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The Legend of Rice

The grains considered as a staple food in some part of the world, one of them the Philippines.

The grains considered as a staple food in some part of the world, one of them the Philippines.

Who wouldn't love rice? One may not love it but, at least maybe like it. This grain serves as the staple food in some parts of the world such as the Asian countries and West Indies.

I grew up around rice fields seeing the hard labor of plowing fields to rice planting and harvesting. It isn't an easy job under the scourging heat of the sun.It requires a lot of tending and hard work of the farmers for everyone to have a good supply of rice grains.

But do you know that there's a legend that says there's no such thing as rice before? Rice doesn't exist. So where did rice come from then? Read and learn the story of the first rice in this Filipino legend.

People those days rely on hunting as a source of food. They also rely on fruits and would go fishing to have something on the table. But despite of that simplicity of life, people are happy in their way of living.

But then, time came where it's getting harder for them. The fruits were almost all gone and they can no longer rely on hunting as well as there are no animals left in the forest. This saddened the town's people.

The men went to the mountains to try their luck on hunting in the mountains just to have something to feed their families. They were just so tired and so hungry from all that climbing they did. It was indeed a hot day. They decided to stop for few minutes to take a rest under some big and tall trees. They were resting, sitting on the grassy fields when a group of beautiful maidens appeared to be passing by in their direction. Unknown to them, these were fairies, powerful but kind-hearted fairies.

A group of beautiful maiden came passing by, but unknown to the men resting, these are fairies.

A group of beautiful maiden came passing by, but unknown to the men resting, these are fairies.

The fairies invited the hunters to come with them and they went to a cave. In the cave, they saw more fairies. It is like being in another world, a world of magic and where beautiful fairies exist, and seeing that they have a fairy queen as well surprised the hunters more. But what they know is that they are just in a cave on their way in the mountains. These could just be just a dream. But for them to be having the same dream? That can't be, this is real. There they had fun, they sang and danced.

There was a big feast. And the first thing the hunters noticed was the large size of goblets filled with white food they hadn't seen before. They just can't keep their eyes off it as they hadn't seen anything like it. It might have been thousands of those white grains in those goblets.

At last the festivity was over. They did eat those white grains in the goblets and these turned the men into kids again! Kids once again but they have the strength of adults. The fairies asked them to drink white wines and this gave them knowledge.

It was getting dark and the men (which had turned into kids) now wanted to go home. Just when they are about to leave the cave, the queen of the fairies speaks:

"I am giving each one of you some grains. Plant these on rainy seasons. I know you all have a kind heart that's why I know these grains will sprout," the fairy queen said. "The plants will bear grains, harvest it."

"Then, pound the harvested grains and clean it. The grains will be called rice, cook it. That will be your source of food. And that, is my gift to the mortals. Leave now. Go home."

"The plants will bear grains, harvest it," said the fairy queen to the hunters.

"The plants will bear grains, harvest it," said the fairy queen to the hunters.

The people followed the queen's instructions.

To their families surprised, the white grains taste good. It was the very first rice eaten by people. And since it serves as their supply of food, they had learned planting the grains every rainy season. And that's the start of rice planting, giving people the grains they need for food.

There are many recipes for rice these days, and these grains serving as staple food to some also comes in different colors aside from the known white grains -- brown, red, black and golden rice.


Gail on August 18, 2019:

Wait.. Author is that you real face? ANYWAYS I'm using this unto my project XD...

precy anza (author) from USA on May 14, 2012:

@ Aviannovice: And thank you for dropping by :) I wish I won't run out of legends ^-^'

@ Parwatisingari: Glad you enjoyed the story ^-^' Rice is our staple food as well, but there are still times that I thought of it, you know, having rice at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

precy anza (author) from USA on May 14, 2012:

@ Pennypines: Those you mentioned sounds interesting. I might as well search for recipes and try it ^-^' And yes, English would be my second language.

parwatisingari on May 13, 2012:

great story, enjoyed the legend, I am a rice eater, when my daughter was pre-schooler food to her meant rice. she would quietly wait and say give me food, no matter what other stuff was on the table, she needed and still needs her rice.

Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on May 11, 2012:

I enjoyed the legend, as I always do. Thanks for acquainting me with your life's parables.

Pennypines on May 11, 2012:

Well, as ungrammatical as this tale is, a good story nevertheless. I can only assume English is not the first language for the author.

Born and raised in the Far East, I will attest that rice is one of the healthiest of all grains. I personally prefer it plain boiled or steamed as the Japanese and Chinese use it. But there are literally hundreds of dishes, such as Bamboo Rice, Mushroom Rice, Pilaf with its many variations, and best of all, Chirashi or Gon-moku (five ingredient) rice made with a variety of vegetables. All delicious and nutritious.

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