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The King in the Manger - a Christmas Fairytale

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


Let's make our Heart a humble manger, a place where the Light and Love, the little Christ, can be born again.

— Sean Dragon

Once upon a time, there was the Man. The Man had been created by the King of the world, who was also the King of Love. He had created Man to live with Him, in a beautiful homeland, in a glorious palace full of songs, games and joy. The King wanted to teach Man the Love, for He knew that only this Knowledge could make him happy.

But there was another king, Egoism, who ruled in another country, not so beautiful and much darker. Egoism envied the relationship between Man and the King of Love and had decided to deceive Man with lies and take him away, in his own kingdom. And so it happened! The Man fell into the trap. He was fooled by the false promises of Egoism and abandoned the Palace and the King of Love. He followed Egoism and began to look for the fake happiness that he had promised him, in other countries, distant and dangerous, where Egoism had planned to trap him. And he had managed to set this trap just fine.

The Man had been lost in more and more ugly areas and ended up living in stables and dark caves. He was living in misery and had forgotten his former happy life. Only seldom, and more like a dream, images of laughter and happiness, images of the time he lived in the Palace, were arising to his mind, making him try to remember where these images were coming from, and why they were filling him with so much joy and so much homesickness in his grief...

Egoism was living with the fear that Man could at some point wake up from the spells he had done to him, remembering his ancestry and try to return to the King. So he was trying to deceive him with more and more lies. Unfortunately, Egoism managed to convince Man that this is how life normally is, painful and ugly. He was telling him that the King of the World had made it up this way because He wanted to torment him. The wicked king was constantly keeping Man busy with heavy work, and poisoned his heart with the worst poisons he had. Malice, passion, ingratitude, corruption, condemnation, hatred and more. At the same time, Egoism was saying that Man should thank him and show him gratitude, for he was his saviour and had taken good care of him.


And the poor and silly Man, full of all these poisons, became ugly, was feeling pain and started to fear everything. He began to lose his mind, and he had almost forgotten his origin and the Good King. He was living every day in ugliness and fear, thinking that this is life, as his "saviour" was saying. But somewhere deep within, a spark of the Truth was still lighting, and it was whispering that life was made to be beautiful and happy.

Egoism felt proud because he thought that he had accomplished his purpose and that he would forever have Man to serve his wicked needs.

But far away, in the Land of Light and Love where the Palace was, no one had forgotten Man. The King was seeking ways that could make Man remember his ancestry and decide to return. He had the power, whenever he wanted, to defeat Egoism and free the Man. But the Good King knew that this would have no value. If Man did not freely decide to return to the Land of Love, he could never acquire Knowledge and become truly happy. The King knew that you could never impose Love, you can only choose her. And it was Love, who found a solution.


The Brother of Man, the Prince of Light, who had not been fooled by the deception of Egoism and always living with the King, proposed a plan for the salvation of Man. It was a plan of Love because the Prince loved his brother, Man, more than His life. It was also a dangerous plan. The Prince decided to go to the dark lands, where Egoism reigned, to live with Man, and with his example and love to remind Man who really is and to show him the way back to the Palace.

The King, who loved the Prince as much as He loved Man, tried to explain to him --he was His only Son now-- that this plan was very dangerous because when Egoism would become aware of his presence, he would do him great harm. But Prince's love was so great that it couldn't be shadowed by any threat or fear. He had decided to save his brother and would do it at any cost, even if that cost was his own life. This is Love anyway!

In order not to be easily perceived by the dark king, they had to do something brilliant, very challenging though. They decided that the Prince would be born again like a baby, in a cave, among the animals, hoping that the Man would take care of Him, because of the Love that was his origin, and still existed in him. So as the Prince will be growing up with the Man, he would find the way to remind him who really is, to remember that his Father, the King, loves him very much and waits for him, and to show him again the way back to the Land of Love.

After they had planned them all, the King asked the Prince for the last time:

"Are you sure you want to do this? It will be much harder for you than you can imagine."

"I am sure, Father. Love will bring us back again. No cost compares to the great gift of being able to offer Love, without expecting any reward, and seeing the miracles that follow. You have taught me this with thousands of examples!"

The King embraced the Prince and told him:

"After this choice and action, you will be the same as me, you will no longer be a Prince, you will be King, the King of Love!"

So the Prince, who had become King, like his Father, because He had chosen to serve Love, became a baby again and was born in a cave where animals lived. He decided to be born there rather than in a luxurious palace, to sleep in a small animal manger and not in a golden cradle, to be in a place even poorer than the places Man was already living, because He did not want to make Man feel inferior at any point. At the same time, it was an excellent plan to confuse Egoism!

All those who were serving the Good King of Love, when they learned about the plan, wanted to help.


The Universe sent its brightest Star to illuminate the way of Man, in the darkness that he was living, so that he could find the cave where the miracle happened.

The world of Magic has sent the three most magnificent Magi to offer precious gifts to the Little King so that to attract the attention of Man.

The Angels descended from Heaven and sang beautiful hymns, prompting Man to go to the new King.

The animals, happy with the honour of having their Creator's son among them, they nursed the baby with fondness.

And the miracle happened! The Man, motivated by all these actions, found the cave and the little King in the manger which played the role of a cradle. And then he picked up the baby and kept it in his arms. And everything changed! As the Man embraced the King of Love, he began to fill again with Light. He began to fill with Love and joy and started to remember.


This Holy Night was the first time that in which the Egoism learned defeat. The road for Man's return to his home, the Palace of Love, had now been reopened, and no matter what evil and ugly attempts, Egoism did, he never managed to shut it up again.

Thus, remember that Love will do what it takes to free us from our fears, from darkness, misery and pain. Love will do whatever it takes without counting any cost! All we have to do is to choose Love! This is the meaning of Christmas. If, whenever we choose, we choose Love, then we will continue to live the miracle of the Holy Night, and we will surely walk in the path of returning to our Father's Palace!

Christmas is not another cause for celebration. It is the reminder that we were born humans, but we grow up Gods.

— Sean Dragon

© 2018 Ioannis Arvanitis