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The Leap

Updated on November 16, 2017

The tiny kitten stood at the edge of the roof, looking across towards the next. Many other tall buildings surrounded her, with busy machines passing below.

It seemed so far away. The ground below was distant, especially for her. Yet she dared to not look down, instead keeping her gaze on her target.

The kitten was a small stray, as was her mother and father. She shared the trait of their long, black pelts and magnificent green eyes. That never changed the fact that her family was unwanted by those weird looking furless creatures who only walked on two legs.

Now though, it seemed as if one possessed a terrifying interest in her. It rushed towards her with loud, pounding steps, pressuring her to escape. She never knew how to interact with one, and so this leap seemed like her only choice.

She needed to focus on that other ledge. It was her only hope. The creature was approaching. She shook her little head to bring her attention back to the task at hand. If she was to succeed, she would have to ignore the pressure placed on her and focus. Her heart was beating fast.

Duck low. Bundle up her hunches. Wiggle her little rump. Without a second thought she took the chance, running forwards towards the edge. She knew there was no time left at that point. The creature was right behind her. Yet it didn’t stop her as she hurled herself across the gap.

Wind whirled past her in quick succession. She began to spread her body out to reach for the other side. Yet it felt as if the pressure of the world was trying to bring her down. The further her body travelled through the air, the lower it got. In her mind, at this pace, there was no doubt she would miss.

Too late to turn back. She stretched her body thinner, flattening her ears to the back of her head. The kitten had to reach for her goal, her life depended on it.

Yet she was beginning to lower beneath the edge.

Just as she was beginning to give up hope, one of her paws caught the top of the roof. Instinctively, she dug her claws in to hold her there, reaching up with her other paw to get a grip as well before impact. She barely managed to dig a second set of claws in to the cold stone before her body hit the side. It dazed her for a moment, nearly causing her downfall as she struggled to keep her hold on the roof. Quick breaths of shock were escaping her. Even though she had completed the jump, her mission wasn’t over yet.

She found herself scrambling, pulling herself up. Her body ached. It was against movement at this point, unwilling to cooperate until recovery took place. The little kitten had no time for that though, for her paws had already begun to slip from the impact. It took momentous effort. Her little paws scraped against the building beneath her until she could stand on the flat top of the roof. For a moment, every fiber of her being wished to surrender until she realized that she was victorious in her attempt.

A look of satisfaction crossed her as she looked back towards where she had come from. The creature seemed impressed, watching her for a few heartbeats before turning to walk away. It seemed like she would survive a little longer. With a content purr, she turned to continue on her way.

© 2017 Alexis Chantel


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