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The Legend of Love

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On a deserted island, there once lived all the human feelings and values: Humor, Sadness, Knowledge and so on, including Love.

One day, they learned that the island would soon sink. Then, they prepared all the boats so they could leave the island and save themselves. Only Love wanted to wait till the last moment.

At the last remaining moments when the island was practically starting to sink, love started to seek help.

Patrimony passed in a very luxurious boat and Love said:

" Patrimony, can you please take me with you?"

"I can't, I have a lot of gold and silver with me and there is no space" said Patrimony.

Then, Love turned to Pride : " Pride, please take me with you!"

"Sorry, I cannot help you, Love. Everything is perfect inside my boat. I can't have you ruin this" was Pride's response.

After that Love went to Sadness.

" I can't help you with anything right now, Love. I am really sad and need to be alone"

Even Humour passed in front of Love, but it was so satisfied that it practically didn't even hear Love's words.

Suddenly, a kind voice was heard: " Love, you can come with me."

It was an old voice. Love was really grateful and happy that someone offered help and it forgot to ask for the name.

When they reached land, the old man left. Only then did Love realize that it didn't know who helped her.
Immediately she turned to Knowledge and asked who it was that helped.

"It was Time" said Knowledge.

"Time? Why did Time help me?" asked a confused Love.

And Knowledge's wise answer was: " Because, it is only time that can realize how important is Love in life".

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