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The Library - a Short Story

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The Library

Books among books covered the walls of the library, climbing the two-story-tall walls to the glass ceiling. The library was so big that a tree grew in the middle of it, its roots blending into the floor and its leaves providing shade from the sunny days.

The girl peered in through the door, spying on the handful of people reading or browsing. She dashed into the library, extremely light in her step, almost as if she was flying. Moving quickly from one side of the library to the next, she ended up grabbing a stack of books.

People didn’t pay much attention to her, too engrossed in the magic of their books to mind the light pitter-patter of steps she created.

She carried her stack of books in her tiny arms with ease, since she’s been doing this for most of her life. Every week she would devote a day to going to the library and reading all that she could before returning to the reality of the world.

The girl carried these books to the tree, making herself comfortable in the crevice between two of the roots. They supported her as she switched between different reading positions, like a giant hug.

The light fabric of her dress bunched in her lap, and she tossed her flower-pinned braid over her shoulder out of her face. One of the books was set atop of the bunched fabric in her lap while the rest were right next to her. The smell of paper filled the air, providing the comfort it always has.

Quiet peace was the soul of the library, and everyone could feel it like it wrapped a blanket around their hearts. The library was a sanctuary from the harsh world, protecting the people from hatred and welcoming them to a world of peace and knowledge.

The library was a place where the soul could grow, and the girl’s soul grew with kindness and love. The tree grew from this, so throughout the years of the girl’s life, the tree blossomed with flowers and grew even stronger than it ever had before.

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