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The Library Party


The chair was turned and facing the corner of the library in the magazine section. Larry was reading one of the magazines and he dozed off. He didn’t hear the announcement that the library was closing in ten minutes. The library staff looked around, checked the restrooms to see that no one was there, but they failed to look at that high back chair that Larry was in. The staff all left and the supervisor locked the door at exactly nine o’clock.

It was an hour later that the library was coming to life. The books on the shelves were opening up to pages that had photos of famous people. Figures would jump from the pages to the library floor. Every night the first one to jump to the floor was Jesus. He walked around and saw Larry sleeping in the chair. He shook Larry on the shoulder waking him up. Larry was sleepy and rubbed his eyes. He was startled and said, “what is going on here?”

Jesus said, “don’t worry my son. You are locked in the library for the night so you might just as well join the party.”

“What do you mean?” Larry asked.

“Just look around,” replied Jesus.

Larry looked around and saw people jumping from the shelves. It was something that was impossible, but it was happening. He saw George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Mark Twain, Daniel Boone, and scores of others jumping from the shelves.

Jesus said, “Your wife is doing well in heaven. She often talks of you.”

“I miss her so much. I really love her.”

“I know you do and so does she. Mingle around a little, Larry and meet some of the other people.”

Larry got up from the chair and looked around. George Washington was standing there, looking at Larry. Larry walked over to him and said, “Hello Mr. President.”

“Oh my, don’t be so formal. Call me George.”

“Alright, George it is,” said Larry “Wow, meeting our first president. It really is an honor. It must have been quite an honor for you.”

“Yes, it was.”

Larry walked around and saw, Thomas Edison. He walked over and said, “Hello, Mr. Edison. It is an honor to meet you. The inventor of the light bulb. That is one of the greatest inventions of our lifetime.”

Mr. Edison replied, “It was quite a challenge, Larry. Do you know I had about a thousand failures before I finally got that light bulb to work properly?”

“I never knew that,” said Larry.

Walking around he came to Henry Ford. He talked with Henry Ford and learned how he got the idea for the assembly line. That is one of the greatest inventions in manufacturing. Automobiles were allowed to be made much faster and more consistent.

Larry was wondering if he was having a dream or if this was really happening? He asked several people that question and he always got a laugh and an assurance that this was real and that it happened every night.

Larry wanted to know why and he was told that books were life, they were filled with knowledge and excitement. Larry walked around and met, Abraham Lincoln.

Larry said, “I have been to Gettysburg, PA where you gave the famous Gettysburg address.”

“Yes, I guess that address has become more famous than I have myself.” He kind of laughed as he said it.

As Larry looked around the library he knew that this was real and that the library doesn’t close at night it just gets more exciting.

The sun was just starting to come up over the horizon and shed some light on the windows in front of the library. Larry looked around at people jumping back up onto the shelves and the books were closing.

He went and sat in the chair that he fell asleep in last night. The staff was opening the front door and Larry sat still so as not to attract their attention. Soon the library was open for business. So Larry got up out of the chair and exited the library.

Just outside he turned around and said to himself, “If all of those people could spend one night in the library, their lives would be changed forever. I love the library.”

© 2017 Larry W Fish

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