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The Liberating Mouse

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I was born in 68 in a mining camp in southern Peru Toquepala; so the first 15 years of life passed between technology and nature.

The mice are explorers and our mouse friend came to the periphery of the big city where there was a university study center. Near the courtyard of the computer rooms was a group of young people and they talked about the difficulties that sometimes present the "mouse" of computers.

Our young friend the mouse, who was waiting nearby for someone to throw bread crumbs or bread heard a conversation not pleasant.

One of the youths said: "Hey Carlos, what did your computer mouse do to you to hit him?"

-I got choleric because just when I had found the solution to the problem, it stagnated and the time to deliver the work was over, said the other.

"So, I think you should get rid of the mice of some of the PCs," the first one replied.

While discussing this the young students got up and went to the computer rooms.

Our mouse friend thought: "This is not right ... I think there are my brothers who are in trouble in this place." So he decided to investigate this matter. Following the youngsters stealthily until they entered the classroom; He then went up the outside of the classrooms and watched through the glass in a classroom where the young people took their place to start their classes.

What he saw and heard left him stunned. A teacher gave instructions to the students.

-... and then move the mouse and click on this and that place.

In the classroom, after the teacher gave the instructions was heard in one place or another: click !, click, click! And many more CLICKS !!!

- How can this be happening? Our friend thought: the explorer mouse.

-Oh, how much suffering of my brothers! How they make their bones sound! Cruel humans! ... That humans ... HUMANOIDES !! ... and look at my brothers, dressed in those strange costumes, they look like robots! ... Oh my brothers but do not worry: The time of their liberation has arrived!

It was so that our friend in such a short time decided to free a people of slaves. He left the window and went into the bushes to plan the time of freedom.

In the middle of the bushes there was a sheet that the wind had carried, he chose the cleanest and most suitable one and he deployed it in a clearing to sketch his plan of penetration and flight. He remembered having seen inside a trash can some little pens that someone without an ecological conscience had thrown away (well that's what the mouse thought) he checked the surroundings, the entrances and exits and all the possible failures in the security of that place so keeping that in his memory returned to his sheet to trace on paper the strategy of the company that was already underway.

After putting his ideas on paper, he took a break and took the opportunity to devour a chizito.

Returning to work he thought that the place of the facilities was too clean and bright, risking this way in full light would be very imprudent since in the middle of that cleaning he would be a very easy target to locate and cause fuss especially among the girls; the boys are not as upset as they are but to show their bravery before them and to presume they would try to hunt and kill him.
He thought that the best time would be at night that would give him time to free each brother from the framework in which they were confined. The problem was how to enter at night. If there were sewer pipes that reached the computer room, it would be ideal, but anyway: to continue looking for a solution ...

In his wanderings here and there it was noticed that most of the boys sat on benches in the gardens near the computer rooms, a loud bell rang and there was a commotion in which some entered and others left those rooms. If you could get into the backpack of any of them, hide as a cop and then leave at the right time ... "that plan was more accurate" thought the mouse (well the plan to enter was already missing the plan to leave) in Finally, he had something, so he went up to the window to observe the behavior of the humans and see when they were leaving; for that would be the time when the group of boys of the next turn would enter. He looked around and chose the one with the most messy backpack to enter and infiltrate. Recommendation: always carry your backpack clean and tidy, lest a mouse liberator choose you to transport.

The explorer mouse noticed that one of the boys was absorbed in looking at a group of girls and his backpack was on the floor and of course this one was disheveled. So he carefully approached her and got on board to wait for her to ring the bell and enter the computer room.

He did not have to wait long, suddenly the doorbell rang and the next group entered the computer room. While this was happening; the liberating mouse ate the remains of a chocolate that was inside the backpack, because it was good to gather energy.

Already inside the classroom the mouse waited for everyone to take their place in front of the computers, peering with their eyes through a hole in the backpack I wait for the teacher to give a direct order so that everyone being focused on it would serve as a distraction and be able to leave the backpack. The instruction was given and suddenly to be all concentrated on the screen was the time to get out of the backpack and quickly run to the bin and then wait for the classroom to remain empty. This time the wait would be longer.

It was exam day and in the silence of the concentration the only thing that sounded were the "clicks" of the mice.

That psychological torture was for the liberating mouse imagining that those clicks came from the little caderitas of their brothers. What anguish, however, a leader should not be defeated because it would be time to grant freedom to his repressed brothers.

As it was the last class of the day as calculated. There would be no more waiting but everyone to vacate the room and wait for them to turn off the light. The liberating mouse had no hundred percent established plans because he used to improvise a lot in each of the things he did.

"Wait mouse," he told himself; until: CLICK, the lights went out and then the study center was completely silent.

"Work to the Work," he said to himself. And with extreme stealth he came out of his hiding place to take the next step in the liberation of his brothers.

He approached one of the "mouses" and tapped gently on the case of the male mouse: "Brother ... you can go out ...! Hey, brother ... - From there he ran to another PC to warn the "confined mouse" that they could go out and be free, but nobody answered the call of freedom.

-Who would not be tired ?, You have made them work all day under these plastic shells. What cruelty! But do not be discouraged that I myself will tear you from your bonds!

Saying that ran like a mouse and one by one began to gnaw the cables that connected the "mouse" with the PC. And in each cable that he gnawed he would say: "Brother, if I touch your tail, you tell me to cut these bonds from below". When he finished with all the cables he went in front of the room.

Come brothers, do not be shy. THE END OF THE TYRANNY HAS ARRIVED! - The liberating mouse waited for the cheers but only one lost cricket said: «cri cri»

- But, to what extent the cruelty of humans has arrived that even your total will is subdued! Oh the fatigue of slavery, do not worry brothers I will gather them together and together we will see how the doors to freedom are open!

It was almost dawn and the liberator mouse calculated that if he released a hall at night, it would mean a job of a month or so, but with the help of the recent freedmen who were supposed to join the cause; the process could be accelerated.

Suddenly, through the corridors of the institute, the sound of doors could be heard; It was the human who did the cleaning in the morning and did his routine salon by salon.

The liberating mouse had gathered all the "mouses" in front of the door, it was about 25.

-Listen to brothers! This is the summit of our feat. In a moment this door will open. IT IS THE DOOR OF FREEDOM !!! I cry evidently excited, the liberating mouse.

A cricket that thought it was interesting to record with his cel to upload it to youtube.

- As I have already told you, brothers! When the door opens all of you must run for your life and for YOUR FREEDOM! This day will never be forgotten and you will tell this to your descendants and to the children of your children!

The sound of doors that would have become closer.

-I want you to know that some of us will fall this day under the blows of the tyrant. It's the brothers price. THE PRICE OF FREEDOM !!

The tension increased the "tyrant" was already approaching the door ... The keys were heard turning in the lock and when beginning to open, a dim light made its way between the doors. The light that announced freedom.

The doors flew open and for a moment a blinding light shone.

-Huid brothers! UID, YOU ARE FREE! He encouraged mouse liberator but nobody moved.

The tyrant was in the doorway with a broom in hand ready to oppress the people but seeing the mice gathered and torn from their connections exclaimed between surprised and angry by the reprimand that surely would touch him.

- WHO DID IT ESTOOOO !!? -clearly it was not a direct question but just an exclamation but the liberator mouse came bravely to the front and raising his little finger said: «MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeee !!!»

Without thinking the tyrant brandished the broom and released all his fury against the deliverer.

The innocent liberating mouse thought that if he made the blows to him, he would give his brothers time to take flight; But nobody absolutely nobody moved.

It was by little that the liberating mouse managed to get out of that ruthless attack. There were wounds but they did not compare to the wounds of disappointment and the frustration of seeing a people enslaved recently or nothing to get rid of it and even more so having only one valuable opportunity.

Someday the liberating mouse would understand it. So if one day you think of going around liberating people from tyrannical slavery; find out if they want to be liberated, there are people who, incredible as they seem, like to be tyrannized. It is not just about being under a dictatorial regime but above all being enslaved to wrong ideas, superstitions, absurd traditions and things like that. And if you release someone as much, thanks will give you.

If still you are animated and with fire in the heart That you have a happy liberation.

© 2018 Fredy

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