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The Last Number (Scary Story) +18


Pearl carried the phone and formed the last number on the half-sheet he had taken out of his trouser pocket. It looked as if it had been torn from a book, and it was clear from its shape that it was used more than once. Also, press the call button and wait for it to be answered, and after about 10 seconds a young girl replied and it seemed clear from her voice: .... He said in a thin voice or rather pretended to do so: Yes, Miss Beth? After responding positively, he said: You are a baby sitter is not it? I am a single father. I am afraid I can not take it with me. It is an official date. I took your number from my neighbor. I hope you do not abstain. I did not leave. Peter alone before, so the issue of finding who cares about him in my absence confused me and when Mrs. Smith told me about you relieved a lot, I interrupted him saying: Well, okay this evening? Sure I will be available, title please? I dictated the title and thanked her and then closed the line.

Beth turned off the television, which was broadcasting important and dangerous news about the disappearance of a 17-year-old girl - almost the same age - about a month ago. Certainly Beth was not interested in the news bulletin or television, so she was busy just so she would not feel alone chattering. With her friends, and then went up to her room to change her clothes and put some cosmetics: a single father and his voice seems very attractive, is exciting! She said with a sly smile and she put lipstick, after reviewing the conversation between them in her mind said: Strange, I do not remember sitting in the children of a lady named Mrs. Smith, and do I have to remember all the people whose children sat? Then she changed her hair with her hand, took her phone and went out shortly after. She arrived at the house that was needed. It was a large two-story house, surrounded by bare trees and branches. It was located in the middle of a large garden where weeds were managed. Six bouquets of flowers were distributed along the same area Almost, it was the only house in that remote area.

The bell rang, and I waited for Mr. Pearl to come and open the door but no one came. I was surprised by the matter and after a few minutes, I realized that no one in the house tried to open the door, and indeed I found it open, He was very quiet from the inside in a heart-rending way. The door was facing the stairs and under the stairs was a small door. On the right side was the living room, and the lights were light. She said: Hello ... Mr. White ... are you here? ... I'm Beth, you sent me to come to your baby's mess, but no one asked, I thought about it more, and I decided to go back where she came from before you saw That message, which was placed on a small table in the living room, carried her to read what the message says:

Signature: Mr. Pearl White.

She said with frustration: "Wait, I really wanted to meet this perle, then put the message where I found it and loaded her phone to contact her close friend Amber.

"Now I'm in Mr. White's house to have a baby girl. He's really a stranger, but I think he's very sexy. I did not have the chance to see him, but I'll definitely see him when he comes back. Come on quickly, come with me."

  • No, I will not bring it with me, we have separated.
  • Oh, I'm sorry, I'm not so he is a villain and I do not know why you keep dating the villains, anyway we will talk on this subject when you pray, I sent you the address in a letter, do not be late.
  • Listen, I can not come, my mental state does not allow it.

I stopped when I read the message Beth sent her, and said: Beth, are you sure about the address you just sent me?

  • Yes, of course, what is it?

This is the address of my late aunt Sofia.

  • Mr. Pearl may have bought him, come get up quickly and bring with you that game too, let's give it a little.

She said vaguely as though addressing herself: I do not think he bought it, well, well I'm coming.

Beth was seated on the old-fashioned sofa in the living room after she set up an atmosphere of waiting for Amber.

It was dark, and moments later Amber arrived and she was sure it was her aunt's house, which was said to have died. She suddenly disappeared and the police lost hope of finding it. The case was closed and the matter was over. The two girls sat around the table where the game was. Amber: I feel there is something strange going on, said Beth scornfully yes, it's the spirits.

  • I'm talking about Mr. Pearl and the story of buying a house, why would anyone want an old house like this?
  • Do not criticize the tastes of others, Amber: Although I fully agree with you, this house is very disgusting and old fashioned, but what do we care about who buys it? Let's go back to play.
  • Listen, I have a better idea, to discover the house, my aunt has always been mysterious and hiding the secrets, what do you think? Let's go up to the top and see what we'll find.

Beth did not like the idea much, but the insistence of her friend made her agree, the girls went up to the attic, it was very dark and there was a lot of things, lit a candle and looked at that mess, at the time when Beth complained at the door of the attic : Damn you, Amber. This place is very nasty. What if we found insects? Oh my God, what if there were rats? Just thinking about it makes my skin shiver and I feel I will vomit. Amber's concentration was all in the little wooden box that I found in a pile of scrap. Beth joined it with the courage to enter. The candle was set on the ground and the box opened. A small note, the two letters opened and written in the handwriting of a small child, Amber began to read: Dear Sophie, I have honestly expressed my love for you in the previous letter, but you rejected me and that wound deep inside me, I do not deserve all this pain.

Seizing a crying voice, Beth said: It must be Peter, to get down to reassure him. The other continued to read: I do not deserve all this pain and all my fault was that I loved Glisti, but I promise that I will make you suffer also, as I stopped this passion, will stop your life, with my love: Pearl.

I was amazed at the deep words that were written by a little boy and what surprised her more is his name Pearl! Is not that the owner's name? She said with great surprise! As you stop this passion will stop your life, what was meant by this boy of this phrase? I found a picture of a pretty girl about her age who appears to have been picked up a long time ago. When she saw the picture her eyes widened and she said in a trembling voice: My God, Aunt Sophia, she was small in this picture. My aunt is interested in the letter. ... "Before she finished talking, her eyes fell on the book, raised it and almost did it until it fell from it five photographs of almost the same teenage girl, a frightened face, mouth open and screaming, wide eyes, one of the pictures of the missing girl Olivia Becker Month !

Amber heard what she saw and changed the color of her face, white lips and then put her hands on the front of her head and said: It is ... he is ... my God ... it is ... it is ..., and then began to cry and repeated Again: He is ... my God, what will I do? She stopped abruptly when she remembered her friend and then said: Beth, I have to warn Beth, my God, I hope it is not too late, and I rush down to the baby's room.

Beth came to the door of the baby's room when the cry stopped. She opened the door and entered the room toward him. She approached him and then stretched out her hand to remove the cover. It was strange how his father covered his face. When she removed the lid, she was surprised to see that there was a baby- , Her heart became beating and her mind stopped assimilating and she was thinking of an explanation of the matter, suddenly I heard the door close behind her, here the fear had her body full and her face changed, but she had the courage to turn it around, Pearl was standing there with suspicious facial expressions and smile Scary and a camera in his hand, he said: Thank you for your interest in Peter, how much do you want? , Did not respond and stood rigid looking at him moving slowly towards it, and then said: Smile of the camera fell dead.


Published: 2018-04-20

This article was edited and published by: Hussein Salem Abashl

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