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The Lost And Unknown World

Nazmun loves writing and watching movie and reading books. Now she wants to take a break and write for Hubpages.

This is a science fiction written by Bangladeshi author Nazmun Nahar. Please enjoy your reading and don't forget to leave a comment.



There is no difference between day and night in this city — always busy. In my apartment, five thousand floor, I wake up every morning and look down and see countless robots, androids and people walking. Depression in someone's face, fatigue or exhaustion in someone's face. When I look at the sky, I see airca, innumerable airca. All of a sudden, they stop, trying to make way for the flying train. Sometimes it feels very sad, I think it would have been better to born in ancient times. I don't like this busy life anymore. My idea is that the life of today's people is really meaningless, everything is within the rules and conventional. There is nothing to be done. I really like to smell the soil, see the greenery, eat the natural food and get lost in the breeze. I didn't know then that God would fulfill my wish.

A month later, at midnight, the alarm sounded in the communication module. Usually an alarm goes on when a very important notification arrives. I woke up and clicked, my eyebrows in the communication module, my wrinkled eyebrows furrowed again, Professor Clock sent me a video clip. Why did he suddenly send notification so late at night? Thinking about that, I frowned at the notification for a while, then as soon as I clicked on it, Professor Clock shouted at me like crazy, "Very urgent Arsh, come quickly."

Well it's a holographic video message.

I was very confused, so I boarded the airca from the balcony. In this way I will be able to go to Professor Clock's house very fast. As soon as he saw me getting off the airca, Professor Clock ran out of the room, grabbed my hand, and said frantically, "Come on, get in the room quickly."

It was as if something unbelievable had happened to him, and I was terrified of him. Following him, I went to his laboratory, where Tina was already there, Professor Clock's worthy daughter. She was also looking at something with an incredible look.

As soon as I looked at the professor with an inquisitive look, he suddenly smiled and said to me, "Arsh, will you believe what happened?"

I frowned and said, "What happened?"

The professor gritted his teeth and laughed, "You know I've been researching antiquity for many years."

I shook my head and said, “Yes I know that, But tell me what happened? "

The professor waved his hand and said, "Why are you so impatient? I'm talking. "

Then, with a sigh, he said, "I've been reading some old books for months now. These are the books."

He pointed to a pile of thick books beside the table and said, "I thought I was just doing research, then ...?"

I frowned and said, “Why did you stop? What then? ”

To make the matter more mysterious, the professor said with a smile, "Then I got a big piece of paper here."

Saying this, the professor pointed to the paper that Tina was reading.

Tina is still staring at it. I looked at the professor curiously, and he said, "This is a map."

I was surprised and said, “Map! But..but .. "

"I know what you mean," said the professor.

"Ancient maps were removed from the earth centuries ago, so where did you get this lost map?"

"This lost map mentions a lost island that no one but the three of us knows!"


"There's something better."


Pointing to a very old book, the professor said, "Can you guess the age of this book?"

"Very old book, it seems like two or two and a half thousand years ago when books were in circulation around the world."

Books were in vogue in the world then.

The professor looked at me with wide eyes and said, "Your amazing guessing power!"

"Does that really mean two thousand or two and a half thousand years ago?"

"Yeah All that sounds pretty crap to me."

The professor said in silence for a while, "The reason I called you so late at night is that I want you to go with us to this unknown island."

It took me a while to figure it out, then I shouted, "Do you know where this island is?"

The professor calmly replied, "Yes."


"From the book."

"Understand the language of the book?"

"I actually translated with a second-level robot."

This time I calmed down a bit, then said, "When should we go?"

"The sooner the better."

"But where is the island?"

"The largest ocean in antiquity is the Pacific ocean."

"How can I find this ocean? There is no ocean in the world called the Pacific Ocean."

“Why? Your updated airca will find out. "

"It simply came to our notice then, so how about in a few days? ”

"It would be nice."

This time Tina turned her head towards me and said, "Don't you want to know the purpose of going there Arsh?"

I shook my head and said, "Nature, natural plants, animals, birds, soil, fountains - to see them."


“No? So? ”

"The author of this book, Mishu, has described this island as very strange and mysterious."

"What is written in the book?"

"Everything in this island is unique,"

I frowned, "Like?"

“Strange things. For example, a tree that emits poison without oxygen is called the Poisonous Tree. It was named by the writer Mishu."

"Then we will be killed by the poisonous tree."

“Uh oh Writer Mishu got out of there, so why should we die? The amount of this tree must be less. "

The professor said, "That's right, there's something weird and strange about it."

"Okay, we'll leave in a few days."

After a few weeks of discussion, the three of us packed up the things we needed to go, along with an automatic bullet blaster, a sharp, medium-sized knife, and a chlorine cord as weapons for self-defense.

Busy city night

Busy city night

I can only guess that these will be needed for research with the professor. We will explore the island in my airca.

Silently, Airca ran towards the Pacific Ocean. Updated Airca, so it can go anywhere automatically. I am so excited to see the unadulterated forest. I have never seen a real tree. Never seen real soil. Never had real food, all the food was artificial.

A few hours later, Airca notified us that we came to the destination. Immediately I stopped breathing to see around, what a wonderful sight!

It seemed like we are on a dream. A dream that shows real world.

I looked at Tina and saw that she was looking at me with a smile. As soon as I stepped down, I was even more startled. My feet are on mud. The professor said, “How beautiful! "

Listening to the professor's words, I took some mud with my hands and looked at it from a very close distance. I have never seen mud in my whole life!

I looked around while giving importance to it . Although I did not see them in my life, I saw them in the picture and they are called trees!

At present, trees are only available in the oxygen supply factory. This is the first time I saw a tree, natural tree.

Tina stared at the tree and said, "Such a thick and long branch."

I shook my head and said, “It's not a stalk, it's a stem. Pulses are its branches. "

The professor picked up a broken branch from the ground and said, "There are many branches and leaves lying here."

Tina said jokingly, "People in antiquity would laugh out loud when they heard us."

I wondered, "Why?"

"Cause we don't even know what branches,trees and mud looks like!"

"You must be right."

Tina was going to say something more but the professor stopped her. He motioned for us to be quiet. After a while I realized that water was falling somewhere nearby, I heard the sound of water falling. Tina said excitedly, "Shower or not?"

"Let's follow the sound."

As soon as we walked, we stepped in that direction. None of us three wanted to board the airca. But Airca was flying in the air behind us. After a while we reached, the faces of the three of us were "WOW". I have seen an artificial fountain but it is not as beautiful as this natural fountain. The water from the very top collided with the rock and fell on the huge rock below. The water is very clear, the beautiful stones of various shapes can be seen below.

Satisfied, I took a few sips of water. Ah, how peaceful the life of the ancient people was!

I wish I was born in that era!

In ancient times, settlements were located in areas where water was readily available, so we set up camp here according to their rules. We can sleep comfortably in the airca.

Besides, there are artificial drinks and food. Sleeping in the airca is not bad, but the three of us have never slept together, so it is uncomfortable. There was no problem at night.

The next day a dozen of the professor's mini-robots cut wood and built a very high house. Although a mini robot is six inches, its power is equal to that of a human. Leaving airca there, we set out to explore the jungle. I have taken the bullet blaster with me for self-defense, I will shoot with the blaster whenever I see anything counter-intuitive.

I can't see anything because of extra trees, so I have to cut it with a knife and go ahead. Suddenly I thought someone was following us. Before I could tell professor, professor said, "Looks like someone is following us."

I said anxiously, "Yes, I thought so too."

Tina looked around with a knife and said, "You can see in the Unfold Module." Unfold Module is a high powerful hand band which show what is around us in a holographic mood.

She pressed the red button on her hand band and said, "Pix, what kind of animals are around us?"

Pix created the data by scanning,as soon as it got the command of Tina and collected data, it showed us the area around us.

Tina's hand in a holographic mood. The side-by-side view has emerged on the palm.

It was seen that there are animals behind us, it is very odd to see a strange animal. Short slender tail, hind legs are large and front legs are short, nails are long, hairless and cut all over the body, which is repeatedly compressed and expanded, as if this is the way it breathes.

When we see the eyes, the blood freezes, as if the red eyes are looking at us .

I looked at the professor and saw that his face was bloodless, Tina's opposite, she said happily, "You see, this is Riksian!"

I said, "What is Riksian?"

"The author Mishu described such an animal, which he named Riksian."


"They attack in groups, now it is not possible to attack without a team."

Then the professor said, "Don't be so scared, shoot with a blaster."

Tina smiled and said, "Dad, you are scared. I have seen the sweat on your forehead. "

"No I'm not. It's just too much hot here."

"Your are lying. Absolutely it's not hot here. How you will feel hot in such a cold jungle? You are afraid, admit it."

Tina and the professor are walking in front of each other, while talking.

Only my mind is thinking negatively.

To make my thoughts successful, for whatever reason, the ground suddenly started shaking. At first I thought it was an earthquake, but the ground did not stop shaking, on the contrary, the sound of humming was coming from far away.

The sound is slowly approaching, and as soon as I send the command to my pix, I see in a holographic mood the Riksian coming from all around. Not one or two, but thousands of Riksian are coming. I am sure it is coming towards us but I do not understand why?

I took training in the military, where I was the first to shoot with a bullet blaster.

Today that skill will come in handy.

As I prepared to shoot with the bullet blaster, Tina switched from the knife to a mega sword mode, the medium-sized knife turned into a mega sword with a reddish tinge, meaning Tina was ready for heavy bleeding, the professor said anxiously," The Riksians may have assumed that we were their enemy, so they attacked. Now there is no other way but to escape and start fleeing to our camp. "

Professor,Tina and I started running backwards with protection, the Riksian was hundreds of meters away.

But their running speed was so fast that they would catch us in no time. It is certain that we will not be able to cope with them.

If there was airca, there would be no problem. Now the only hope is Mega Sword and Bullet Blaster. The Riksians are only a few hands away. They are trying to jump on our bodies.

They are being dismembered with mega swords and their nuclear molecules are being destroyed with bullet blasters. The three of us are running somewhere, none of us know where we are heading to?

At last I saw a cave in front of me and entered it. This time I gave the bullet blaster to Tina's hand, while I was blocking the entrance of the cave with a big stone.

Beautiful hill

Beautiful hill

Tina starts destroying the Riksian who's trying to enter. I got tired of pushing thick rocks, I leaned against the stone, Tina sat next to me and put her head on my shoulder, the professor leaned against the cave wall and pressed his head with both hands. I closed my eyes in exhaustion, I don't know how long I fought.

The whole body is in pain, it seems that pain has gone to various parts of the body.

I came back with my life. I don't know when I fell asleep, when I opened my eyes I looked out through the gap in the rock and saw the sun setting, the sky turned red. Tina is sleeping with her head on my lap, the reddish aura through the gaps in the rocks has made her magical beauty even more magical.

Suitable for heart deprivation. I looked to the side and saw the professor sleeping with his head on my shoulder. Are these father-daughter thinking of me as their pillow? The professor and Tina had to be called out because they were sleeping too deeply.

It is getting dark in the evening, so we have to go back to the camp as soon as possible. We came out of the cave with a bullet blaster and a mega sword.

Outside, the bodies of the dead Riksians are rotting, giving off a foul odor, leading to stomach cramps and vomiting. I don't understand why they attacked us, but we can't think of a second attack. Determining our position from the camp, we found out that we are not even close to the camp.

But vice versa. As we ran towards the cave, we turned south.

Turning to the right, we wore night glasses. As we wore it. Everything looks as bright as the day. The sky is clear, there are no clouds, which means there is less chance of rain. We can reach the camp after walking a few kilometers from here. The mind also doesn't want to walk because of hunger and pain.

I think the artificial foods are not bad, the clear water of the shower is wonderful. In the middle of the walk, the professor gasped, sat down with his hands on his stomach, and said, "It's not possible for me anymore. I feel like I'm walking so far that I can't find my way."

So we also sat on the ground for the professor. I really like it. Suddenly I felt my left wrist move backwards with something, like a snake, like a slippery one. I grabbed it with my right hand, it was a vine of a tree, it was twisting my hand and climbing up, at that moment it twisted my arm. Tina and the professor are in the same situation. Their faces, their arms are twisted, so they can't even scream, just trying desperately to run with both feet. Two of them are going to stop breathing.

I am in the same situation, I have the knife in my hand I turned on the mega sword mood with the knife in my hand Then no matter how thick and strong the vine is, all of them are insignificant in front of it. I somehow managed to free myself, cut down some of the vines that were spreading to catch me, and rescued Tina and the professor. Tina was conscious, the professor had lost consciousness. So I carried him on my shoulders and ran to the front, while Tina was cutting all the spreading vines with a mega sword.

Before I could go any further, my legs became entangled with many vines. I fell down in a hurry, the professor fell from my hand and rolled over.

He was also caught by the vines.

Tina is very scared. I've never seen Tina crying, this is the first time I've seen her cry like that. Seeing her tears, my heart started bleeding.It stimulates every nerve in the body and every neuron in the head.

In a fit of rage, I took a sword from Tina's hand and attacked the spreading vines. Tina somehow grabs the professor's hand and pulls it.

I was out of breath trying to resist the attack of the vines.

Even after cutting so many vines, they continue to come randomly by bending the branches of the trees and rubbing them on the ground. With great difficulty, Tina lifted the professor's hand over her shoulder and fled.

I also cut down the vines that come around. Gradually the attack of the vine began to subside, and I continued to run some distance.

After reaching a completely safe distance, I knelt down and sat on the ground. For so much harassment, the body is constantly sweating.

Tina gasped as she laid the professor on the ground. The vines are more terrible than Riksian, which is to be a victim of harassment!

From what we saw in Pix, it seemed that the breath of life was about to depart from the body. Because we have gone deeper into the island.

I don't know if I can get out of here.

Now I don't have the strength to walk. So I lay there, praying to God in my heart that there would be no danger. Even if it happens, I would have no strength to deal with it. Maybe God heard me, there was no danger at night, something happened during the day.

I woke up as soon as I saw the light of the sun.

Because of "Hunger- Thirst", my stomach and throat are becoming like a desert.

Professor and Tina have risen before me, their faces are in anxiety, hunger. When I went to take the sword, I saw that there was no sword anywhere.The bullet blaster was in mini size command, so it was in my pocket, the sword, it was not converted to a knife. I wondered where such a big sword could go . Looking for it, my eyes fixed on the tree. There are countless species of apes that look like monkeys but are not actually monkeys.

It seemed to me that the heart would come out through the throat, even though this was completely unscientific.

Following my eyes, the professor and Tina also looked up. The professor was so frightened that nothing was coming out of his throat. I realized that these animals were not harmful, if they were, they would have killed us when we were asleep at night or taken us as their food.

Well, Tina was screaming hard.

Tina's scream must have scared them. I do not know how to calm them down, so I gestured to stay calm. Surprisingly, they understood my gesture and immediately calmed down. Tina said in surprise, "Wonder!"

The professor's breath was halfway through his departure, and seeing them calm down, his breath returned. Then he said, “It is written in Mishu's book. He named these animals as Friendly. The reason behind this name is now well understood. "

Tina beckoned to a child Friendly. I did not understand whether the child would come. But soon after seeing Tina's bright smiling face, she jumped up and climbed on Tina's lap. As soon as Tina adored it, many other Friendly children slowly surrounded her. The professor also spread his legs on the ground and started playing with another child Friendly. Seeing all this, I removed all my worries and kept smiling.

A medium-sized Friendly came down from the tree, came to me, left the sword on the ground.

So they took it! He must have taken it out of curiosity, now he is giving it back .

They are very polite and friendly. We signaled to them that we were hungry .They immediately realized and grabbed our hands and dragged us to their original place. There was a lot of fruit, I never ate natural fruit. Seeing so many fruits in front of my eyes, my mind became fresh. After eating a lot of fruit, I made a big decoration.

We explained our words to them by gestures. I said that we got lost from our camp and came here. They looked at each other's faces and talked to each other. Some of them climbed on the branches of a tree and looked at our camp, calculating where it was located. Maybe they saw where our place was. An old Friendly came and gestured to us to follow him. It may be their leader. We are following him and he is coming with us.

Wonderful big hill

Wonderful big hill

The other Friendly were following us too.After eating a lot of fruit, I made a big decor We explained our words to the friendly ones by gestures I said that we forgot about Asthana and came here They asked each other's faces and talked to each other Some people climbed on the branches of a tree and looked at one of them. Maybe they saw where our place was. One of them came to see an old man friendly and gestured to us to follow him. It may be their leader. We are following him and he is coming with us in the branches of many friendly trees. Tina was upset for the kids. Their facial expressions are human-like, so their feelings can be understood .

The old Friendly came to a halt on a hill.

He pointed to the mountain. I commanded Pix and saw that we would reach our destination in a very short time by this route. However, the hilly roads will be difficult. Tina burst into tears as she said goodbye to them. I have never seen the mountain in reality .I saw it in an ancient documentary.

Going up the hill, I fell once or twice. I slowly climbed to the top of the hill. From here you can see our tall house and the fountain. I thought I survived, but in a moment I realized that it is not easy to survive on this strange island. The thought of surviving is like a dream. The sun was resisting vertically, the throat was dry with thirst.

Then it seemed that there was something behind the big rocks around, the rocks would be seven to nine feet big, it was easy to hide behind it but there was a shadow for the sunlight. Tina understood what's going on. I grabbed her face before she screamed. We should think calmly. If Tina screamed, those unknown creatures would have been attacked before we could get ready for fight.

Our professor is dancing in front of us. He thought we were out of danger. I did not tell him about the impending danger, he would weaken by worrying, now is not the time to be weakened.

It is difficult to describe this creature by looking at the shadows.

I thought they were very violent. Looking for opportunities to attack us. After walking some distance, I saw three more shadows, meaning there are five of them. They are trying to catch us very cleverly, two from the back and three from the front will attack us. Tina and I stood up. I called the professor and said, "Professor, come here."

Why? What happened? ”

"It was an urgent matter."

"You can say that while going to the camp. I am enjoying nature at the moment. "

Tina said angrily, "Daddy is enjoying nature, whether he keeps his eyes-ears open or closed?"

The professor was surprised and said, "How can I enjoy nature with my eyes and ears closed?" Even if you can close your eyes, you can't close your ears. "

Tina gritted her teeth and said, "I know that." You look around and observe." Tina was very annoyed with his words, but he looked around once.

Immediately the professor's face became bloodless. It seemed that he would become very weak and fall to the ground .

That's why we didn't want to tell him.

I said, "Professor, don't be so weak for God's sake."

The professor said in a weary voice, "You will not be weakened by this certain death?"

"It's not certain death."

Tina said, "We have weapons. Besides, they are not stronger than last night's vines. "

I nodded as I pulled the mini-sized bullet blaster out of my pocket and said, "Yeah, they can kill even wild animals. That was certain death I survived, so it's nothing. "

The professor took courage in our words, so he overcame his weakness and said, "Okay, what should I do now?"

"I'll be in front of you in the middle and Tina in the back. We don't know how they will attack us. "

Tina turned the knife into a mega sword and shook her head. So keep your eyes and ears open. "

"Oh Tina, our ears are always open," said Professor

Tina stared at the professor. Looking at Tina's face, the professor was afraid.

The professor came and stood among us without saying another word for fear.

I smiled with great difficulty and said, "They are intelligent, so be careful."

We were watching the shadows cautiously.

Before they knew it, the animals were attacking, they could move very fast.

I smashed one with a bullet blaster, not a single atom left. After killing it, the others hid again. Really intelligent, maybe finding another way to attack. I only saw them for a few moments. Unusually long ears, large holes in the nostrils, sparks of fire coming out, eyes completely black, two horns as long as antennae on the head, no fur on the body, skin but bloody flesh, small eight legs, five feet long and unusually big head. Seeing that, the heart trembled . They may communicate with others with horns like antennae on their heads, so many more are coming from far away at high speeds. We can't even walk in the mountains, and I know very well that I can't run with them.

In order to survive, we run and kill all the animals in front with a bullet blaster, while Tina is proving her skill in the back. Tina seems to have become more courageous since last night.

Surely she thinks that they are less powerful than the vines. I stumbled a few times and fell down, bleeding here and there .

Seeing that, we crossed the mountain and entered the depths of the forest .

Leaving all the animals behind, we ran desperately, unable to catch up with them. Eventually, they surrounded us.

The professor got angry and shouted in a threatening voice, “Sewer worm! Mountain worms! Get out of here right now .Otherwise I will destroy you with gamma radiation. "

The professor himself did not know where to get the gamma radiation at this moment, but he frowned at the animals. Surprisingly, they immediately fled in fear. As if they are facing death.

The three of us stared in amazement. The professor smiled proudly and said, "I didn't know I had so much power in my voice. Otherwise, I would have threatened them earlier. " Then he whispered, "I was confused in the time of Riksian and I lost consciousness in the time of the vines." If I had known that threatening would be the solution, I would have reprimanded everyone. "

As soon as the professor finished speaking, Tina said, "Look back." I looked back and panicked.

Even from so close to the destination, we may not go to the destination.

The strange creatures did not escape the professor's threat, but fled at the sight of this terrifying creature in front of them. The professor's face turned pale at that moment. The creature that is now staring at us is even more terrifying than the anaconda. Like a reptile, it will be thirty feet long, six feet wide,slippery body, ears hanging from the back of the head, ears about a foot long. It looked at us and stuck out its tongue .The tongue is divided into three parts from which green saliva is coming out.

There is a strong stench again. It must be getting ready to eat. The mountain of strange creatures in the back and the reptiles in the front, our camp just a short distance behind it. I have landed Airca on the ground there . At such times you have to think carefully. I went to shoot the bullet blaster and got another danger signal. 0% charge in Bullet Blaster. The charge icon is red. When Tina and the professor found out about it, they were shocked. Tina also said that the charge of her mega sword is also zero, it will now work like a normal knife. Now you have to use your intellect. The animal is so lazy that it is too lazy to eat us or thinks we can't kill it or even run away,so playing a little later is not a problem. The reptile is very confident in its own power.

This belief will be useful to us. We will have some time to think about survival. We came up with a plan by standing like an idol.

Tina and the professor stood there, and I ran to the right and hit the animal in the face with a stone. It got angry at that moment and looked at me. That is the real thing. I keep running hard. Meanwhile, Tina and Professor were running away from the left side. They will be waiting for me in the air.

I run in such a way that the animal wraps its body around these big trees. I keep running without looking back. I kept running, my legs ached, and Tina and Professor got on the airca. They can't launch airca because it's under my command , just a short distance away. I looked back and saw the creature still a few hands away, still running to catch me.

Tina and the professor are shouting and calling me. Tina is asking me to hold her hand. I stretched out my hand from a distance to hold Tina's hand. I was gasping for breath, as if I was getting strength to save my life. I approached the airca and shouted, “Airca! Go back now. "

At once airca floated in the air and I jumped up and grabbed Tina's hand . Airca ascended into the sky, meanwhile the creature tried to bite my leg. It was close to my leg. If it could bite my leg then it would have torn my leg. Tina pulled me up. I looked down and saw that the huge body of the animal was actually thirty to eight feet long. It is intertwined with many trees, but half of it is free. The three of us looked at each other with incredible eyes. Then Tina screamed happily and wrapped her arms around my neck. The professor was happy. He could speak for a while. He is just looking down through the window. The island is very beautiful to see from the sky. I'm willing to stay here all my life. But in two days, life was almost gone. Writer Mishu must have been brave and intelligent, which is why he survived.

© 2021 Nazmun Nahar

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