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The Lighted Window

It started as hobby, then published my works in souvenirs, now entering the international arena writing has become my passion. Encourage me.



The silver rays sparkled on the shimmering pool, like a scimitar.

In the serene ambience of the moonlit night, sitting on the fishing bench of the forest resort, she was lost in her thoughts and soliloquy with Roy.

Gracy with gin and tonic in hand said, "Roy have you ever given your thoughts, to the gravelled path of our life that we have strolled."
"Yes Gracy, it's not much for the time we did spend together, compared to the memories which will last forever."
"I didn't get you," Gracy said. "It was your entrance exam preparation days, remember."
"I remember" Gracy said. "Yes I used to keep the table lamp on, to keep the window lighted." "Roy, this was your inspiration."
"The lighted window was not only my inspiration Gracy!" "Its always been my elixir of life."


Professional Examination

The days went by and on the final day of the professional entrance exam, my sickness kept me tied. "Gracy!" I cried in pain and thought about you. How you shall react to accept such failure; a consequence which we had never thought of.
Again I saw the "Lighted Window" and knew you were there and your messages still flowing.

Admist my mixed thoughts of anxiety and fear. I stretched my life sheet to create more space for you.

The professional exam started, but this time, I cared for your thoughts and did all the right way.

Airport check-in



Gracy, miles away from your window, at the university I could feel the image.

I started my professional studies and picked up the best awards. I smeared my thoughts with your lighted window and excelled day by day and year after year.

Gracy, the offer for the highest qualified job was bestowed to me but at seven seas distance from you. I informed you.

"Remember, what you did Gracy!"

"Yes, I sent you a hand painting of my lighted window."

At airport after collecting my boarding pass, I presented for security check. During check-in the painting rustled. "Please show" said a hoarse voice.
I was reluctant, such beautiful inspiration of yours and now to show someone with such hoarseness. Reminded me the story of "Beauty and the Beast."

I did abide. The hoarse voice ticked his nose and returned the painting, as if it was 'nothing of value' to himself for yearning promotion and adore yet another brass brouch on his professional attire.

The security had no feelings towards your inspiring gift.



Flew away despaired. Landed in the country stricken by famine, jaundice and cholera.
I immediately understood my strength for which you had all along inspired me.
Medical box in one hand, essential medicines on myself and stethoscope around my neck started touring.
Their cries of agony, their limelight of life, their prayers for divine blessings all poured onto me.
I didn't know what to do, whom to call, where to put my head down, on whose shoulder to rest.
They all believed me, they looked up to me with meak eyes, for their comfort and life. They saw their lighted window in me.
I travelled diagonally, along the perimeter, scanned the area tiredlessly.
I slept in open for few hours, when human strength in me failed to bear anymore. Ate fruits, drank from the gurgling stream of a waterfalls.
"Gracy," whenever my body ached, I called you many times.
You said," Roy see the painting," " I'm behind the lighted window." "Your elixir of life."


Red Carpet Ovation

Days passed, seasons passed, the country developed, l was given the red-carpet, but where were you. Always behind the painting, behind the "Lighted Window."
The king bestowed me with their countries highest honour, dignity, privileges. Still all seemed less, as my eyes roved for you.
At the peak of the calmness of a pleasant day, with the drum beats and the music of their festival piercing the night wind, when I woke, I remembered you Gracy.


Like Robinson Crusoe I awaited for the ship to see my smoke signal. But never did the king understood my sign language. He had no feelings to arrange for my departure. They all felt insecure, I was their hero. But my inner feeling was you, my elixir, who made me their hero.


One day under heavy rainfall, I climbed down the stairs and slipped. Lay on the floor, for a while bewildered. Jumped up went to the altar. Prayed to God. Checked my pocket for your painting. Found it healthy. Sneaked in thoughts, I slept.

Today I still sleep but the room has no doors, windows, ventilators. Its interior needs no decoration, sunlight and fresh air. But yes, its got my name epitaphed as "Dr. Ibrahim Roy." "Dedicated his service to our nation." " Honoured by The Kings Brazen Cross." "Lived here from 1902 - 1912." "In Loving Memory."



Two tears dropped in to her gin and tonic.

"I remember the day, a wire short-circuited and you missed the lighted window." "I rushed and never let you wonder, the candle was lit and wick flickered to wave at you," and inspired me to say, "Roy carry on the best days are ahead."

Today I see at a distant window a candle flame still flickers for their GRACY & ROY.


© 2018 Sampad Bose