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The Loran


Chapter 1: Creation

In the beginning, a force called chaos created the universe and the heavens. the earth was without form and void, and darkness. there was light, and then there was dark. chaos decided to call the light day, and the darkness night. then, chaos created a firmament, calling it heaven. then, chaos had created the dry land, then the waters. chaos decided to call the large waters oceans, the medium one’s lakes, and the small one’s rivers. then, chaos had created the plants and grass. thus, the creation was finished, and chaos rested on the 7th day, because of all the work that had been done. so, chaos created the first generation of deities called the primordials. he created the first one Gaia and called her a female. He created Aether, the representation of light. Skye, the feeling of love. Hemera, of day. Gaia was the earth one day, Gaia was lonely and felt she needed someone. so, chaos impregnated Gaia, and decided to call this the first male. so, Juan is born. when Juan is an adult, he marries Gaia.

Chapter 2: Titans

and so, they have many children, Gaia calls this generation the titans. Gaia loved them. Juan hated them. so, when the titans are adults, Chronus saw how hard of a time his siblings were having, so he decided there needed to be something to help him. and so, Gaia had given her son a weapon called a scythe. he walked up to Juan. He told Juan to leave. But Juan attacked. Chronus didn’t. He ran up to Juan, and their forth, cut off his father’s genitals, tossing them into the ocean. As his siblings cheered, the genitals created a foam, which created a new deity called Pom, born fully grown from a giant clam. so, Chronus marries his older sister, Rhea, who is also the youngest of the females.

Chapter 3: the Sonorans

so, when Chronus and Rhea had gotten back from their honeymoon, Rhea told Chronus a prophecy. one day, she said, one of his children would overthrow him and become ruler. this had caused Chronus to panic. so, Rhea gets pregnant, and 9 months later, a baby daughter named Scout is born. so, their forth, Chronus had swallowed Scout whole. this causes Rhea to cry. so, 2 years later, Rhea is pregnant again, with another daughter. when the daughter is born, Rhea names it Gail and Chronus swallows her whole. 7 years later, the final daughter was born. Rhea names her Zoe, and Chronus swallows her whole. 8 years later, Rhea was pregnant yet again, but this time, with a male. when the baby is born, Rhea names it Sunil, and Chronus swallows him. 1 year later, Rhea was pregnant with another male. when the baby is born, she names it Ocho, and Chronus swallows him. 8 months later, Rhea was pregnant for the last time. but she couldn't stand losing another kid. so, she gave birth in a secret gave. But Chronus was expecting another kid to swallow. so, she takes Digby's blanket, and wraps a rock with it. so, Chronus, gulped the stone, and Rhea just walks away. meanwhile, Digby was raised in that cave by his grandmother Gaia. while in the cave, Gaia had fed him honey and goats milk. so, one day, Digby was an adult. he realized the truth about his birth story. so, he goes to rescue his siblings. he approaches it cautiously. so, he slips a drug into Chronus's drink. when Chronus drinks it, he vomits up the stone, and his 5 children. so, the titans and their descendants get into an 8-year war. so, Digby goes to Tartarus, the deepest part of the underworld, to get help. he frees the hundred-handers, giants with multiple arms on their bodies. so, they battle the titans. when the titans lost, they were locked up in Tartarus. so, the 3 brothers draw sticks. Digby won the heavens. Ocho won the sea. Sunil won the underworld. so, Digby met with a Titaness named metis. he asks her to marry him, but metis says one day that he would have a son, that would overthrow him. to prevent this, he swallows metis. he then goes to talk with Zoe, and he marries her. Soon, Zoe is pregnant with a male. when the baby is born, Zoe finds him ugly, and throws him off Mt. sonorous, and blames it on Digby. when Shahrukh hits the earth, he twists his right ankle permanently. so, he was raised by a sea Titaness named Tethys. Tethys raises him like a son, but was not sure who his parents were. when Shahrukh is an adult, he develops sandals for the gods on Mt. sonorous. when he returns, Zoe admits she threw him off Mt. sonorous, and as an effort to apologize, she has Shahrukh marry Pom. one day, Pom was pregnant, but not with Shahrukh's child. the father is Shahrukh's brother, Esteban. so, when the child was born, Pom named him strum. when strum had become an adult, he was given love arrows and a bow. he married a mortal woman named Heidi, which caused her to become a god. one day, Shahrukh had caught Pom cheating on him with Esteban. this made Shahrukh angry. so, Shahrukh went to get his magical net, then trapped Pom in it. from there forward, Pom promised to never cheat on him again. 7 days later, Digby was having a bad headache, so Shahrukh gets his axe to stop a headache. it turns out the headache was Mitzi, metis's daughter. when Metis was swallowed, she became pregnant inside of Digby. when Mitzi was told her birth story, she decided to never have sex. so, 9 years later, Digby cheats on Zoe with a Titaness named Everest, and Everest is pregnant with twins. she names the daughter Delilah. but she can't name the 2nd one, because Delilah comforted her for days and nights until the son was born. Leto decided to name the son Vinnie. this makes Zoe furious. when Delilah and Vinnie are adults, Zoe sends a serpent called python after them. so, Vinnie and Delilah find out about this, so they ask Shahrukh for help. Shahrukh gives Delilah a bow and some arrows, and Vinnie a bow and flaming arrows. so, they arrive to fight the python. so, they kill the python and thank Shahrukh for the weapons. 8 months later, Digby cheats on Zoe again, this time, with a Titaness named Missie. so, Missie is pregnant with a male son. when the child is born, she names it Tangier. Tangier was born in a cave to hide from Zoe's wrath. when he was 1 hour old, he stole Vinnie's cattle. Vinnie was angry at his half-brother. in exchange, Vinnie gave him his invention called the harp. so, when there was a new city, Mitzi and Ocho got into competition. Ocho gave them horses and a saltwater fountain. Mitzi gave them an olive tree. Mitzi won. they made a temple to her. at the center of the temple, was a colossal statue of Mitzi. nearly 40 feet tall, carved out of ivory and gold

Chapter 4: Humans

O people! Fear your Gods, who created you from a single soul, and created from it its mate, and propagated from them many men and women. And revere God whom you ask about, and the parents. Surely, God is Watchful over you. And give orphans their properties, and do not substitute the bad for the good. And do not consume their properties by combining them with yours, for that would be a serious sin. The first non-gods that were smart came on earth, and they were called "The humans." And so, a family called the Khans was hunting one day, but the leader, Oscar told his daughter Ariana that anything new is dangerous. But one day, Ariana snuck out of the cave to meet someone named Lewis. Lewis developed a thing called fire. Fire was bright and warm. However, Lewis warned Ariana of a thing called "The end." First, the earth will crack, and then there will be destroyed mountains. This makes them worried. So, the beginning of the end comes, and the Khans escape. They track through the jungle, but Oscar makes fun of the monkeys. However, this gets him in trouble, as one of the monkeys beats him up. It makes Gran and Ariana laugh. They get to an area of land. They think it's a cave, but it is really a land whale made of rocks. But meat-eating birds come in a large group and eat one of the whales. So, Ariana calls Lewis, and he shows up to protect them with his fire. Oscar gets worried about Lewis, thinking he is not good. Ariana questions potential things that could happen. "We need his fire, dummy!", Gran said to Oscar. So, they head to the mountain, but Oscar carries Lewis in a log, while the Khans follow him. When they get to a stopping point, he tells the story of how a tiger fell off a cliff, then flew to tomorrow. Lewis described it as "A place not like tomorrow or yesterday, but better. More suns in the sky than you can count." So, they wake up, but there is a pool of lava nearby and Lewis almost falls out of the log, so they get moving. Ariana pushes her brother Marco in the face just to knock Lewis's log out of Oscar's arm, after she told Marco he had a spider on his face. This made Oscar furious and he stepped on sharp rocks. But he gets furious because Lewis's feet don't hurt. He calls them shoes, and he calls what is in a head "A brain", claiming it's where his ideas come from. So, he gives them shoes and they like it. But Oscar is told to kick the log away, so he does. Oscar realizes that the Khans are loving Lewis because of his ideas. Lauren then claimed that Oscar had an idea, could not recall one. Gran then said, "If he had an idea, I'd have a heart attack, and die!". Oscar comes up with ideas and leaves. "Where is Oscar?", said Lauren. "He's a big guy. How could he just disappear like that?", said Lewis. "Let's ask that ugly lady if she's seen dad.", said Marco. She then says she hasn't seen him. Lauren asks what is on his head. "I call it a rug, it rhymes with Oscar. I call this a ride. It rhymes with Oscar. It's gonna get us around faster than shoes." However, he crashes into the tree. He then puts clay of Marco's face and slaps it with wood and he calls it "A snapshot." "Since I don't have a brain, they come from my stomach down deep below, and up again into my mind." He then falls into a hole, screaming "AAAAH!!". "OSCAR! We got to get moving!", said Lewis. Eventually, Oscar and Lewis get stuck in a tar pit, but use a puppet to get a death cat to pull them out. But the Macawnivore becomes friendly and is adopted by the Khans. So, they get to the place called "Tomorrow" and the Khans are now in safety. And so, the mortal females shall cover their heads in public and while praying, and the men shall cover their knees and navel area. They ask you about intoxicants: say, In them there is a gross sin, and some benefits for the people. But their sinfulness far outweighs their benefit. Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may attain strong faith, when the 10th month comes. A Few hundred years after the death of the Khans, a baby and his twin brother are born: Mitt and Aaron. They had to escape, so they were sent to the land known as Jamaica, where they were raised by the Chief of the tribe’s daughter: Mishti. The leader was known as Tutankhamun. Tutankhamun gave Mitt a test to see if he was smart, because Tut was a blasphemer against the Xists. If he grabbed the right egg, he would be smart and die, so Mitt was smart but grabbed the wrong egg to live. He led the Xists to safety and brought them back to the Mainland. Aaron traveled to the place known as Chile to teach about Xism.

Chapter 5: Demigods

A servant to Mitzi is in the temple. Her name is MiReina. The god Ocho rapes her in the temple and Mitzi is furious. But not with Ocho. As a powerful male god, this is expected of him. It is MiReina who will be punished. She turns MiReina's skin into cracks and withers, makes her canine teeth longer and turns her hair into snakes, then banishes her to a remote island. In the kingdom of Argos, North-West of Mitzens, a man named Acrisius has no heir. He only has a daughter named Danae. He asks her if she will ever have kids. She says she will not, because that child would probably kill Acrisius. To prevent this, King Acrisius locks Danae in a tower with little food or water. After a long time of months of not hearing news, he goes to check. It turns out she is a father to a son named Perseus. The baby's father is not a mortal man. It is Digby. Acrisius plans to kill both mother and son first, but fears Digby's revenge. He puts them on a boat out to the ocean to have nature do the killing for him to prevent getting blood on his hands. However, Digby helps them survive. When Perseus is older, the king of the island Sicily named Jaseim. Jaseim says that if Perseus can bring back the head of MiReina, he will not marry Danae. So, he goes to climb a mountain, but has no weapons. He prays, and the gods hear him. Tangier gives him the winged sandals. He then goes to find the Graeae sisters, 3 old withered hags who have been that way since birth. They share 1 eye and pass it around. They know where to find the weapons. Perseus steals the eye and they tell him how to get to the nymphs. The nymphs give him the sword of Digby, the shield of Mitzi and the helmet of Sunil. He then goes to the island but walks backwards while looking through is shield. He sees MiReina, closes his eyes and swings the sword. So, MiReina is now dead, but her eyes can still turn men into sculptures. He puts it in a bag and flies back to Sicily. He then freezes Jaseim and his grandfather King Acrisius. He goes to rescue a princess named Andromeda from an evil water beast named Don Lino. The 2 get married and have kids. Donatello, Nala, Galileo, Vineus, and Flik. Donatello grew up and founded a city called Chandler, a location for selling candles and grapefruit farming. Flik got a job at the seafood market. Galileo became a painter. Vineus became a priest at the temple of Digby. Nala married King Otis, of Sparta. They had their own kids, who would join the Spartan army. However, Otis died, so Nala married Phoebo, the brother of Otis. Some years later, a king named Minos and Pasiphae are admiring their white bull. Ocho was watching and he makes Pasiphae fall in love with the bull. So, Pasiphae climbs into a cow costume and 9 months later, a baby with the head of a bull. When the baby is an adult, it kills Pasiphae. King Minos hires the great engineer Bart, who builds a maze so difficult, even he could barely make it out alive. He puts the bull in the labyrinth, and forces Mitzens to send people to die every 9 years. One day, a son is born in Mitzens. His name is Theseus. His mother is Queen Megara of Mitzens and has 2 fathers: King Strongbottom and Ocho. When he is older, he lifts a rock with his strength and finds a sword and sandals buried under a rock. He goes to Crete and meets a girl named Ariadne, the daughter of Minos. She gives him a ball of twine to find his way out. He slays the minotaur and it works. He is now a hero of the world.

Chapter 6: Jebbie

Zoe realized she was going to have a daughter. the other gods were excited. when she was born, Zoe decided to call this daughter Jebbie. when Jebbie was 3 days old, she somehow turned mortal. afterwards, she was adopted by parents named homer and marge. marge was from Isreal, and homer was a carpenter/saint from palestine. they escaped to Gaza for freedom. Jebbie was loved for being a charitable person. she fed 1,000 hungry children and made a blind man sightable again. She walked on water to help drowning warriors. and so, Jebbie went to preach about Xism in Jordan, causing a few thousand people to convert to Xism. Jebbie continued to preach, but one day, she was stuck in Mitzens. the Mitzeaneans’s were forced to pay taxes to the Italian government. Jebbie was angry. she also saw how hard of a time people were having with sin. so, the Italians showed up, hung Jebbie to a wooden X in stocks, and pounded a nail into her foot with a mallet. she then died. afterwards, a man named Homer Haden was crying and asked to carry Jebbie to her grave. on the first day, we will be in Tartarus. on the 2nd day, she will revive us. on the 3rd day, she will bring us up to Mt. sonorous.

Chapter 7: Progression

One day, a man named Archimedes invented a medical procedure called abortion. abortion terminates pregnancy and unborn lives. Do not kill your children for fear of poverty. It is we who provide for them as well as for you. Killing them is surely a grave sin! meanwhile, while abortions increase in popularity, a son named Weber is born. his father is Digby and his mother is a mortal woman named Alcmene. Zoe is furious this time. so, she sends 2 snakes into his nursery. he squeezes the snakes to death. when he is an adult, he marries a woman named Jarumia. he has 2 sons with her. Zoe uses her power to make him kill Jarumia and their 2 sons. so, Weber must do 12 labors to become immortal and live on Mt. sonorous. First, he heads to Nemea to slay a lion. The lion's fur is so thick that no sword or arrow can slice through it. So, instead he uses his strength to weaken the lions skin, then cuts off all 4 paws. He begins using the lion skin as armor. Next, he heads to a swamp to slay a monster known as the Hydra. He cuts off the Hydra's head but 2 more grow in its place every time. When Weber realizes this, he gets a torch to burn the stumps of the heads to prevent them from growing back. He dips his arrows into the blood, and now he has poison arrows. For his 3rd labor, he conquers the golden stag of Delilah, an animal so fast, it can dodge arrows. For his 4th labor, he defeats a man attacking boar. For his 5th labor, he must clean horse stables. To get out of this situation, he combines the power of 2 nearby rivers to wash them out. For his 6th labor, he must fight a few hundred birds which have been known to bite mortals. To deal with this, he uses his poison arrows to kill the birds. For his 7th labor, he must capture Minos's prized bull. He stabs the bull with his sword. For his 8th labor, he must kill the horses of King Strongbottom, which eat the flesh of his enemies. First, he shoots an arrow at one of them. Next, he punches the 2nd one in the nose. Lastly, he stabs the 3rd one in the neck with his sword. In his 9th labor, he must kill a tribe called the Amazons. In his 10th labor, Weber sets to capture the cattle of the Gyrian, a vicious monster with 3 sets of legs and 3 heads. He hurls boulders down the mountain and Weber. But Weber has a secret weapon. Arrows dipped in Hydra blood. He aims and fires. The Gyrian falls dead. So, he takes the cattle and heads on his way. For his 11th labor, he must steal golden apples from a garden guarded by a dragon. The apples belong to Zoe, and they are signs of her sacred marriage to Digby. So, he travels to the edge of the world and meets Atlas, one of the titans. Atlas was punished by being forced to hold the earth on his shoulders for always and eternity. But Atlas knows where the apples are. So, Weber offers to hold the earth while he obtains the apples. When he gets back, he continues to carry the world, and gives Weber takes the apple when he walks away. For his 12th labor, he must head to the underworld. He captures Sunil's guard dog Cerberus. Sunil gets amazed when he finds out about this. So, since his 12 labors are over, he burns himself and becomes immortal. So, he marries Jebbie and has twin daughters with her named Cashmere and Velvet. One day, a girl named Pepper is picking flowers in a meadow, when suddenly, a hole shows up and a hand reaches out from the darkness. The hand drags Pepper into the underworld. The hand belongs to her uncle Sunil. In order to get her to accept the marriage, he has her eat 7 Pomegranate seeds. For the first 4 seeds eaten, it means she will be with her mother Gail for the first 4, then with Sunil the next 8 months. When they marry and return home, the 2 have passionate, relaxing, sex, which gets Pepper pregnant with twins and ecstasy. When the twins are born, Sunil names them Zagreus and Macaria. Macaria has her father's fur color, and her mother's eye color. Zagreus has his mother's fur color and his father's eye color.

Chapter 8: Islands

One day, on the island of Samoa, a group of friends learned about the messages of the gods. They decided to spread the word. Loto started his own temple, where members would visit on Friday. Sefina became a merchant for head coverings and paintings. Kawika would recite messages of the gods all day. Pani would collect fruit and fresh seafood to give to the poor, spreading the message of Xism. Dao was a skilled swimmer, who would rescue drowning people. As the island team, spread the message of Xism, they would be honored in this scripture and the prophet’s will be named after by followers of Xism. Dao and Sefina were really good friends, and Dao was in love with the beauty of Sefina, so they got married at the temple. Sefina, in her beautiful, white head covering. They have kids together. Alofa and Tami, twin daughters, and twin sons named Mahalo and Taitamar. The siblings would continue to spread the word across the islands. Selling head coverings, giving to charity, reciting messages and fasting on the 10th month from sunrise to sunset.

Chapter 9: Jacob's life

A boy named Jacob is hunting with his 2 adult friends. When he goes to get the arrow, he falls through a roof from a tree and meets the wizard D'entremont, after he just got home from the temple of Delilah and was getting the water, and his owl Armani was with him. It is revealed that Armani can speak. It turns out he was expecting someone to show up, but he was not sure. He then gives Armani a cup of tea and Jacob has one himself. It turns out that in the future, according to D'entremont, that one day, the Xists will die out, then be restored again by the prophet Stephen. D'entremont then uses his sorcery to pack his things via shrinking them very small and putting them in a bag, and then he starts his journey with Jacob and Armani. Unfortunately, Armani's tiny house shrinks, almost choking and squeezing Armani, but he escapes. They are on their way, but a wolf follows them. However, they get to the castle before the wolf can. So, D'entremont summons snow to mess with them, then gets rid of the snow. He then teleports away since they kicked him out of the castle. This causes problems. Armani's tiny house fills up with water, and the tower gets wet, and they cover the roof with objects that have holes to hold water and some umbrellas. "Armani, come out here and check on the people in the castle.", said D'entremont. "NO, NO, NO!", said Armani. "Armani, I'll turn you into a human!" "Alright! Alright!". The next day, they go to the moat, and Jacob wonders what it would be like to be a fish, so D'entremont and Jacob turn into fish, but they end up being chased by a Pike. They eventually outsmart the Pike and escape. Then, Jacob wants to try flying, so D'entremont turns him into a sparrow. He flies great for his first time, but a hawk shows up, and Jacob crashes in the chimney of a cabin in the forest. It's a witch named Madam Douglass. She tries attacking him by turning into a cat, and she then does a sorcery battle with D'entremont. She turns invisible, but then turns into a crocodile, D'entremont escapes by turning into a turtle and biting her finger. He then turns into a caterpillar, and then a Walrus to use his weight to defeat her, but she turns into an elephant and he turns into a mouse. She turns into a snake, but she bites her tail instead. So, she hides in a hole, but hits her head on a rock. So, D'entremont turns into a crab to try to squeeze her neck as she pops out of the hole, but fails. Douglass then turns into a Rhino. He turns into a goat and headbutts her, and she falls into the river, but she then turns into a purple dragon. However, D'entremont turns into smallpox, and reverts Madam Douglass back into a human. A few days later, Jacob has found a sword, and he becomes king of London. He appoints his fellow friends to be his best knights. Gary, Pete, Kevin and Stingy. So, the prophet Jacob

Chapter 10: Sorcery

A man named Jagger finds the ring and murders his best friend Seth for it. He then hides in the ring, puts it on and turns all ugly and yellow. The ring was created in a volcano by an evil wizard named Rasputin. The boy William Ross is a small boy who defeats evil spiders and goblins with his sword, courage and wits. The monsters bring him from his peaceful days to scary adventure. Jagger gives him the ring. He then passes his ring on to his nephew Kaleb. However, a group of knights is fighting Rasputin's army of monsters the best they can near a volcano. A group of heroes hears about the story. Jiu, the sword master. Ibuk, the wizard. Kaleb, the lower ranked. Gada, the archer. And… Kaleb's friend, Ken. However, Ibuk falls into the volcano while fighting the giant evil eagle, but comes back to life. Kaleb puts on the ring, but argues with Jiu over it while he is invisible. When Kaleb and Ken. show up at the volcano that belongs to Rasputin, they try to throw it in, but they must fight Jagger. Jagger punches the one who hurt him each time, causing them to switch between hurting him, and they then push him and throw the ring into the volcano.

Chapter 11: Ogres

On the day of a hot summer, a little ogre baby named Neil was born in a forest of Scotland. His owner was a slave owner. As a baby, Neil was always constipated. When he was an adult, he moved into a house and developed a disgusting life in his outhouse. Suddenly, there's a bounty of 500,000 shillings on his head. So, he scares away the group of people that disturbs his swamp and they stay out. However, at the bounty place for creatures, a talking Donkey named Miguel escapes from his torturous owner and the warriors. Neil scares away the warriors. They arrive at Neil's house and Miguel says "That is a nice boulder. I like it." Neil lets him stay but just for one night. It turns out a group of animals and gypsies have shown up at Neil’s swamp. It turns out they were forced to go there by Lord Serrano, and banished from the kingdom of Chandler. Miguel and Neil go to Lord Serrano’s castle and defeat his knights. Since they defeated the knights, Lord Serrano gives them the journey to rescue Princess Stephanie from the Dragon's castle, and in exchange, Neil shall get his swamp back. So, they get to the castle, while Miguel goes to look for the stairs. Neil sees the tower, when Miguel is being chased by the Dragon. The dragon throws Neil into the tower, and he, Miguel and Stephanie escape. It turns out Stephanie likes the gross stuff Neil does and turns into an Ogre at night. But they get to the Temple in time, but Stephanie and Neil are captured by knights, when the dragon shows up and eats Lord Seranno. The dragon is now also Miguel's fiancé. So, Neil and Stephanie marry. They go to meet Stephanie's parents, who are royalty. Her father, King Ryan of Wales, and her mother, Queen Laurie. It turns out they are having an argument about where to raise children at dinner between in the swamp or in a normal neighborhood where the humans are. However, Fairy Danielle is trying to get Stephanie to marry Prince Christopher, so she turns her into a human, and turns Neil into a human and Miguel into a horse. She claims that Prince Christopher is just Neil who turned into a human. However, he gets the help of a savage cat sidekick with a sword and fancy hat named Antonio Sandoval, a cookie named Cess, and a giant version of Cess called Vijay. They bring a wooden puppet named James, too. They get across the bridge and Antonio takes out the guards. When they get there, Fairy Danielle has turned King Ryan into a frog. But they destroy the wand, disappearing Fairy Danielle into Tartarus for tricking Stephanie into marrying someone else.

Chapter 12: Shane & David

2 brothers, Shane and David, lived in a house in a land called Australia with their friends Puppet, the Schmuzzies and their neighbor Mrs. Foyle. One day, David made a painting and they decided to look for a museum. They were about to exit, but they forgot to wash their pet elephant Bruno, so they washed him. They then knocked, but then they got stuck to the wall, then unstuck. They went behind their bookshelf, but it only took them to a room where a kid was making a mess with painting via his fingers. They then went under the couch, except it was very foggy, but their sandals got eaten off by a Satyr, unfortunately. However, luckily they found the Art Museum and saw all sorts of awesome art. Perseus with Euryale's head, Tangier, and the painting of Chronus swallowing Sunil. Mrs. Foyle was glad David had an amazing painting. One day, their bedroom was missing, and puppet needed a song to help him fall asleep, so David, Shane and the Schmuzzies sang a song. They then went outside and brought a bed. They called it "Camping." Mrs. Foyle was camping, as well. It was a lot of fun for David, Shane and Mrs. Foyle. One day, they were having a day on the couch when Shane's pet fly Fido was sad because he's never had lunch outside. So, they got a basket and a woven blanket. They went to get food. They found a room with a kid called Hugo Norena who was selling bread, tomatoes, turkey and lettuce. He calls his food the sandwhich. They buy a bunch of sandwhiches with some of their shillings, but get stuck in the basket then get back out. So, they get home and put everything, plus Puppet in the basket. So, they go through one of their doors, but there is almost no room. This makes puppet stay in the basket. And a small elephant shows up. This makes it hard for them to exit. So, they exit the room, but it's a windy room. They see a bunch of things fly around the windy room, like Mrs. Foyle, an elephant, and an umbrella. So, they escape the wind room and get to a land called "The park" and eat outside. They call this act "The picnic".

Chapter 13: Jarumi

2 friends named Jarumi and Malama were running away from the archers of king Doyle, because they stole his tax revenue money just to feed the poor people, because king Doyle takes everyone’s money, but lets them keep their house. However, one day, he sneaks into the house of a mother and her multiple kids after her farthing had been stolen from Doyle’s tax collector known as joe. he gives them a bag of farthings and a bow. so, her son Sahaik and his sister Alexis, and their friend’s John and Fiona go to practice archery, but the arrow lands in king Doyle’s front yard. so, they sneak in, but it turns out king Doyle’s niece Adamaris is playing bad Minton with her friend Ana. it turns out they are nice, and that Adamaris secretly wants to marry Jarumi. so, it turns out Jarumi was thinking about Adamaris, which distracted him from cooking, ruining the food. so, it turns out there is an archery competition, and Jarumi is so good at archery. so, he puts on a disguise to sneak in. it works, and Adamaris realizes it's Jarumi in disguise, but no one else except Malama does. so, he wins the golden arrow, and Malama puts on disguise as duke of Germany. he sneaks behind king Doyle and asks him to untie them or he'll slice him up, and he tells his knights to untie Jarumi, and it turns out Jarumi and Adamaris love each other. but it turns out Malama's disguise is uncovered. so, Jarumi, Adamaris and Malama escape to the forest and rescue some friends. Jarumi steals a ring to give to Adamaris. however, Sahaik’s family, his friend john and a rooster with a wooden guitar got locked up in prison due to king Doyle. however, Jarumi takes out the turkey vulture guards, steals king Doyle’s money and locks his servant Christopher in a hole. so, Doyle wakes up and is in prison because the true king/his brother king James returns and abolishes the tax laws as Jarumi and Adamaris get married and head on their way to their honeymoon in Spain.

Chapter 14: A Kingdom of progression.

The Kingdom of India. Storks. Elephants. Zebras. Antelope. The king of the land called Farquaad and his mate Masha have a son. His name..... is Vijay. Vijay is older, and he wakes up Farquaad. Farquaad tells Vijay that the Antelope eat grass and when they die, they turn into grass. But Vijay is friends with the gods, so he knows the truth. However, Farquaad's brother Adolf is trying to eat his servant Nicholas. Nicholas then escapes. Vijay meets a girl named Vavy. They go on a walk around the land with Nicholas watching them. Nicholas claims they are going to get married, but they get grossed out. Vijay then dreams of being King, and the nearby animals salute him, but Nicholas gets stuck under a Rhino's butt while Vijay and Vavy end up in an elephant graveyard. However, 3 brothers are trying to cook them, but end up almost cooking Nicholas instead. But Farquaad shows up and rescues Vijay. "You deliberately disobeyed me!", said Farquaad. A few days later, Vijay is sitting around, but a stampede of Water buffalo shows up. This makes him worried. Farquaad tries to rescue him, but is dropped from a mountain by Adolf. Vijay escapes, but is stuck in the desert, thirsty. He is rescued by 2 friends: A fat and unintelligent man named Kronk, and a weasel named Luis. They take him to the jungle, where there is food. They then trim his claws and he tries grub. He loves the grub as much as they do. But then.... Vavy is chasing Kronk, but Vijay rescues him. They then recognize each other and love each other. Going for a run around a waterfall. Vijay jumps in the river, then pulls Vavy into the river, which scares her. She then climbs out, and Vijay holds on, but she pushes him in. They then roll down a hill hugging. But.... there's a problem. Adolf has created a hyena army which is, unfortunately, saluting him, and he has turned the other lions into his servants. Vijay shows up, and battles Adolf. Homer and Luis distract the hyenas, while Adolf and Vijay are scratching each other, and there is fire. But Adolf falls, and then gets attacked by the 3 hyena brothers. Vijay and Vavy become ruler of the land, the environmental beauty is back, and they have a daughter named Ora. When Ora is older, she meets Kovu, who looks like Adolf, but is not related to him. She and Kovu become boyfriend and girlfriend, but she argues with Vijay and Vavy. Meanwhile, Ora brother Kopa finds a friend named Mili, and they get together. Mili's mother Anastasia gets furious, because they are from enemy regions, and almost tries to kill Kopa. But Mili asks how she would feel if she was judged before known. She then leaves Kopa alone and lets Mili spend time with Kopa. However, they get older, and the kingdom is united.

Chapter 15: Steve

A land called The Living Room. In it, lives a man named Steve and his little dog Fria. They have friends in other place. In the front yard, Bucket and Shovel. In the Kitchen, a couple named Salt and Pepper, and their son Paprika. Fria sometimes leaves to meet some of her friends, and Steve is aware of this, and approves. Whenever they get a letter, their friend named Mailbox shows up to tell them. Steve was the prophet, teaching little kids how to pray and how to dress modestly.

Chapter 16: The Robinsons

One day, a man named Morgan is going to prom with his beautiful girlfriend Christina. She has smooth blue hair. Christina decides to be a stay-at-home mom, but Morgan works at a nuclear power plant, and likes beer. His manager is a billionaire named Mr. Colby. 11 years later, Christina has a son named Ryder, who grabs Morgan's lighter and almost burns his tie. Ryder calls his dad "Morgan", and he tells him to call him "Daddy", but he says it wrong. Morgan then strangles Ryder and says "WHY YOU LITTLE....!!". 2 years later, Christina is pregnant again and Morgan pulls out his hair. She has a daughter named Penny, who Ryder dislikes. He puts her in the mailbox and sends her to Pete Flanders home. "Hey, Robinson. Since we're returning your second born, can I please have my TV back?", said Pete. Morgan then slams the door. Penny then says "Ryder". She then says "Mommy", and "David Hasselhoff". "Can you say 'Daddy", said Morgan. "Morgan", she says. 5 years later, Christina is pregnant with another baby, and Morgan is overweight, and has only a few head hairs. When the baby is born, it's a girl, and they name it Donna. By now, the kids have changed. Ryder does pranks, and adopts a German Shepherd named Chase. Chase has a girlfriend named Skye, from Miami, Florida. He also has a teacher named Mrs. Heredia, and goes to Springfield Elementary school. His teacher is Mrs. Heredia, and the principal is Principal Roach, who still lives with his mom. The janitor and groundskeeper is named Joseph, from Russia. Penny is the smartest in the family. Donna has a red pacifier, and likes hot sauce on the pacifier. One day, Ryder prank calls "David's tavern". "Yeah, I'm looking for a friend. Mr. Freely. First name: I.P.", said Ryder. David then says "I.P Freely!", but they laugh. Next, Ryder says "Mike Rotch", but it's a trick. One day, Ryder is being bullied by a boy named Nelson, but then a Russian husky named Everest shows up and yells at him in Russian, but then gets slapped in the muzzle. Ryder meets Chase's friends. His girlfriend is Skye, from Miami, Florida. She is a Dolphin's fan. Rocky is from Cincinatti, Ohio and is a Bengals fan. He likes recycling and is also an Ohio State fan. He has a girlfriend named Tundra, from Jacksonville, Florida. She is a Jags fan, and her best friend is Skye. One day, Morgan calls David's Tavern and says "I'd like to speak to "Your a Snotball". He then says "How dare you?! If I ever find out who this is, I will staple a flag to your butt, and mail you to Iran!". One day, they are at the zoo. "Can I have a peanut, dad?", said Ryder. "Shut up and pay attention.", said Morgan. However, the gorillas then throw poop at Morgan, and the monkey version of Ryder ends up in the car. "Well... then where's Ryder?", said Christina. It turns out he is adopted by the gorillas, naked and being force fed bananas. One day, Ryder gets his spy camera, and takes a picture of his butt. One day, Ryder was at a library and asked the gods for a sign. But his pants then fell down and he printed his butt. One day, he was at a baseball game, and said "Behold, my naked butt!". Everyone was cheering. "Each cheek is a god to you!", said Ryder. Morgan comes across a place called Circle K. All sorts of snacks and drinks. The 2 people who work there are named Dopinder and Bandhu. Johnston has a wife named Mishti, and they have octuplets. Bandhu has a son named Jamshed and a daughter named Vidya. One day, Mrs. Heredia and Principal Roach were caught in the closet kissing. Everyone ran home to tell their parents. "Dad, uncle! Mrs. Heredia and Principal Roach were in the closet kissing and their arms were going crazy.", said Vidya. This made Bandhu and Dopinder worried. "Mrs. Heredia and Principal Roach were in the closet, making babies, and I saw one of the babies, and the baby looked at me.", said Raphael. This made Raphael's father Bill and his mom Sarah concerned. One day, Penny is 23, and marrying Ryder's best friend Sherman, and Donna is now 16, and has an interest in rock, and, according to Morgan, "Never shuts up". However, when Donna is 18, she didn't graduate high school, but Penny has had a daughter named Zia with Sherman. And so, the family were prophets and spread to word of Xism across the world.


For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Who is Digby married to?
    • Zoe
    • Gail
  2. Who is the demigod son of Ocho?
    • Theseus
    • Minos
  3. Who did Ocho rape?
    • MiReina
    • Delilah
    • Everest
  4. Who is the mother of Vinnie and Delilah?
    • Everest
    • Danae
    • Megara
  5. Who stole the throne from Farquaad?
    • Adolf
    • Acresius

Answer Key

  1. Zoe
  2. Theseus
  3. MiReina
  4. Everest
  5. Adolf

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