ants, spiders and all sorts of bugs. She had no fence, nor did she need one. After all, this whole island was hers! Nobody else lived here, nobody visited. Except him, of course. There wasn't anyone else in here, though. But this exact place in front of her house was the garden. It was a big plot of land, her garden was. Much bigger than her house. She liked to be outside more, amongst flowers, bugs and spiders. Especially butterflies. She loved butterflies. As a matter of fact, she loved one more thing- or, should we say, person- him. He was tall, strong, handsome and even smart. He had dark hair and big, blue eyes- just like her. He was perfect. Two of them would see each other every day, do things together, share what they made and saw. He lived in his own house though, by the shore. It was equally as small and sitting next to his workshop where he built his rafts and boats. His biggest passion was building new boats. He just loved it. Her house wasn't by the shore but on a grassy slope overlooking it.

She went to his house now, it was just a few minutes away. There was a path she could follow to it, mostly made over time by their footsteps when visiting each other. He opened the door the moment she came down to his house. Standing there and smiling, he wished her good morning and invited her in. They cheerfully talked a bit over a hot beverage he made, then went out together to hunt. Hunting was an integral part of their lives. Fruit and vegetables were easy to gather and grow, but when they wanted fish or meat they needed to get their hands dirty. They were always hunting together, armed with bows and spears he had made. Although sometimes unsuccessful, they found it very rewarding when they caught an animal. They had to hunt in order to survive. Usually, they'd go out in the mornings on their almost-everyday adventure. This morning was no different.

After a two-hour hunt, they came back to their part of the island with nothing to show for their efforts, where their homes were located. Although the island was tiny, it was still big enough for deer and rabbits to inhabit it. They were just unfortunate not to catch anything today. She went gardening for a bit, and he had to fix his fishing boat so he could catch some fish later, for dinner.

In the afternoon, after hours of gardening, watering flowers, gathering fruits and such business, she felt tired and decided to lay down for a bit on her bed. The weather was changing, the sun was masked by gray and black clouds and she figured it'll probably rain tonight. Hopefully not before he's back with dinner. An octopus would be really nice if he could catch one. With thoughts like that, she finally gave in to her tiredness and fell asleep.

She opened her eyes. The sound of thunder striking a nearby tree woke her up. It wasn't just the rain that arrived. There was a storm. The wind was howling, lightning brightening the sky as she went out of her house. It was still daytime, she knew it. Maybe time for dinner, but not later than that. She started running towards his house but he wasn't home. She noticed a boat of his was missing. Looking towards the sea, wild waves crashing shore rocks, she noticed it. His boat. Or what was left of it. Pieces of wood, cloth and rope floating on the shallow sea, smacked constantly by waves. He wasn't here either. He wasn't anywhere anymore. She knew it. It was just too late. Tears started falling down her face. Falling down to her knees, her body trembling. She just collapsed on the sand, leaving a crater the shape of her body and continued sobbing. Time passed, but she remained there. For hours she was there, lying on the cold sand as the rain relentlessly kept falling, occasionally looking at the open sea with her red eyes. Then, completely exhausted and wet, she fell asleep again.

She opened her eyes. Dawn of a new day. The storm was over, the rain stopped. However, she still couldn't believe he was gone. Her body was shaking, partly because of that and partly because of the fact that she was soaking wet.

Suddenly, she felt someone's hand on her shoulder. As she turned around, scared but full of hope, she saw an old woman smiling at her.

"It'll be okay, child. You are not alone." The old woman said with a soft voice while hugging her. How did this woman arrive here, where from, why, when? It was all unclear to her but she didn't care. She just embraced the old woman and focused her big, beautiful blue eyes on the clear morning sky.

Babic, Jurica.

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